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Weekend Off

Yay, I'm taking a break from work!
Check list :
- sunglasses
- IPOD Nano
- Php 100 flip flops
- digital camera
- underwater camera
- sun block
- (2) Marks & Spencer two-piece swimsuit
- tank tops
- short shorts
- sarong
- some cash
Oh, I'm hoping for a good weather - no rains pleeeaaasssee. Where else do you think I'm going?

Lucky you! I sure do miss being near a warm part of the ocean and a sunny beach.
Hope you have good weather.

Have fun this long independence day weekend.

hmmm... sa tingin ko, sa bundok ang punta mo... :p

hehehe... just kidding.

wow! sarap buhay ng lola ko .. ei i suggest u get your own domain na :)
may mura akong nadiscover mas malaking di hamak sa space ko :)I'll share with u if u want.. wag ka alala wala akong kick back, gusto ko lang magkarun ka ng sariling domain

the beach? of course! lol! That's so cool! have a nice trip my dear!

Have fun!!! ^_^

Siguro sa beach..ay mali yata...hehehe.

inside ur blog?

Beach na naman? Talagang beach fan ka ah...


Sounds like some lucky girl is going to get sand between her toes :-)

enjoy the beach.... ako lalangoy na lang muna sa balong malalim... =)

whoaa Jairam!
sarap ng buhay mo :D

take ka ng maraming pic sa BORACAY ha?

tc and enjoy!!

can't wait to see the pictures! have fun!

waaaahhhh!!!! ur hitting the beach!!!! inggit ako. hehe di bale im going to have my 3rd beach getaway for the summer on friday. hehe

The pink slippers are cutie!

sama ako, gusto ko rin mag diving! saan ka pupunta, sa palawan?

have fun! share your pics, ok? :)

jairam, ano inulan kba? kwento naman dyan...

YoooHoo....Hmmm....still not back huh? Miss your blog!

ang tagal namang magbeach grabeh

hmmm your going to take a shower hehehe ,,,have a nice short break =D

bat di mo sinabihan ang sirena? para nagkita sana tayo :D

nag-enjoy ba?

Hi guys, tnx for all the comments. I just got back, and thats all I can say for now. Will be posting soon :)

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