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The Soup Kitchen

No, I'm not talking about the place where they serve free food for the poor. It's a small cafe in Glorietta 1, Ayala Center where my best friend Oya and I met for lunch yesterday before watching the movie Cars. Those who are on a diet better check out this place. They serve soup, sandwiches and salad at a fairly reasonable prize. They even have newspapers and Glamour magazines that you can read during a meal. I ordered chili soup with nachos and cheese, and 1/2 tuna sandwich. Burp!
The Soup Kitchen "Original Home Made Goodness" - S-105 2nd Floor Glorietta 1, Ayala Center, Makati City or SM Megamall, Bldg. A, Mandaluyong City.

may bayad ba advertisement nyan? :)

wala nga eh, mag chacharge nako sa susunod, he he

Hi Jane, soup looks so yummy. nagutom tuloy ako.

Salamat sa bisita ha. You surely have a nice place here. I love the color.

Segi ingat and have a great day.

Thanks too Carlotz!

wowwie... i love soups! especially that is winter over here... i definitely have to cook the soup i want kasi most of the soup here like miso soup and tomyam are quite expensive!

jane ur posts been a joy to my eyes but not to my stomach. inggit ako. dont have anyhing else to eat hre but beef or chicken. miss eating out!

Talaga Jase? Happy cooking!

Ha ha Sorry for that Yurs :)

same with yuri everytime i visit here, my stomach is bellyaching!

nyahahaha! I miss soup kitchen in megastrip.

i usually eat there when i'm sick.

i love reading your blog especially about the new restaurants you've tried out. coz it gives me an idea on where to eat next. hehe ;p

Salamat naman Mmy Lei, bawiin mona lang sa tingin, he he!

Hi Tin tin, I do hope you enjoy every restaurant that I recommend :)

una, salamat sa pagdalaw mo sa blog ko.

pangalawa, oo nga, parang palagi ka sa MOA, ah. te he he.

pangatlo. i love your blog. the colors. plus the header-banner thingie.

pang-apat. giving them Roros a second chance.

hello... nice blog you have here.. :) thnx nga pala sa pagdalaw sa blog ko at pagsasabing maimpluwensya si melai! :)

ang sara nga nung soup.. :) di pa ko nagbe-breakfast eh.. pede penge? :)


Thanks Erik, I enjoyed reading your comments!

Cge Karmi, unang higop sayo. Email kona lang yung sandwich, he he!

eiiiy beach babe este jane... beach boy here.... tnx for glancing on my li'l place...

mabuti na alng di ko makita/ maopen mga pix di ako ginutom hahahahaha...

link u up & down hehehe

hello dear,nice blog you got here!

teka ,eh may bayad ba naman sa ADVERTISEMENT :D

best regards ,salamat sa dalaw !

Thanks Kneeko, I'll link you up too :)

Yun nga sama nun Eden e, walang bayad. Sa susunod maniningil nako, he he.

I agree! I ate quite a number of times and its good for the money!

Thanks for dropping by my site! :)

Oo nga Ferdz :)

sige try ko nga din yan. hehe tnx for the info.

Hi Egoddess, sige let me know if you loved it, ok?

Got to store this in mind for my next Manila visit...

I love chili. I have a great recipe for vegetarian chili I make all the time at home. I posted it on my blog once. Looks like a fun restaurant to go to.

Sure Jon, highly recommended :)

Hi Pandabonium, well then looks like I'll be checking your archives for that recipe :)

Here you are Jairam -
Chile Recipe
The recipe is about 1/3 down the post. I call it: "Pandabonium's Vegetarian (you won't miss the meat!) Chili and Rice"

Enjoy. :P

Whoopie, tnx Pandabonium :)

Looking for information and found it at this great site...

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