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Wednesday With D

After being a housewife a.k.a. cooking Sinigang for lunch, we were off to MOA to buy Superman I-Max movie tickets. We have been going to this mall for dinner everyday, yet we failed to buy tickets on time. There's no reason to feel bad though, we got the best seats on July 5 at midnight. Yay! Read this : I'm not reading anyone's blog about the movie yet, he he. I like a little suspense this time. But the advice about waiting for the credits after the X-Men movie was really helpful. Wink. You should have seen the long lines in the regular cinema for Superman, it is enough to finance another SM building , lucky lucky Henry Sy!
We did a little shopping afterwards and craved for Pinoy dish for dinner. Our tired feet took us to the Lord Stow's Bakery for a delicious Tuna Royale (prepared right in front of you and they make use of fresh ingredients - cucumber, carrots and lettuce), Chicken Arrozcaldo (porridge) and Japanese Iced Tea - definitely a must try in the mall. The store was established in Macau in 1989 and has since branched out in different Asian countries including Hongkong, Singapore and Korea. They offer a different menu per country but the bakery has the same products.
And where did we have our dessert? In far away city within a city for some Haagen-dazs. Eastwood City will soon be called the "city that never sleeps" because come July, bars and restaurants will be open until the early mornings to cater to the "call center crowd". Until now, it remains to be the only late-night shopping center, closing at around 11:00 pm while all the others close between 9:00 to 10:00 pm. Get cozy in the Mediterranean structures and unique stores all around. The extra-ordinary set-up is a shopping haven, there is even one building that especially caters to the needs of computer fanatics. It is indeed shopping 'till you drop in this city of lights.
Wednesdays are happy days. Wink.

I like the concept for Eastwood City, where people are encouraged to walk. Most pinoys don't like to take long walks, that's we have so many pedicabs and tricycles for those who can't walk for a few more blocks. I will definitely visit that place the next time I'll be in Manila. BTW, the ice cream looks yummy! :)

Hi Carey, that concept is one of the best that I enjoy in Eastwood. Walking around malls is the only exercise I do , lol.

i really need to go home ot Manila, it's been a while! i bet there's a lot of things i won't be able to recognize once there. :)

thanks for droppin' by my site and also for the kind words. :D

Mayang, our Philippines has transformed - more beautiful than ever :)

haagen-dazs chocolate is to die for... :)

Quite different from how it is in Norway, but then again I love to read your post and learn. I glad you had one of your happy Wednesday and the dinner with the dessert looks delicious - thanks for sharing!

It is D Neko, my favorite!

Hi RennyBa...that's one of the great benefits in blogging isn't it? We learn from each other :)

Hmmmm scrumptious! I miss sinigang. The only thing i miss in the Phils. is just food. And also I havent tried that kind of ice cream before I dunno why and since we dont have it here so sad to say I dunno when I can taste that!

Hi Charles, I think all Filipinos love Sinigang, he he. Sayang about the non-availability of Haagen Dazs, maybe when you travel, you can get it in other countries :)

Kakagutom dito! ala bang pang appetizer lang kc diet ako! heheh!! pampagulo ako!!! Thanks for visiting my munting madilim na condo.. really appreciate ur presence der!! see u!

ginugutom ako sa mga entry na to!! hehehe...

Is that IMAX Superman movie in 3D as well? That'd be fantastic!

Hmmm...maybe we'll have sinigang for lunch today. BTW, haven't been over to MOA. I might check it out this weekend, including Lord Stow Bakery as you've mentioned.


the makings of great simple life -- a movie and an ice cream. astig!

TK, pasensya na. Blog ito ng isang matakaw na Misis, he he.

Ha ha, miss mo na Pinoy food Rho?

The whole movie is a regular film. And then there's a special 20 minute feauture in 3D. You might want to watch the movie in IMAX Senor since you're going to check out the mall anyway :)

You're right Braindead :)

Dine out kayo everyday, parang laging may date kayo ni hubby, oks lang yan habang wala pang baby, enjoy muna.

Oo nga Ate Ann, gusto na din kasi namin mag baby kaya dapat laging honeymoon...panay ang date, he he!

have you tried the sinigang na corned beef in centro, gb3? okay din dun. and you'll be asked to taste first the soup if it's maasim enough for you.

Yes Tin, I've tried it. I ate there once with friends. Masarap nga doon :)

namiss ko ang eastwood ah... we used to eat breakfast at "something fishy" pagkatapos ng gimikan... eat all you can, pero kahit isang plato lang di ko naman maubos dahil lashing na hahaha... kape na lang... drink all you can... hehehe

oo nga, mabenta pa rin doon until now. madami pa kasing lasing eh, he he.

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