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Give Me Five - Mr. Mythical

I have not been very supportive of hubby's basketball games. Well, sort of. His games were always in conflict with my work schedule but I've always wanted to watch him of course, I just didn't have the chance. I would always patiently wait for his SMS to find out if the team won. It's a good thing I was able to go with him yesterday - he was awarded Ahem! with a big gold medal for making it to the Mythical Five. Yay! I was very excited and proud to be with him, and took several photos of the big event.
Jordan XIV Shoes
One great game after the other, thanks to his $180 Nike shoes. It' s funny that on the night of the purchase WE had to sleep with this new pair. D is still a kid at heart afterall. Wink.

My tatay used to buy me thise air jordan stuff when i was a kid. lahat ata ng labas meron ako. what he doesn't know i'd rather settle for stilettos than basketball shoes. kadiri.

hahahah wow sarap ng champorado ha. i miss eating sardines and scrambled eggs during these season with matching haw flakes on the side while watchiing tv.. hahaha

stilettos? ouch, hirap maglakad nun :)
oo nga, masarap din ang sardines and scrambled eggs ah..

Can you just imagine the confidence great shoes can give you. People nowadays have been enamoured with having the "right" tools for the trade - in any sport for that matter !

Yeah BW I witnessed that in hubby D. He refuses to wear only Nike shoes. In one tournament though, their sponsor gave them another brand. He broke his ankle during that season and he blamed it on well, his shoes. Tnx for the visit. :)

You can't beat them you join them isn't it :P

indeed Shionge :)

hello jai! nice shoes! everytime I come inside this blog I'm always amazed with the nice design! fantastic!

tnx chas :)

180-dollar shoes... kundi ka pa ba naman gumaling maglaro wearing those, ewan ko na. haha!

seriously, congrats on hubby's making it to the mythical five! clapclapclap!

btw, nice job on your blog's new look!

wow, congrats to your hubby, aside from the $180 Nike Shoes as a booster, you are there to cheer for him.

Party time!!!

Coming from someone who loves shoes, I quite understand where he's coming from :D

Tnx for the cheer bambi, glad you liked the new look :)

Tnx mmy lei :)

Ako Van, forced to understand pero okay lang :)

Kept thinking what kind of animal is that at the back of the shoe...number pala ni Jordan..ngek! ;-)na obvious yata yung di masyado basketball fan he! he! -omski

ha ha comedy ka Omski ha. ako kasi mahilig din sa basketball, and I love Nike too :)

unusual looking shoes but if it helps why not?

I totally agree Wuching!

congrats to ur hubby :) worth every dollar spent for the shoes :)

Well, gotta be...otherwise I would have nagged him for buying the shoes! He he he. :)

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