Friday, June 30

Friday Dinner

It means stew, and it is the name of the bistro where we had our dinner tonight. What did you have for dinner, and where were you?

I'm A Tease!

If you think Superman Returns is hot, wait 'till you see this.
Who will it be - Man of Steel or the Amazing Spider Man?

Wednesday, June 28

Wednesday With D

After being a housewife a.k.a. cooking Sinigang for lunch, we were off to MOA to buy Superman I-Max movie tickets. We have been going to this mall for dinner everyday, yet we failed to buy tickets on time. There's no reason to feel bad though, we got the best seats on July 5 at midnight. Yay! Read this : I'm not reading anyone's blog about the movie yet, he he. I like a little suspense this time. But the advice about waiting for the credits after the X-Men movie was really helpful. Wink. You should have seen the long lines in the regular cinema for Superman, it is enough to finance another SM building , lucky lucky Henry Sy!
We did a little shopping afterwards and craved for Pinoy dish for dinner. Our tired feet took us to the Lord Stow's Bakery for a delicious Tuna Royale (prepared right in front of you and they make use of fresh ingredients - cucumber, carrots and lettuce), Chicken Arrozcaldo (porridge) and Japanese Iced Tea - definitely a must try in the mall. The store was established in Macau in 1989 and has since branched out in different Asian countries including Hongkong, Singapore and Korea. They offer a different menu per country but the bakery has the same products.
And where did we have our dessert? In far away city within a city for some Haagen-dazs. Eastwood City will soon be called the "city that never sleeps" because come July, bars and restaurants will be open until the early mornings to cater to the "call center crowd". Until now, it remains to be the only late-night shopping center, closing at around 11:00 pm while all the others close between 9:00 to 10:00 pm. Get cozy in the Mediterranean structures and unique stores all around. The extra-ordinary set-up is a shopping haven, there is even one building that especially caters to the needs of computer fanatics. It is indeed shopping 'till you drop in this city of lights.
Wednesdays are happy days. Wink.

Cartoon Network

Who is your favorite cartoon character?

Monday, June 26

Fat Michael's Place

Printed at the back of the menu "We cook it slow so live with it." The minutes pass by without you noticing it because the place is so cozy and suitable for intimate conversations. It felt like I was eating at my Grandma's place, it felt like I was home. The vegetable salad and the paella made our visit all the more pleasant. I recommend this place for afternoon tea and snacks. I heard their pizza is delectable as well. Warning : the place is small and parking would be difficult, so it's best to call them for reservations.
Fat Michael's Place - No. 1154-A Rodriguez Avenue Cor. Gen. Lacuna St., Bangkal, Makati. Text or call 0917-4078528.

Saturday, June 24

Manila, Manila

Today is Araw ng Maynila (Manila Day), so hail ManileƱos! To join the celebration I'm sharing with you a list of places (some of which I have yet to see) and things to see or do in Manila. I wrote this down last night with the help of my boss who spent half of his life in our country's oldest sovereign city. The rest I got from here.

01. Manila Bay the finest harbor in the Far East
02. National Museum
03. Planetarium
04. Manila City Hall
05. Jose Rizal monument in Rizal Park
06. Malacanang Palace
07. Rizal Shrine in Fort Santiago
08. Juan Luna monument, Plaza San Luis and Casa Manila in Intramuros
09. U.S. Embassy
10. Supreme Court
11. Court of Appeals
12. Paco Park
13. Manila Post Office
14. Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas
15. a ride in the LRT Light Rail Transit
16. Cultural Center of the Philippines
17. Coconut Palace
18. University of the Philippines
19. Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila the first university in the Philippines to have an official name in Filipino
20. University of Sto. Tomas the oldest university
21. St. Scholastica's College my alma matter
22. Army Navy Club
23. Department of Tourism
24. National Bureau of Investigation office
25. Quirino Grand Stand
26. Escolta
27. Plaza Sta. Cruz
28. shopping in Divisoria
29. Manila Zoo
30. Binondo where Chinatown is located
31. University Belt
32. the Ukay-ukays in Bambang
33. Quiapo
34. Rizal Memorial Coliseum
35. Plaza Miranda the touchstone for public endorsement of policy and action
36. Espana
37. Blumentritt Market
38. Pandacan famous for the oil stations
39. the oldest Coca-cola plant in U.n. Avenue
40. the very first Shoe Mart in Carriedo
41. Harrison Plaza
42. Robinson's Place Manila
43. SM Manila
44. University Mall beside De La Salle University, Taft
45. Dangwa Market a.k.a Flower Market
46. Arrangue Market
47. San Andres Bukid and Quinta Market
48. Manila Metropolitan Cathedral (Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Concepcion)
49. San Agustin Church (Shrine of Our Lady of Correa Immaculate Concepcion) and Museum
50. Quiapo Church (Basilica Menor de Nazareno)
51. Binondo Church
52. Nuestra Senora de Guia Parish in Ermita
53. Sta. Cruz Parish
54. (San Sebastian Basilica) Our Lady of Mount Carmel
55. Mendiola
56. Remedios Circle
57. the Ermita district originally known as "Lagyo" and the night spots in Malate area
58. North and South Cemeteries
59. the Pier in Tondo see also Miguel Lopez de Legaspi statue
60. Casino Filipino - Pavilion
61. Casino Filipino - Silahis
62. Ronquillo Slot Machine Arcade
63. Manila Hotel
64. Holiday Inn Pavilion
65. Hyatt Hotel Manila and Casino
66. Manila Diamond Hotel
67. Pan Pacific Hotel
68. Jones Bridge
69. Sta. Cruz Bridge
70. Quezon Bridge
71. Nagtahan Bridge
72. Ayala Bridge
73. the original Ping-ping's and Mila's Lechon outlets
74. Western Police District office
75. a stretch of old movie houses along Sta. Cruz, Taft
76. ancestral homes in San Miguel district
77. Century Park Hotel
78. San Andres Sports Complex
79. Tondo Sports Complex
80. Muelle del Rio Linear Park
82. Plaza Lacson
83. Folk Arts Theatre
84. Philippine International Convention Center
85. the "Cradle of Civilization" - Pasig River
86. Mabini Shrine
87. Bonifacio Shrine beside the City Hall
88. founding site of Liga Filipina and Domingo Franco's bust and marker in Tondo
89. Indian Sikh Temple in Ermita
90. Islamic Center Mosque in Quiapo
91. Manila Grand Mosque in Quiapo
92. New Zamboanga Flea Market Mosque in Quiapo
93. United Methodist Church in U.N. Avenue
94. Manila Bethel Temple, Taft Avenue
95. Manila Chinese Baptist Church Sta. Cruz
97. Malate Church (Our Lady of Remedies) see also Plaza Rajah Sulayman nearby
98. Ermita Church (Our Lady of Guidance)
99. Gen. Vicente Lim monument in Diwa ng Kagitingan Park, Roxas Boulevard
100. Filipino - American War marker at Sociego cor. Silencio St., Old Sta. Mesa

If I missed anything, please update my list in the comments box.

Friday, June 23

Must Love Dogs

Photo grabbed from Yahoo

Isn't she cute? I always wanted a puppy. Hubby D would love to get me one, there's just one problem. We don't have household help, who's going to look after her while we're out? Everytime we talk about it, I always reply "I'll take her to work with me." Yeah right, like it is possible. How come they do it in NY? Unfair.

Makati City : Exposed

Makati City is synonymous to business district, high rise buildings and condominiums. D and I have been living here for almost three years now, and I lived here with friends for three years before that. Little did I know that there is more to it than the usual restos, malls and buildings that I have gone to. Thanks to Carlos I discovered three interesting and charming streets in the neighborhood! He calls it "Evangelista Que Linda", a trip down Evangelista Street, Apolinario Street and Hison Street. It's best to start your tour at Fat Michael's Restaurant (I'll be discussing this in another post) because they give out free maps of the do-it-yourself tour. I suggest that you park your car near Fat Michael's and leave it there because the streets can be difficult - all are one-way streets so we went around and around before finally getting to the thrift shops! Plus the exercise will do you good. Wink. Places to see - the Blue Room Art Gallery, the surplus shops and thrift shops. Unique finds - surf boards, sofas, exercise machines, branded electronic gadgets, old records and house decors. Ha, no Ukay-ukay (second-hand) shop can beat that! Although used clothing and shoes doens't have that much appeal to me, I looked through their stuffs and found them really good, some are almost new and they are original branded clothes - DKNY, Ferragamo, Burberry, Ralph Lauren among the few. The next time you find yourself in the neighborhood, check it out - it's worth the time.
I'm not really good in giving directions so call or text Jude of Fat Michael's at 0917-4078528 for more information and to get a map of the place.

Wednesday, June 21

On A Bad Day

I was in a bad mood when D got home this afternoon. It was past 3:00 pm already and I thought it was late to leave for an out-of-town trip, besides the weather is unpredictable (rain and shine and then rain again). In a few minutes I "transformed" (this is the term used by poor D who has to bear with the "Phoenix" - only for X-men fans) to the bitchy me. I took the car keys (left D dumbfounded) and drove...from Makati to Tagaytay.
By the time I reached town, I was tired and hungry so I went in this new place, one that has a bar below it - beer? too bad I was driving, maybe next time. I had soup, spaghetti and fried chicken at Mile Hi Diner before heading back home. The satisfying meal and the great view from my dining table was enough to relax me. I was back home by 8:00pm. Whoa, that was a super quick drive! D wouldn't believe that I went there, until I showed him the receipts and toll charges slip. We've kissed and made up ever since. How do you handle a bad mood?

Wishful Thinking

Christmas 2005
How often would you like to celebrate Chirstmas?

Tuesday, June 20

The Soup Kitchen

No, I'm not talking about the place where they serve free food for the poor. It's a small cafe in Glorietta 1, Ayala Center where my best friend Oya and I met for lunch yesterday before watching the movie Cars. Those who are on a diet better check out this place. They serve soup, sandwiches and salad at a fairly reasonable prize. They even have newspapers and Glamour magazines that you can read during a meal. I ordered chili soup with nachos and cheese, and 1/2 tuna sandwich. Burp!
The Soup Kitchen "Original Home Made Goodness" - S-105 2nd Floor Glorietta 1, Ayala Center, Makati City or SM Megamall, Bldg. A, Mandaluyong City.

Monday, June 19


Jerrick Soy Milk
Small things excite this one - a new discovery, something nutritious and very delicious. It also comes in chocolate flavor, yummy! D and I found the stall in MOA. D--n, I should start charging these guys for the advertisement. Ha ha.

Sunday, June 18

Amici Di Don Bosco

The place is recommended by Anton, Toni and Kuya Nick. D and I were curious, we just had to try it for ourselves. After some prayers at the Blessed Sacrament and a visit at the Church we headed for Amici Di Don Bosco. This is the closest I can get to a Don Bosco compund by the way. In high school I was raised by the St. Scholastica's Academy Benedictine Sisters, we were an exclusive school , no boys from Don Bosco can enter our premises and the same holds true for theirs.
I was expecting a restaurant but it turned out to be a small canteen with a "self-service" set - up. We enjoyed watching the the hustle and bustle at the bakery next door where ensaymadas , bread loaves and cupcakes are baked and packaged . Italian is a perfect choice on a Sunday afternoon. We had Piccantina, pasta and their homemade ice cream. Delicious! D and I are are curious no more. Wink.

New Pen

A Genius Tablet and Pen that is. Finally! I can draw and paint with it so expect me to have colorful posts in the future. In the meantime, I need to review the manual and learn how everything works. Great weekend everybody!

Saturday, June 17

Can't Get Enough of Boracay

A quick list :
- January to May are peak season so if you're going there at this time, be sure to book early.
- Station 3 beach front inns charge the cheapest rates (about Php 1,200/$24) but you can always opt for the pension house/dorm type rooms (a few steps away, still in Station 3) if you are travelling on a budget.
- Everything in Sation 3 is cheap. Station 1 amenities are the most expensive.
- It's best to buy souvenir items from D Talipapa (the same items at a cheaper price).
- Before taking the island tours, compare prices . Prices may vary from one boatman to another. Haggling is a must.
- During the long walks, bring a bottle of water with you (the sun will make you thirsty big time). And just in case, there's a refilling station in Station 3.
- Jammer's fruit shake (with rhum) is best taken at night.
Drop me a line if there's someting else you want to know.

A Neophyte In the Philippines - Power Kiting

It is a famous sport in Europe. But unknown to many, a small group started this sport in our country about three years ago. Until now, even after several net surfing and regular meet ups, the group remains to be minute - less than 10 members only. They used to practice their skills in Fort Bonifacio, unfortunately, the space where they usually stay was converted into a parking lot. Now they're nearer to us, in a vacant lot right beside MOA. Yay! We're meeting them this Saturday....err, make that later. D and I are taking up free lessons from BG, Randal and the rest of the gang. We will try it out, but it's not going to be a regular sport because this one is expensive! Since it isn't common here, even beginners need to purchase all the gadgets (kite, board, harness, etc.) needed, no rentals available. A kite alone would cost about $700 and is available only in abroad. The ones found in the picture above were purchased on-line and were shipped all the way from Singapore. According to BG, they are planning to hold exhibition games next year. Invitees include the pros from Europe. Ahem! Calling all sponsors!
Sports enthusiasts who are interested to learn, or those who are plain curious can catch them near MOA every weekends. The boys are very approachable and eager to answer your queries. And they are willing to lend out their kites, isn't that great? See you there!

Friday, June 16

Kalye Juan

Not only because the owner is my "kabalen" and that all the staffs are Kapampangan ( known to be good cooks and very "maasikaso"), they serve delicious food! Where? At Kalye Juan in MOA. I don't know which wing though, until now I can't figure out which one is where. Sorry, the mall is too big for me. He he.
The night before we left for Bora, we went shopping and had dinner here. I liked the place because of it's cozy ambiance and the charming wall paintings. We had Sinigang na Pork Liempo, Pinaputok na Plapla and Pinakbet. Everything was superb and reasonably priced -authentic home cooking the Kapampangan way. We left the place with bigger bellies and smiles on our faces. Wink.
Try it out yourself and let me know if you loved it too.


Photo taken in MOA

Hairstyle? New fad? Can somebody tell me what it's called?

Two Crying Spells

While shopping in MOA (Mall of Asia) last night, D made me cry - twice :
1. While we were passing by Toy Kingdom, we randomly asked each other if there was something we liked but didn't get when we were kids ...of course, D already knew what I was going to say..."Nothing, I'm lucky I was pampered when I was a kid. I got everything I wanted and asked for." He smiled and gave me a kiss. After a few minutes, I asked the same question and his answer made me cry..."Nothing that I can remember. Even if there was, I don't really care. I now have YOU, you are all I ever wanted. And now I don't want anything else, nothing else matters." It was enough to make me get a piece of tissue, no, make that five or six.
2. At dinner time while I was taking pictures of our food...D said, "I bet when we have a baby na, you'll blog about the baby na lang." I replied "Syempre naman, I'll even get a domain for that and fill it with his pictures. Wait lang, you're thinking of having a baby na?" D responded with a smile "Yes, in the very near future, we'll be making lots and lots of babies na. Twins kung pwede, he he." I wasn't able to hold back the tears, I didn't care if anyone saw me. My husband wants to have babies, and that is all that matters to me now.

Wednesday, June 14

Oh Bora!

Ten things I enjoyed in Bora :
10. Jonah's Milkshake I never tasted one like it before.
09. Jammer's Fruit Shakes With Rhum, yum yum! Burp.
08. the night life - Cocomangas, Pier 1, Club 5 bar & bistro, Hey Jude (during our stay Station 1 was full of Pinoys while foreigners crammed at Station 2 watching the World Cup)
07. the lovely Puka Beach
06. shopping at D Mall and at D Talipapa
05. digging in the sand
04. swimming and exploring the caves in Laurel Island
03. the traditional hilot massage
02. snorkeling while feeding the fish near the Crocodile Island
01. watching the locals build sand castles

Ten things to try when I come back:
10. visit Club Panoly
09. try out the local charbroiled chicken
08. build my own sand castle
07. a drink at the Aquatic Floating Bar
06. Paraw riding at sunset
05. parasailing
04. overnight stay at Friday's
03. body pampering at Mandala Spa
02. boardsailing at Bulabog Beach
01. scuba diving at "The Wall" in Yapak

Boracay Virgin No More

Too much anticipation - D & I have never been to Boracay (now more popularly known to Filipinos as Bora), we have been wanting to do long walks by the beach for some time now and the long trip by ro-ro. When we finally got there, we wasted no time in scanning through the place. From Station 3 to Station 1, a swim to get to the small island with a grotto (am not sure if it's man made or perhaps a formation of dried up corals) and then a glass of the famous milkshake (D loved the Milkshake and I enjoyed the Mango-lemon combi) from Jonah's before continuing to walk further. Surprisingly, nobody complained of tired feet, not even until we reached Friday's, the last resort in Station 1!
In the afternoon we took a boat to go to Puka Beach for a picnic, some swimming and souvenir shopping.
Come night time, after a drink at Juice of Plazoleta and a cup of coffee at The Lonely Planet Coffee Shop, a few minutes of watching fire dances, partying at Pier 1, and a few more beers at the shore, we called it a day. Afterall, it was 4:00 a.m. already. (He he!) Day 1 in Bora? Perfect!

Tuesday, June 13

The Ro-ro Experience

From Manila there are four ways to reach Boracay - by plane, by ferry, by ro-ro or you can swim all the way (joke!). D and I wanted to travel on a budget and we were hungry for an adventure so we chose to take the ro-ro. The ro-ro, roll-on/roll-off consisted of 2 hrs. Dimple Star bus ride from Alabang to Batangas Pier, 2 hrs. Starlite barge ride going to Calapan, 4 hrs. ride to Oriental Mindoro Port by bus, 4 hrs. ferry ride to Caticlan and then finally about 20 mins. ride to Boracay Island. The half day travel was worth it for the following reasons:
- We only had to make one reservation with the Dimple Star bus and was charged P974/$20 for the one way trip. The fee included everything (except for the 20 mins. boat ride which cost P40/$0.80) - bus ride, barge trip, travel insurance, taxes and terminal/port fees.
- Our large bags were left at the bus luggage area the whole time so the transfer from the bus to the barge and then back was light (I brought a small bag with my cash, toiletries and snacks with me during the trip.) and convenient. The bus rides the barge too so there's no need to worry about waiting or falling in line at the terminal.
- No 45 mins. plane ride would provide such a stunning sunset view such as the one we witnessed from the viewing deck of Starlite.
- An additional perk was the "dolphin watching".
- We enjoyed watching the fishermen on their small bangka at sea.
- The route was so near the neighboring islands which we saw for the first time.
- There were ample seats and snack bars inside the air conditioned cabin.
- On our way back to Manila, we enjoyed watching two movies - The Island and Stealth.
- The bus ride lulled me to sleep. He he.
- The bus and ferry personnel were friendly and helpful especially to first timers like us.
Except for the swollen legs I got because of the long trip, I enjoyed the journey. I recommend that you to take the ride (when you have the liberty of time) for some fun and experience. Enjoy!Dimple Star Bus Terminal - Alabang, Call May or Arnel at Telephone No. 862-3075

Friday, June 9

Weekend Off

Yay, I'm taking a break from work!
Check list :
- sunglasses
- IPOD Nano
- Php 100 flip flops
- digital camera
- underwater camera
- sun block
- (2) Marks & Spencer two-piece swimsuit
- tank tops
- short shorts
- sarong
- some cash
Oh, I'm hoping for a good weather - no rains pleeeaaasssee. Where else do you think I'm going?

Thursday, June 8

The Lake House

Photo from Yahoo Movies

I only needed to see the billboard, movie title and a line that says something like " an impossible love". It was a quick thought, a deja vu of "Il Mare" a Korean movie I watched months ago. It was in DVD, a "pasalubong" from bestfriend Oya (she is sooo into Korean movies and tele-novelas) who just came back from China. Today in the papers I saw it again and read the article...yes, somewhat, well, very similar. I searched the web and found out that this is indeed the U. S. version of Il Mare. I'm not going into details about the movie, I want you to watch it... I enjoyed the Korean version and "cried a lot". Not as much as I cried while watching "The Notebook" but it was a good cry.
An invitational gala premiere will be at Glorietta 4 tomorrow. Regular showing on all Philippine threatres will be on June 14.
Don't forget to bring a box of tissue.

Wednesday, June 7

Asian Cuisine At Longrain Restaurant

After window shopping and star gazing (a.k.a. celebrity watching, he he) last Sunday at Rockwell, Makati (a.k.a. "Celebrity Mall" because I always bump into several celebrities whenever I go there) we were tired and hungry. Thanks to Longrain Restaurant we had a fill. I'm not sure if this is the same Longrain of Australia, but there is a resemblance in the menu. No, I haven't been to Sydney or Melbourne, I only searched for the webpage. Wish! So what's extraordinary about the place? The menu shows various Asian cuisine including Singaporean, Vietnamese and Thai, and the funky interiors and the neon green billboard inside the resto will delight your senses. We were given free iced tea and lemonade refills (not specified in the menu) and the staffs are very accommodating.
D had Chili Chicken and Pork Adobo. Unlike the usual adobo, this one had too much sauce, the meat were "swimming" in the bowl. I found it too vinegary and it wasn't spicy enough.
I had Chicken Pandan which reminded me of a better version of the same dish in Cafe Laguna of Ayala Center Cebu City. Perhaps the other items on the menu are better tasting, but we're trying another restaurant next time.
Longrain is located at the R2 floor of Powerplant Mall, Makati City.

Tuesday, June 6

Hot Hot Hot!

New York Super Fudge Chunk, yummy!

Oh boy, it's hot out there. I love summer only when I'm at the beach, but on days like this when I need to go to work (no sufficient air-conditioning at the office), I hate going out and being under the sun (wearing a business suit and stockings isn't the perfect summer outfit, grr). Hot days make we want some ice cream...aww, I'm being myself again - ang takaw ko, grabe! I want my favorite Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Bratty-wanting it! Too bad it isn't available here in the Philippines. I had a taste in Singapore and I'm sooo missing it.
Ben & Jerry's trivia - It all started with buddies Ben and Jerry's love for food. The first shop (a garage converted into a store) was put up in Burlington, Vermont. Ben & Jerry's ice cream is made of the freshest ingredients and is available in Aruba, Beligium, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Hongkong, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom. Whew, long list! I could only wish that Philippines is included. Sigh.

Monday, June 5

Give Me Five - Mr. Mythical

I have not been very supportive of hubby's basketball games. Well, sort of. His games were always in conflict with my work schedule but I've always wanted to watch him of course, I just didn't have the chance. I would always patiently wait for his SMS to find out if the team won. It's a good thing I was able to go with him yesterday - he was awarded Ahem! with a big gold medal for making it to the Mythical Five. Yay! I was very excited and proud to be with him, and took several photos of the big event.
Jordan XIV Shoes
One great game after the other, thanks to his $180 Nike shoes. It' s funny that on the night of the purchase WE had to sleep with this new pair. D is still a kid at heart afterall. Wink.

Sunday, June 4

Rainy Days Are Here Again

My midnight snack, yum yum!
Champurado, Tuyo and Tapa

It's been raining three nights in a row now. Hmmm..... When it rains, it pours, and when it pours, my appetite soars. He he. What do you crave for on a rainy day?

Friday, June 2

The Thriving Filipino

Our country has surpassed natural calamities, political crisis and tragic blows in the economy because the Filipinos continue to thrive. An example of this particular Filipino trait is the present situation of my hometown Bacolor, Pampanga which was badly hit by the Mt. Pinatubo eruption in year 1991.
Fifteen years later the San Guillermo Parish Church is still half buried in lahar, and due to the comradeship of the townsfolk, renovation is underway. What used to be a hall on its left wing now houses the Museo de Bacolor. A museum that serves as an aide-memoire of the once charming town. Old pictures depicting the lives of our ancestors are found hanging on the old, damaged walls.
Miraculously, the altar was spared from destruction and some parts of the church refurbished, thanks to the collaborative efforts of the parish priest, the Mayor and the residents.
Bacolor's restoration is possible because of the people's ingenuity. The Filipino adapts and always find ways to turn something good out of the bad. Aside from the museum, a small portion of the church was converted into a mini store selling products made out of lahar and some goodies from Neli-Mar's. A portion of the proceeds go to the funding of the church repairs.
The next time you go to Pampanga, don't fail to pass by my birthplace and marvel in the rise of a town from ashes. And please, if you have a spare change - donate. It will come back to you a thousand fold. Thank you in advance.

Bohol, A Tourist Destination

When you are stressed out with work like me, you would probably end up surfing the net for a favorable vacation spot. By chance, I saw this picture in lakbay pilipinas and grabbed it. Cute, isn't it? It's a tarsier, a small nocturnal mammal who dwells in the forest. It is found in Asian countries, but here in the Philippines, Tarsier is synonymous to Bohol. A few years back, I went to this beautiful place and immediately fell in love with the scenic island and pristine sandy beaches. I don't have pictures to share with you because I didn't own a digital camera then but here's an overview of what to expect in Bohol :
* Chocolate Hills are the most famous tourist attraction in Bohol. Be amazed by the picturesque landscapes which can only be created by the Divine.
* The beaches are not as lovely as the famous Boracay and Palawan beaches but are equally appealing. Alona Beach in Panglao Island is a personal choice. Dolphin watching, jet skiing and snorkeling are few of the water activities we enjoyed.
* Take a river cruise along the Loboc River and check out the renowned Hanging Bridge.
* If you have enough time, go visit the waterfalls and caves.
* The months of May and June are festival days so don't forget to catch their town fiestas.
* And don't fail to grab a bite of local delicacies - peanut kisses, maruya and Edelweiss Food Products.
Bohol may not be my choice at the moment (I want to explore other parts of the country) but I would want to visit it again someday.

Thursday, June 1

Remembering Bacolod City

I had lunch with my in-laws at Chicken Inasal in Makati yesterday, right before grocery shopping in Shopwise. Inasal is a Bacolod original. The tasty inasal, barbequed to perfection...nam-it (Bacolod term for delicious)!

I visited the place about three years ago, and enjoyed every bit of my stay. The inasal wasn't the only one that delighted me, I discovered Bongbong's Pasalubong and fell in love with their piyaya, butterscotch and tarts, too. Bacolod City is a perfect place for a vacation. I feel it's best to go there in October during the Maskara Festival, a merry making event that will trully delight you. On the streets, a dance is performed in a Latin theme, and the costumed dancers don colorful masks. Tour the city and appreciate the beauty of old houses and antique churches (especially San Sebastian Cathedral). The Bacolodnon (locals) are warm and friendly, so it is true indeed when they say Bacolod City ~ is the City of Smiles.

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