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Two Crying Spells

While shopping in MOA (Mall of Asia) last night, D made me cry - twice :
1. While we were passing by Toy Kingdom, we randomly asked each other if there was something we liked but didn't get when we were kids ...of course, D already knew what I was going to say..."Nothing, I'm lucky I was pampered when I was a kid. I got everything I wanted and asked for." He smiled and gave me a kiss. After a few minutes, I asked the same question and his answer made me cry..."Nothing that I can remember. Even if there was, I don't really care. I now have YOU, you are all I ever wanted. And now I don't want anything else, nothing else matters." It was enough to make me get a piece of tissue, no, make that five or six.
2. At dinner time while I was taking pictures of our food...D said, "I bet when we have a baby na, you'll blog about the baby na lang." I replied "Syempre naman, I'll even get a domain for that and fill it with his pictures. Wait lang, you're thinking of having a baby na?" D responded with a smile "Yes, in the very near future, we'll be making lots and lots of babies na. Twins kung pwede, he he." I wasn't able to hold back the tears, I didn't care if anyone saw me. My husband wants to have babies, and that is all that matters to me now.

wow, nakakakilig naman yan :)

I had always wanted an electric toy train set. Never got one, but as an adult, one of my friend's dad is a toy train collector and I would spend the weekends over at their house to play with his father's elaborate Lionel train and railway setup (laid out on a huge table down in their

That was a sweet response from your hubby. You're very fortunate!!!

Kilig, sobra Mama Jenn. Ang haba ng hair ko, lol.

Wow, Senor that's a cheap trick, he he. You got what you wanted for free :)

Oh my.. what a lovely husband you have there..

Right.. go make a baby and join the blogging parents band wagon!

Yes Z-Mama, I'm so excited :)

Hey Jane,

Those moments in MOA are priceless...you are lucky to have D as your husband..I think he is a good person. - omski

Oo nga Omski, I'm the luckiest person in the world!

Then what the hell are you waiting for? Go Go Go and make one now! LOL! :-D

Hmm...maybe tonight Snglguy, he he!

Awe....2 sweet priceless moments.

Yes indeed, Crystal :)

wat a lovely morning for a sweet morning :)

i m happy for you :)

oh, how sweet!!! nor mally i would say eeww gross when someone throw those lines....but he made it work....wonder how......

Tnx Winn I'm sooo lucky!

Charnine, you're sweet. :)

GoodLuck sa inyong Upcoming project *wink*

God Bless you both

Thank you po, nakakatouch naman :)

aaaw... ang sweet...

ey! exchange links? :)

Sure Tin, I'll link you up:)

awwwwwwwwwwww.... =D ang sweet. wala akong masabi. actually, kinilabutan ako. i have a wonderful boyfriend who's not really the affectionate or PDA type, that's why i cherish momemnts like the one you had at MOA! gaaad. i want to go to moa and have a moment with my boypren too! =D hehe

Try mo Karol, baka may magic talaga sa MOA, he he! Thanks :)

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