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Jerrick Soy Milk
Small things excite me...like this one - a new discovery, something nutritious and very delicious. It also comes in chocolate flavor, yummy! D and I found the stall in MOA. D--n, I should start charging these guys for the advertisement. Ha ha.

i love cold soybean milk. :) esp if it's sweet, but not overly so.

meron be sa makati yan!

mukhang babad na babad ka sa MOA a! hehe!

never liked soy milk pero since sabi mo masarap. will try it when i get to mnl. miss u jane!

sarap niyan.. yum!! =9 healthy pa

I might have seen a similar stall once before but can't recall exactly where. Never tried it but now that you've mentioned it, I will next time.


hi jane! thanks for dropping by my site, i just love soya milk too, good for the health. Btw, i sold the shoes at very very cheap price as in parang bigay nalang just to discard the ones I no longer like.

i'm not much of a soy milk drinker... but i love the food at amici! ;)

i love soymilk too! mabuti na lang here in korea it is cheap..as in cheaper than fresh milk. i bet it is a bit pricey there in manila. last time i was there, i bought some for mama, she liked it, but i felt it was too expensive. i wonder how the chocolate flavored soymilk tastes? (eh dio lasang choclit!)

uminom ka ng gatas, ikaw ay lalakas ... para maikot mo ang buong MOA! heheh

einen guten tag noch ( have a nice day)!

Hi Imp, it's not so sweet unless you choose the chocolate flavor ;)

Naku Jef, puro MOA lang ako kaya yan lang ang alam ko so far...mai research nga, he he.

Hi Bambi, I should ask for a prize from Henry Sy na. Tingin mo?

Miss you too Yuri :)

Oo nga Abi pagpunta namin sa MOA, bili ulit ako. :)

Tell me Senor if you liked it ha?

Hi Marie its a healthy alternative di ba? Cool thing you did with the shoes :)

Love the food, the ice cream the most Pao:)

Hi Annabanana, you're right medyo mahal nga dito ang soy milk. But with all the health benefits, its worth it naman. The chocolate flavored one is sweeter than the milk:)

Well said Racky :)

what! no viat-milk? :P

Yep, only soy milk Neko :)

i bought the wrong brand of soymilk lately, plain yuck ang taste, lasang palay...as in...sayang naman itapon so what i did i mixed it with brewed coffee, half coffee half soy...ok naman, healthy pa din =)

Matry nga yan Girlie. They say coffee is reach with anti oxidants too. Sayang talaga magtapon because these days lahat expensive na.

I've been trying so hard to incorporate soy milk into our home but no one is drinking the stuff when it's in the fridge. Usually, regular milk doesn't last 2 days but soy milk? Weeks! Then I have to throw it! I happen to like it though!

Hey Purplecupcake, throwing away? What a waste! Maybe you need to buy smaller quantities, that way you are assured of the freshness :)

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