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Wishful Thinking

Christmas 2005
How often would you like to celebrate Chirstmas?

i'm poor after one christmas already :)
let's keep it at one~

Nice answer Neko, but I was thinking about getting more presents, kaya more than one for me please :)

honestly, I don't feel like celebrating christmas...it's like any ordinary day for me ....it only make me realize that I'm not a kid anymore....

danda ba? kanina pa nga ako papalit palit ng template e ..hanap ako ng simple pero nandun yung eagerness na basahin yung mga entry :) ...salamat :)

pinag iipunan yan kaya, magandang once in a year lang katulad ng birthdays, any way we can celebrate jesus' birthday in a simple way like him.

Okay lang ang hindi na kid anymore, everyone stays a kid at heart Melai.

Oo Melai, mas madaling basahin ngayun. Maganda din, simple lang pero maganda ang mga posts :)

Tama ka dyan Juana, madalas marami ang nakakalimot sa tunay na kahulugan ng Pasko - si Jesus :)

pakibatukan nga ako :) nakalimutan ko na ata si jesus lol!!! sige na nga celebrate na ko christmas everyday sa puso ko :)

magastos yan! hehehe

ako i want more than one christmas. i love christmas because you get to spend with your family a lot and you don't have to think about work for two a week and of course, the food. :)

if i am a gitf receiver,I want everyday to be xmas.

butas ang bulsa ko,november pa lang haha!last year,nanjan ako ng xmas and new year,yoko nang umuwi ng xmas!

once would be enough!!!

i want christmas to happen once a month....then there'll be an additional holiday every month...yay!!! di na kailangan ng gift-giving, just lots of christmas food...hehe...

uhmmmm... xmas... every other year para mas marami handa hehehhe

ay ang ganda naman! sana lagi pasko para masaya! ;)

Magastos nga Racky, pero masaya di ba? :)

Yes Denden, the merry making during the holidays is great. And the food is a feast!

That's the spirit Melai!

Hi Ghee, its not only the gift giving that we look forward to but the special time wit our family and friends. Pero ako din, gusto konang taguan ang mga inaanak, parami ng parami eh, he he!

Looks like nobody can change your mind Imp, once is okay then :)

Oo nga Leah, sana puro festivities and holidays na lang. Once na lang ang gift giving hirap na ng buhay ngayun eh :)

Edi wala tayong Xmas break this December Kneeko?

Hmm..si Kathy masayahing tao. Panu pag butas na bulsa natin Kath? Tago muna sa inaanak, he he:)

The only thing I enjoyed about Christmas was playing in a brass quartet. I don't mind people enjoying the holiday at home, but I get very tired of hearing the same music over and over every year, everywhere I go. Even in stores in Japan where there are hardly any Christians.


I still want to celebrate x-mas once in a year, mangungulubi ako kung araw araw,hehe

hi jane! thanks for visiting my blog. I just added you to my blogroll para madalaw dalaw din kita :)

once a year lang. magastos. hehe :)

tama na yung once a year...dito satin kasi sobrang garbo mag celebrate ng christmas...mamumulubi lahat...

I love Christmas, but don't make it a daily adventure course then the antisipation is taken off. Beside in Norway you eath to much in Chrstimas to do it more often than once a year too:-)

thanks for dropping by my blog jairam. :)

i think once a year is enough to celebrate Christmas.... cuz in that way, it becomes ephemeral. it becomes special. so i'd want to celebrate it more often. ;)

even if it may create a hole out of my pocket. :P

How often would you like to celebrate Chirstmas? ^^

I love the Christmas lights and "parol" that light up the trees and houses at night!!! Wish it could be like that every night.

Ooops Xmas isn't so good for you Panda? Too bad, because here in the Philippines it means being with family and friends and grand parties!

Hi Cheh I'll link you up too!

Oo nga Tin, once a year nga lang magastos na eh :)

Hi Girlie, same here - pulubi lahat after Xmas :)

Hi Rennyba, it's horrible to imagine how we will all look like if we ate like everyday is Xmas, ha ha!

Hi Vanin, once a year celebration is enough for me to anticipate it's coming. And to save for my gift giving :)

Hello Senor, I still see houses who let their parols stay the whole year. They are the ones who can afford the high cost of electricity. Most though, put up and light up their lanterns on a limited time - to save on elecricity bills, it's really sad. :(

every other month. so i'll have time to regain what ive lost.

Wow Yurs! Dami budget ah, only a month to earn what you spent, is that it? ha ha!

Once a year is enough for me. That time of the year can be really stressful. Besides if you spend it more than once a year, baka hindi na maging special, di ba?


Oo nga Irene, if we do it more often mawawala na yung thrill, at yung budget ubos :)

I love everything that revolves around Christmas. The decorations, the smells, the foods, the presents, the cheer it brings but I also know of people who hate it.
Christmas can really be stressful for me especially because my husband has a huge family and it can become expensive! However, I look forward to it every year and try to 'prepare' for it!

I think that Christams is a grand celebration and we really need time and "money" to be able to prepare for it's coming, Purplecupcake.

I think it would be nice to keep the Christmas spirit all year long.

The all year long Christmas spirit is fine with me Richard, but let's keep the celebration once a year, k?

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