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Bohol, A Tourist Destination

When you are stressed out with work like me, you would probably end up surfing the net for a favorable vacation spot. By chance, I saw this picture in lakbay pilipinas and grabbed it. Cute, isn't it? It's a tarsier, a small nocturnal mammal who dwells in the forest. It is found in Asian countries, but here in the Philippines, Tarsier is synonymous to Bohol. A few years back, I went to this beautiful place and immediately fell in love with the scenic island and pristine sandy beaches. I don't have pictures to share with you because I didn't own a digital camera then but here's an overview of what to expect in Bohol :
* Chocolate Hills are the most famous tourist attraction in Bohol. Be amazed by the picturesque landscapes which can only be created by the Divine.
* The beaches are not as lovely as the famous Boracay and Palawan beaches but are equally appealing. Alona Beach in Panglao Island is a personal choice. Dolphin watching, jet skiing and snorkeling are few of the water activities we enjoyed.
* Take a river cruise along the Loboc River and check out the renowned Hanging Bridge.
* If you have enough time, go visit the waterfalls and caves.
* The months of May and June are festival days so don't forget to catch their town fiestas.
* And don't fail to grab a bite of local delicacies - peanut kisses, maruya and Edelweiss Food Products.
Bohol may not be my choice at the moment (I want to explore other parts of the country) but I would want to visit it again someday.

Hey this is the first time I see this tarsier...very interesting indeed. I must tell my daughter Bibiana to take a look at it :P

Thanks for sharing.

Hey what happened to the template? Did you accidentally mess up a code?

Here's a suggestion, try to create another blogger account exclusively for testing and experimenting with new templates prior to using it.

This is so that you won't accidentally screw up your existing template.

Ganda nga raw sa Bohol. Next destination namin yan sa bakasyon.

blogging at 5:25 am??? and you changed your template??? i thought that template was meant to gain pogi (ganda) points???

Ive been to Bohol beach Club pa lang and I enjoyed every bit of my stay.

tnx for appreciating Shionge!

hi snglgy, I dunno what happened. it was fine last night, grrrr. tnx for the tip.

great choice Ann :)

hi papa Owen, wala lang kinati kamay ko, he he. ngyun problemado, ewan parang nasira tuloy page ko :(

hi jairam. hindi pa ko nakakapunta ng bohol :( inggit ako sa iyo - ang dami mo nang na-explore dito sa inang bayan :)

naku, mama jenn try mo magikot ikot. sayang naman kasi kung hindi natin iikutin sariling bansa natin, dba?

jane..anong nangyari? ayan kasi nagpasalamat ka pa sa kin e heheheheheh!! danda nito kahapon ha!! .... ei how I wish maexplore ko rin ang other part ng pinas :(

oo nga melai, hindi ko rin alam kung bakit nagkaganito. parang na virus ang computer ko dito sa ofis. ayusin kona lang paguwi ko sa house. maganda talaga pumunta sa Bohol :)

hi jane, i miss miss miss bohol! i used to go there every year for the sandugo festival pero now that i'm overseas siyempre hindi na. but i do want to go back to visit, it's one of the most enchanting places in pinas that i've been to (and believe me, i've stepped foot on most of the islands in the archipelago) and i have a lot of fond memories. :)

hi partygirl, jetsetter ha? galing naman. I'm trying out other places next time so I can compare :)

you do know that tarsiers are cannibals,right?

charnine -huh? really? I didn't know that. thank for the info :)

When my husband saw a photo of the tarsier way back, he went to bohol on a holiday trip just to see those cute little animals!

a quick fact on tarsiers:

even if they have big eyes, they cannot see clearly. They have blurred visions.

Hi Duke, tnx for sharing some facts about the tarsier. Oh, I forgot to mention that they have suicidal tendencies if taken away from their natural habitat.

Wow, this is one cute creature.
You can see by the eyes that it is nocturnal.
Cute shot!

What an amazing little animal, it looks so alien!!

yes, its a nocturnal animal. it's the same species as the monkeys pieterbe.

yes pam, it looks weird :)

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tnx for the compliments!

Excellent, love it!

thanks :)

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