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Oh Bora!

Ten things I enjoyed in Bora :
10. Jonah's Milkshake I never tasted one like it before.
09. Jammer's Fruit Shakes With Rhum, yum yum! Burp.
08. the night life - Cocomangas, Pier 1, Club 5 bar & bistro, Hey Jude (during our stay Station 1 was full of Pinoys while foreigners crammed at Station 2 watching the World Cup)
07. the lovely Puka Beach
06. shopping at D Mall and at D Talipapa
05. digging in the sand
04. swimming and exploring the caves in Laurel Island
03. the traditional hilot massage
02. snorkeling while feeding the fish near the Crocodile Island
01. watching the locals build sand castles

Ten things to try when I come back:
10. visit Club Panoly
09. try out the local charbroiled chicken
08. build my own sand castle
07. a drink at the Aquatic Floating Bar
06. Paraw riding at sunset
05. parasailing
04. overnight stay at Friday's
03. body pampering at Mandala Spa
02. boardsailing at Bulabog Beach
01. scuba diving at "The Wall" in Yapak

hi Jane! banana boat ride isn't in your list...have you tried it?

i miss boracay, it's been two years!

We didn't go for that anymore because we had it in Galera :)
We noticed though that in Bora, hindi na uso ang natutumbang banana boat, dunno why.

Nice view. hindi pako nakarating dýan! I hope someday...
Thanks for dropping by.

Hi there, thanks for the time to stop by and leave a note for me. ~_^ I appreciate it. I have not been to Boracay yet, maybe someday with my family. Have a good night!

Opps, nice pictures! I would like to go visit Boracay one of these days. Maybe when we travel back in PI. Thanks once again for the time to stop by in my journal. ^_^

The photos are amazing!!! I could really use a holiday like this one right now!

I hear it's jampacked in the summertime. So, how was the crowd at this time of the year?

I wonder if it really is a good place to get away from work, and the crowd. I'm sure the beach is great, though.

I went away to Cancun, Mx., The clubs were full of teeny boppers and college people. The beaches are great, but had to go far out from the beach for a good swim.

A ro-ro escapade may be a good idea next year!

hi jane!!! sarap nyo naman. i want to go to bora too. hopefully this january when i go home :)

Hey, let me know when you have go at parasailing and sand castle ok?

Club panoly would be nice!

Ang galing naman nung sand castle. A work of art.

super ganda ng sandcastle :)

Jane,wala nag pic na mas malapit? hehe..
naduduling ako sa katitingin sa yo LOL!

tuwa ako dito! minsan ko lang makitang english spoking si Kulas :)

Hi Jane, this is very informative esp for people like me who longs to come back and have a vacation there.

Ro-ro Adventure is so cheap and from your stories is not bad after all. I wonder if my mom and sis could take the long journey.

Hmmm, i will surely try this when i come back. Any info on reservation for cottages there. Been there twice i dont want to stay in hotels anymore and i dont want to go back to Club Panoly, bad experience for me.

Oops...so many comments, so I'll just sum it up for everyone---Bora is a nice place to stay. I think I need to write another post to give you tips about the place so watch out for it:)

opinyon ko lang.

panoly's overrated.

para nga syang walang life kung tutuusin, tahimik pa minsan. siguro kung relaxation habol, why not. pero kung party-type ka, it may not be a good place.

night life's on the general station 1 area (coco's, friday's, etc.) and day life's on the station 2 hubub. kaya typically, strategic ang lugar mo kung makakakuha ka somewhere in between both stations.

never leave the place without experiencing the island hop. mawala na lahat wag lang yun. hehe. that's appreciating boracay as it is and not as how the majority view it as a "sosyal beach place" focusing on those 3 stations alone hehe.

nice time is anytime off a holyweek. else it's just a hellhole jampacked with homies. :D

mi dos centimos.

Well said Obi :)

Agring, you better put Bora in your list then. They said that it's listed as one of the best beaches in the world :)

HI Lanie! Actually I want to post more pics...on my next post perhaps :)

Hey Kulas, may kantyaw ka from Ghee o. He he! Where's Cancun?

Hello Mrsmongul, we could all use a little break from it all eh?

Hi Den, January is a good time to visit Bora. During this time they hold an annual Paraw Regatta, and it's something to watch out for!

Hi Shionge, expect me to post all my future adventures, he he!

HI Jase, Club Panoly is so famous! and I bet, very expensive :)

OO nga Niceheart, galing ng mga gumawa noh?

Oh Ghee, sorry for that he he. I'll post bigger pics next time :)

Mmy Lei, I'll do another post na lang ha? :)

hi jane!!! wow, ang sarap naman...i miss bora na!!!

Hi Karol, ako nga the other day lang galing dun pero gusto kona bumalik agad :)

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