Friday, September 8

Missing In Action

I was absent from the blog world for some time now. No big deal, I just had to take a break because...while I was gone, I
- spent an afternoon with Hubby D at Fort Santiago (it was our first time to visit the historical place)
- attended a business conference
- went to the vet 5 times for Alf's medications (the baby is fine now)
- spent 4 days in Palawan with hubby (will post about this soon)
- been to hardware stores, home depot and furniture shops (our soon-to-be home will be completed by mid-next year, yay!)
- celebrated my birthday
Here's hoping I will be blogging more this time....

Saturday, August 26

For Dylan

I was just watching you sleep,
so a child.
And I realized
that there's nowhere else in this world
that I would want to be
except right here...
beside you.
I love you.

Saturday, August 19

On A Sick Leave

My baby is sick so I'm taking some time off because he needs all the loving right now. Be back soon...

Wednesday, August 9

Hug Me Please

Uhmm...the comfort of a snuggle. Don't you just love to be hugged? on a rainy day? on days when you feel so alone? by your Dad, your Mom, hubby or dear friend? I'm declaring today as "Hug Day" so go give someone a hug and brighten that person's day. Hugs to you from me too.

Tuesday, August 8

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

While surfing the net early this morning, I chanced upon this article and I was forced to get a good laugh. Afterall, who wants to frown and get wrinkles at an early age? Ahem, 30+ is STILL young you know. Don't dare argue with me, this is my blog, he he.
Now let's see, the benefits of laughter :
* Eustress State - a condition where mirthful laughter produces healthy or positive emotions that influence the immune system, boosting natural killer cells and tumor cells.
* Activation of T lymphocytes - laughter tells the immune system to activate the T cells or wake them up.
* Strenghtens the fight against upper respiratory tract infection through an increase in the antibody IgA (immunoglobulin A). An antibody fights disease-causing "invaders".
* Increase in gamma interferon that tells the immune system to turn itself on.
* Increase in IgB, another antibody, as well as an increase in Complement 3, which assists antibodies in penetrating infected cells. The beneficial effects lasted, and levels of antibodies increased, right on the day after patients watched a funny video.
* Laughing is a stress buster.
* Laughter exercises the diaphragm and improves the body's ability to use oxygen.
* It can help reduce pain and help speed up healing.
Hmmmm....I think I'll watch The 40 year Old Virgin with D this afternoon.

Monday, August 7

You Have A Message

While on sick leave, sales assistant Katy Tanner from London found out she was fired from her job when she received a text message from her company. When she complained, Blue Banana defended it's decision and added that the termination method was fair because texting is a part of "youth culture". The company employs about 120 people in Britain, many of them aged under 21.
Youth culture? Duh. I have a 59 y/o staff who owns a cellular phone (who doesn't? even the balut vendor has one) but is required to call the office for sick leave/emergency leave. All instructions, endorsements and guidelines, even reprimands are in the form of formal writing. I think it's unfair to terminate an employee (even if it's a small company for that matter) via text messages. Period.

Saturday, August 5


Here's a nice message sent by a friend this morning, it made me optimistic the whole day :

Life's pretty simple.
When you're asking for apples and life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

If you are on your way out and it starts to rain,
at least you won't have to water the plants anymore.

It's a matter of seeing things in new perspective. The benefits may not be immediate nor obvious, but you have to know this for sure,
God will never give you anything you can't handle.
Nothing you can't triumph over.

There will be problems, there will be struggles, but if they're not there how'd you know how strong you are?

Friday, August 4

Let's Celebrate Life!

I'm celebrating...
1. a pleasant morning drive
2. my favorite breakfast served
3. a fresh clean face because I had a facial from my derma yesterday
4. new clothes from yesterday's shopping
What do you want to celebrate today?

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