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Must Love Dogs

Photo grabbed from Yahoo

Isn't she cute? I always wanted a puppy. Hubby D would love to get me one, there's just one problem. We don't have household help, who's going to look after her while we're out? Everytime we talk about it, I always reply "I'll take her to work with me." Yeah right, like it is possible. How come they do it in NY? Unfair.

hey there. you posted a comment on my blog that was tagged for moderation. sorry about that. I've fixed the problem. please feel free to comment again.

thanks to melai for spotting the problem.


i've been reading through your blog, and it is wonderful. hope its ok if I link up to you. I know people - myself included - who will want to read you often.

saw a feature on tv... in japan, dog owners who leave for work can monitor the dogs they left in the house through cameras and the internet. meanwhile, to keep the pets entertained, they leave the tv on (tuned in to a "pet channel") and they have a device attached to the doggie dishes that dispenses dog food during a scheduled time.
i dunno who takes care of the poop, tho... hehe

I really don't know how people (with pets) do it. Especially those who are living alone.Maybe that stuff is only true for movies or tv shows.

Anyway, just wanted to thank you for leaving a comment on my blog.Bad days, what are we to do with them huh?

You have a very interesting and informative blog here.Now, I don't have to leave home or read all those magazines to know where to go or dine.

Happy weekend

no nekos? :(

Hi PL, I would love to link you up too. Tnx.

Hi PL, I would love to link you up too. Tnx.

Hi Bambi, those things that Japanese too is expensive . I can imagine my Meralco bill with 5K plus if I do that, poor Jairam :(

Tnx for the compliments Mamabear :)

Sorry Neko, no cats allowed. D has asthma, but don't be sad, I love cats too :)

you have to train your doggy before you can leave him alone in the house...check out the pet shop for some sheets where they can pee/poop...iwan ka lang ng water. dogs eat 2x a day lang naman, so before you leave for work, feed muna, then by the time you're home, dinner naman...that is if you really want to have one ha...

Tita Jairam, thank you po sa birthday greeting!

Thanks for the tip Girlie! Yahoo, looks like I'll have a pet soon :)

Hello Jo-lo, you are adorable!

I guess in the Philippines there are aleady businesses that offer "day care" services for pets.

But then again it involves money.

Talking about being "unfair", well that's totally out of the equation.US and European countries have better and stricter laws about animal rights and they implement them well.

I like your blog.

i hate dogs period.

I like your blog too Rolly. :)

Aw, Yuri you hurt my feelings :( I used to hate dogs too. I was bitten once and had to endure 24 painful shots to get rid of the "rabbies". I'm over that awful experience now.

ang cute sarap paggigilan! thanks sa comment mo.

Better think it over a hundred times before you decide on getting a dog. It takes a lot of patience and responsibility. Remember, those cute puppies WILL eventually grow up.

Just a friendly reminder from someone who's had a LOT of pets in his lifetime. :-)

I'd rather rally for taking your children to work (for those companies that don't provide daycare services) but for those who don't have children, they might see it a bit different than I do.
I have pets and love them dearly but they are a handful! I just can't seem to train my chihuahua to 'go' outside the house.

this post reminds me of marina bay in SAn francisco, dogs are allowed inside high-end boutiques like gucci, armani, swarovski, etc.

What a cutie! Sadly, we have the same problem. My daughters have been wanting a puppy since forever, but I just hate to get one when I have doubts that it will be properly taken care of.

consider cats, you can just leave 'em and don't worry a thing.

Hi Juana, sarap magka pet no?

Hi Snglguy, yep I read your post about the dogs. Thanks for the advice. :)

Ha ha so I still need to get someone to train my pet then? This is so complicated than I thought!

Grabe talaga sa USA Papa Owen no? Dogs are treated like humans :)

That's the problem JMom, we'll never be sure if we can take care of the puppy for a long time.
OOops! Jef hubby D is allergic to cats. :(

Hi just passing by. I myself love dogs. I have 3 pomeranians and they make my day. Having a successful place for you pets all depends on how responsible you are as a pet owner. I bet you would be good with a dog. It takes time though but it is worth it.

Thanks for the visit and the tip Meliza :)

Hello and just to say Happy Mid summer from Norway :-)

Thanks RennyBa, how's the weather in Norway?

Dogs are a lot of work, but they are also a lot of fun.

They really need a lot of space in which to play.

Maybe when you get that large country place.

i love dogs!

we always have a pair in the house & i always get to name them. :lol:

currently, our dogs' names are potchi & kenshin.

dogs or cats are fun to be with ... you just have to train them, to know how to take care of themselves, when you are out there working!

Hi Richard, too bad we have a small apartment and our neighborhood is not as beautiful as the country side. :(

Hi Pao, if I get a dog I'd probably name her Fendi :)

can't you leave the doggie with your parents? kunyari yan ang unang apo nila sa inyo. hehehe ;p

SO that's what I need to do first eh Jase? To train her, I don't think I can do that just yet.

Naku Tin, my folks are based in Angeles City. Ang layo! :(

Hello Jairam,

Thanks for the visit to my blog.I will link you up.

Sure Karl, will link you up too :)

Some dogs are left alone all day. Sometimes I am, but usually someone is here. I'm lucky I guess.

Howdie Momo you're so cute!

Hello! Thanks for tagging in my blog.

I've always wanted a dog too. My brother has a phobia and my father won't allow us. I thought maybe he'll get over his fear if we just have a pet dog at home. My parents said it's too high maintenance and expensive. So, we have a pet turtle instead.

But I still want a dog.

Hi Galen, another pet is a good replacement. But turtles? They say taking care of turtles is bad luck, makes everything slow eh.

That is the same kind of dog that I want.:)

Wow. it's nice to hear that someone shares the same choice with me :)

Hi Jairam,

My husband and I had a similar discussion on this dog thing this month. I've been wanting a dog too, and after much thought, he agreed to it.

But then we also had that household help concern -- who's gonna look after our dog right? We don't have crates naman here in Manila. And it's not like we'll have time to walk the dog in the morning AND evening.

Anyway we decided it wouldn't be fair to the dog if we get one now. But we're not closed to the idea -- maybe in the future. :)

(I wanted to get a Maltese!)

Hi Tones, we decided to postpone te buying too. Sad but we have to be practical di ba?:(

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