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The Thriving Filipino

Our country has surpassed natural calamities, political crisis and tragic blows in the economy because the Filipinos continue to thrive. An example of this particular Filipino trait is the present situation of my hometown Bacolor, Pampanga which was badly hit by the Mt. Pinatubo eruption in year 1991.
Fifteen years later the San Guillermo Parish Church is still half buried in lahar, and due to the comradeship of the townsfolk, renovation is underway. What used to be a hall on its left wing now houses the Museo de Bacolor. A museum that serves as an aide-memoire of the once charming town. Old pictures depicting the lives of our ancestors are found hanging on the old, damaged walls.
Miraculously, the altar was spared from destruction and some parts of the church refurbished, thanks to the collaborative efforts of the parish priest, the Mayor and the residents.
Bacolor's restoration is possible because of the people's ingenuity. The Filipino adapts and always find ways to turn something good out of the bad. Aside from the museum, a small portion of the church was converted into a mini store selling products made out of lahar and some goodies from Neli-Mar's. A portion of the proceeds go to the funding of the church repairs.
The next time you go to Pampanga, don't fail to pass by my birthplace and marvel in the rise of a town from ashes. And please, if you have a spare change - donate. It will come back to you a thousand fold. Thank you in advance.

Hmmm, I think my friend and I drove through this town once many years ago on our way to Pangasinan. That was 2 years after the Pinatubo explosion.

Sayang, kawawa talaga ang place. If you've seen it years before the eruption, you would know what I am talking about.

hi! thanks for commenting on my blog. mind if we exchange links? gusto kong nagbabasa ng good news e. nakakapagod magbasa ng bad news. =)

sure thing, I'll link you up :)

A beautiful blog and a lovely tribute to your birth place!

tnx for the compliments tee :)

ang dami talagang nasayang neh! :(

danke(thanks) sa pagdalaw! i-link kita ha.

schönes wochenende(happy weekend)!

I love Pampanga..some of my relatives live there up to now..

pag napapagod kami sa Manila,pampanga was a nice getaway dahil fresh and clean ang air..

buti nga,medyo nakakabawi na yata sila..

oo nga racky, sure I'll link you up too :)

nice to hear that ghee :)

I would love to visit your lovely country someday and embrace Filipino's warmth hospitality :P

Sana di na uli mangyayari ang trahidyang yon.

Salamat sa dalaw mo dun sa muntik tahanan ko.

e link kit ha.

Happy weekend!

Shionge, Im glad to hear that you would like to visit my country. Im sure you will love it here as much as I enjoyed my stay in Singapore :)

tnx for the link ethel, ill link you up too.

nyt guys

Cool Cool Cool! So Proud to be Filipino!

hi jairam, i've not been to bacolor but i surely know how it tastes -- pampango food, mmmmm ....

what a lovely post and blog you have here, i shall keep coming back :)


Why hello! Thanks for your comment on my cheap little cards :P I like yours too, though I couldn't help to feel bad for that one day old chicken! Talk to you later :)

I like that calesa. Very pretty.

yes jigs, mabuhay tayong mga pinoy :)
hi threre dreamer! tnx for dropping by.

tnx niceheart :)

tnx for the compliments misipi. will drop by your page too.
oh, i forgot to mentio niceheart, the kalesa is made of lahar :)

I also like that calesa made of lahar. BTW, nice new template. :)

nice blog! but gotta off the topic: thanks 4 dropping at my site!;)balik ka ha?hehe

m glad you like my ne look, Toe ;)

tnx evelyn and sure, I'll be back :)

WOW new look, sandali lang ako nawala, dami ng changes. i hopi i can come visit pampangga soon. hahaha pahini namn ako ng chicken bacolod pls

kasi Yurs, kung saan saan ka nagpupunta eh, he he :)
treat pa kita sa chicken bacolod!

i know how you feels. dati kaming may bahay sa Magalang, buti nalang nabenta na bago pa mag-lahar.

oo nga mmy-lei. kme may house na nalahar. actually bahay bakasyunan na yun eh. sayang :)

did you just change your blog design coz it was different the last time I cam here. I love it! I never thought that is a blogger site powered because the design is flawless. Anyhoo, i love to see the old churches in the Philippines since it has an air of heritage and other stuff.

Tnx for the compliments Chas. I changed the template the other day, glad you liked it. I also enjoy visiting old churches because of the their architectural beauty. And the structure almost always amaze me.

wow from pampanga ka pala, magkababayan pala kayo ng aking wisheart Ann (apple of my eyes) she's from san miguel betis, Guagaua. katabing bayan lang =D.

wapin, anya pareho kaming malagu. he he.

wa pen..i agree hehehe

no choice really but to agree neh, kadyo :)

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