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A Neophyte In the Philippines - Power Kiting

It is a famous sport in Europe. But unknown to many, a small group started this sport in our country about three years ago. Until now, even after several net surfing and regular meet ups, the group remains to be minute - less than 10 members only. They used to practice their skills in Fort Bonifacio, unfortunately, the space where they usually stay was converted into a parking lot. Now they're nearer to us, in a vacant lot right beside MOA. Yay! We're meeting them this Saturday....err, make that later. D and I are taking up free lessons from BG, Randal and the rest of the gang. We will try it out, but it's not going to be a regular sport because this one is expensive! Since it isn't common here, even beginners need to purchase all the gadgets (kite, board, harness, etc.) needed, no rentals available. A kite alone would cost about $700 and is available only in abroad. The ones found in the picture above were purchased on-line and were shipped all the way from Singapore. According to BG, they are planning to hold exhibition games next year. Invitees include the pros from Europe. Ahem! Calling all sponsors!
Sports enthusiasts who are interested to learn, or those who are plain curious can catch them near MOA every weekends. The boys are very approachable and eager to answer your queries. And they are willing to lend out their kites, isn't that great? See you there!

ah eh, he's not my boyfriend as far we both know. we're just getting cozy with each other and we like to keep it that way for now.

thanks for stoppin by :)

time to fly a kite, post more photo, thxs for drop by my blog :)


nong klaseng kite yung nasa pic,jane? :)

Keep it cool then Tintin!

Sure Bentan, 'till the next post..

Hi Ghee! Mga sports kites yan e. Didn't get tne brand name though.

i looked at the link and they sure look like a VERY HUGE kite to me! haha

i still remember we used to DIY our own kites back in sch..

but ick! our DIY kites can never fly high!

worse stil, mine cant even fly at all . boohoo:p

I think we should all learn to use those kites. With the ever increasing pump prices of gasoline and worsening pollution problem. That kite thingy might just be the solution for both, hehe. :-)

Yes Winn, they're big kites..almost like parachutes.
When I was a kid, I used to watch my cousins fly kites. I never thought I'd be flying one too, years later :)

Hi Snglguy, you're right. This might be a better option :)

though i would like to try that sport, i might not be able to afford it. huhuhu

Same here Tin tin:)

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