Monday, July 31

Sisig Anyone?

A trip back home wont be complete without a taste of Sisig. Aling Lucing's is the most popular and we always buy from her, but this time my brother suggested we try Aling Naty's, the store next to Aling Lucing's.
I made the meal more exciting by turning it into a competition. We bought one serving of each. Who won the battle? Surprisingly it was Aling Naty's. The same amount of serving but cheaper by P10. Although the two have almost the same texture, Aling Naty's was crunchier and tastier. Aling Lucing had the taste of burnt meat, and my Dad noted that it was too oily and had so much fat. So the next time you visit Angeles City, try both and tell me which one suits your taste buds better.

Sunday, July 30

Am I Weird? Here's 6 Reasons Why I Say So...

Here are the rules of this Tag from Niceheart and Ate Bing :

The writer will create a blog about the 6 weird things/habits about himself.
People who get tagged will have to post a blog of their own telling 6 weird things/habits about themselves.
At the end of your 6 weird things/habits, you need to choose 6 people that you would like to tag and list their names.
Don't forget to leave a comment that says "You are tagged!" in their comments box and tell them to read yours and for instructions on how to proceed.

Here's my list :

1. I'm obsessed in keeping everything clean, I can't go to sleep if I see dust anywhere in the bedroom, I have to wipe it out first. And I hate hairs in the carpet. Quick, give me the vaccum cleaner!

2. Hubby finds it weird that I'd rather hug my favorite pillow than hug him when I'm sleeping.

3. I sleep talk (incomprehensible language) even to hubby.

4. I prefer eating tuyo and sinangag than go fine dining. Heck, I can even eat tuyo and sinangag everyday, 3x a day.

5. I love the smell of a just-used- match.

6. I talk to myself while I'm driving.

Don't worry guys, I won't tag anyone. You can all breathe now, he he. I spare you from the agony of completing the list, unless of course you want to do it too. Drop a comment if you've done the same so I can check out your list, okay?

Share A Kiss?

Oh, lookie lookie! Big chocolate kiss from hubby D. Yay, so sweet. Wanna have a bite? Ladies : When was the last time you received chocolates from your dear hubby/boyfriend? Men : When was the last time you gave your wife/girlfriend chocolates?

Saturday, July 29

Alf, Alf, Alf

The "First Family", Mama just woke up and forgot to brush her hair, baby Alf on the other hand was already full of energy. He kept moving, so we weren't able to get a clear picture.

The "proud Mama and baby Alf" taken by my brother. Alf says: Jase's CC , Annabanana's Matilda, Princess' Lucky can we be best friends?

Blog Absence

Four days without a new post and not spending hours in front of the computer is a new thing for me ever since I discovered blogging. It must have been the rain, the busy week I had at the office and the effects of vitamins. Here's an update of my life during the 4 days of blog absence:
- rainy days meant memos and reports pouring in my office. Sigh.
- more play time and exercise for Alf (including 1 MOA dinner and some window shopping, Alf had fun and proud Mama/Dada failed to take pictures because we were busy watching him walk excitedly through the corridors of the mall).
- more time spent with D and my folks in Angeles City.
- the Insomniac can sleep. Thanks to the vitamins given by a Korean friend, I have been sleeping for 8 hours every night. Hurray!
- years after it happened, I was able to finally watch 9/11 the documentary. Tragic and sad.
- watched the movie Alexander, played by Collin Farrel (was Alexander really gay as portrayed in the movie?).
- first visit to SM Clark.
- lots of cleaning ingredients, chocolates and potato chips bought from the Duty Free shops in Clark.
- 10 shots on Friday morning for hubby D when Alf accidentally bit his nose during their play time. It was a light scratch actually, but I insisted we see the doctor anyway. Alf is under observation, but I think both will be okay.
What's up with you guys?

Monday, July 24

3 Meme For Me Over the Weekend

Carey says:

1. Random : The food stuff you're posting in your blog always makes my tummy grumble! Oops, he he.
2. Challenge : Teach Alf to do some neat somersaults and how to jump through a ring of fire. This is a tough one but I'll try!
3. Color : Blue! It's your blog's color - very easy. Green used to be the first in my list, now it's 3rd, blue is 2nd and Pink is actually my first. Hmmm...that gives me an idea, why don't I post my pink stuffs? Wink.
4. Like : That you are so positive about our country and it shows in your posts. Yes I am, but I also have one post that says otherwise.
5. Memory : Your picture with Winnie the Pooh. I love that one, too!
6. Animal : A big fish in the ocean (coz of your underwater blog background). Yes, yes, I'd like to be a fish but I can have my second life as a cute puppy like Alf.
7. Question : What does Jairam stand for? Jairam is actually the inverted Maria J because my full name is Maria Janette. I wanted a different name on-line.
8. Song : Who Let the Dogs Out? (with Alf woofing in the He he cute and funny, that's a great song for Mama and Alf. Thanks Carey.

Mama Jenn you might want to do this meme.

From Annabanana:

3 Things that scare me:
- death of my parents
- disability
- earthquakes

3 People who can make me laugh:
- Dylan
- Alf (okay, I know he's a puppy but he makes me laugh anyway)
- that guy from the movie 40 Year Old Virgin

3 Things I love:
- kisses from Dylan
- the beach
- my car

3 Things I hate:
- poverty
- war
- gossip

3 Things I don't understand:
- war
- politics
- politicians

3 Things on my desk:
- a bottle of mineral water
- some candies
- my office pen

3 Things I'm doing right now:
- blogging
- monitoring the activities of my staff (2 are presently busy doing reports I need to sign later on, 1 is having a break & reading the papers, 1 went to the hotel lobby to assist a guest)
- wiggling my toes

3 Things I want to do before I die:
- I want to make sure that I made my parents proud with the choices I made in my life.
- have a baby
- make a difference in someone's life

3 Things I can do:
- I can put on lipstick perfectly without a mirror and while driving.
- I can stay awake and still be active for 2 straight days.
- I can act, sing and dance.

3 Ways to describe my personality:
- flexible
- I'm an extrovert.
- sensitive

3 Things people might not know about me:
- I paint.
- Now that I have Alf, I prefer staying home all day.
- The lifestyle section is the first page I read in the newspaper.

3 Things I can't do:
- I can't eat Durian.
- I can't sleep without a pillow.
- I can't drive wearing my office shoes.

3 Things I think you should listen to:
- good music
- chirping of the birds
- a good advice

3 Things I don't think you should listen to ever:
- gossip
- people telling you "You can't do it."
- people fighting

3 Of my absolute favorite foods:
- ice cream
- chocolates
- pasta

3 Things I'd like to learn:
- to fly a private plane/helicopter
- play the drums
- ride a bike

3 Beverages I drink regularly:
- coffee
- Coke light
- green tea

3 Shows I watched when I was a child:
- Sesame Street
- Smurf
- Bioman

3 people I tag to do this meme (chosen randomly from my blogroll):
- Carey
- Senor Enrique
- Jef

From JMom:

If only I could:
travel and have vacations without having to work, oh I would love that.

If only I knew why:
then I wouldn't be thinking about it.

If only I could meet:
George Bush, Jr. then maybe I would know why.

If only they didn't have:
war and poverty

If only I could have a car:
I already have a RAV 4 but I would like to have a BMW X3.

If only I could have this age again:
13, I enjoyed my teenage years, I'd like to be young & carefree again.

If only this wish could come true:
have a million dollars...

If I had a Million dollars I would buy these things:
plane tickets for me and my family so we can travel the world NOW.

If only I could anything right now, I would eat:
I'm craving for Yellow Cab pizza

If only I didn't have to eat:
I'd be slimmer.

If I could have one dream come true:
to travel around the world with the whole family NOW.

If only I could be:
richer so I can shop everyday, he he.

If I could meet one singer:
I'd like to meet Madonna.

If I could meet one actor/actress, it would be:
Orlando Bloom

If I could change one thing about me it would be:
I want bigger boobies!

If I could have one thing, I would have:
the life that I have right now, I love it!

If only they didn't play this song on the radio:
....bagay ba sa akin ang kulot?

If I could go anywhere in the world, I would like to go to:
the top 10 beaches in the world!

Jase, Pareng Kneeko, Kuya Kadyo, Yorokobee it's your turn now.

Saturday, July 22

Are You A Shopaholic?

A true blooded shopaholic is not one who spends without thought but does so with a lot of reflection. He/she is willing to pay good money for the best bag, a pair of shoes of the highest quality, and a dress hand-embroidered by a French seamstress. Here are some tips for shopaholics and shopaholics-at-heart as enumerated in this page:

1. Underwear that will go the distance will always be Marks & Spencer, Women's Secret and from abroad, La Perla. I have been a loyal Marks & Spencer user since my high school days, though at that time, it was more popularly known as St. Michael's, and we have the items shipped from abroad.
2. Balenciaga dresses available locally in Homme & Femme at Shangri-la Mall. My most expensive suit is an Anne Klein, and my most expensive dress is from Mango.
3. Gucci is the brand of choice for high-heels, a.k.a. walking around in four-inch high Gucci without hurting your feet. The best walking shoes are found in Todd's. Women with big feet can try Nine West. My most expensive pumps are Salvatore Ferragamo , and my office shoes are Nine West. Although occasionally I buy cheaper brands from Janylin (styles are similar to Nine West designs), People Are People or from Mikka, a store in Divisoria. My walking shoes would be slippers - my one & only Havaianas.
4. For the hip & young set, Cartier and Bulgari are the watch brands of choice. Try also IWC or Lucerne. The very first watch I bought with my salary was a Guess dress watch, and then I upgraded it with an Anne Klein, two more from Anne Klein and one from DKNY until now that I only have eyes for a Technomarine.
5. Are you a bag lady? Louis Vuitton is still the way to go but at more than P100K/$2K for a decent-sized leather purse, not all shopaholics can afford. Kate Spade has great fun bags for the young and the young-at-heart. While I drool on a LV I have a collection of Ralph Lauren bags.
6. When shopping, don't just consider the brand or the look at the price tag. If you are buying a bag, check the lining and zippers. If it's a dress, examine the seams. I do this all the time.
7. Double check the authenticity. If you're looking for a Prada bag, don't go to Greenhills. Buy only from authorized dealers and representives. Ask the salesperson questions. It doesn't hurt to ask, what's more embarrassing is being caught in an international airport wearing fake designer items. I'd rather buy an item without a brand than buy an imitation.
8. Be careful about internet shopping. Some people buy fake goods or stolen ones. I don't trust Ebay or any internet shopping offers. I need to see the goods with my very eyes before deciding if I really like it.
9. A bar of soap can cost as much as P500/$10 and a body lotion double the amount. There is a big difference from the brands and luxury products bought from the drugstore or the regular grocery store. My most expensive toiletries would be my Obagi and Shiseido.
10. Rustan's carry the most designer names under one roof and the store even has a personnal shopper service. Rustan's is my best friend when it comes to toiletries, cosmetics, suits and shoes.
11. Clothes, shoes and bags are generally cheaper abroad but for some strange reason, make up is less expensive here. I make it a point to ask "pasalubong" from relatives and friends abroad. I get some items for free, har har.
12. In abroad, when people say branded it means wearing clothes with a designer label, and for the rich and famous, bridge lines don't count. My branded clothes, bags, shoes and accessories, are branded, in the true sense of the word. But I only have a few. Sigh. I need to work harder to earn more shopping money!
So, are you a true blooded shopaholic?

Friday, July 21

Doggie News

Doggie Hotel opens! The rate : 23 dollars a night and television is optional. I spend 200 pesos a day for Alf, for his pet dorm. Somebody has to take care of him while Mama and Dada are at work. Sigh.
Americans spend nearly 40 billion dollars a year on their household pets - 30 percent more than 5 years ago. The figure is close to what Americans spend on toys for children - 48 billion dollars, and more than twice the 17 billion spent on cosmetics. Read more here.

Wednesday, July 19

Life Is Good!

Thanks to you guys, I'm feeling so much better. I'm back to my old vivacious self! Yay! Let's celebrate.

Things to celebrate :
* Space invasion in 2008 - presently for the royalties, but who knows? Maybe in the years to come it will be affordable for all? Imagine 15 minutes in space including 5 minutes of weightlessness...
* It's final. D and I are going to Palawan on September to celebrate my birthday and Ajay and I are going to Malaysia on November for a short vacation.
* This afternoon we're picking up Alf from the Vet, fresh from a bath and some grooming. Hmmm....supper cuddly!
* Tomorrow morning D and I are going to take Alf for a walk. In the afternoon after our scheduled Spa treatment, I have an appointment with my Stylist for a new look.
Life is good! Sooo good. I hope everyone is having a grand time like Me, D and Alf.

Tuesday, July 18

Into The Blues

I'm sorry I haven't been myself lately...I'm bothered about "something". Sigh. I feel blue. Hugs, anyone?

Saturday, July 15

Another Challenge For You

Here's another one from Amazing Illusions...dare challenge the observant power of Sherlock Holmes? Are you as exceptionally observant? I found 8 people in the picture. How many can you find?

Challenge Done!

I was challenged by Toni to post a picture of my favorite place where I want to be alone. When I was still single, I enjoyed walking alone by the shore (I still do, but now I walk with D). Even if I would go to the beach with friends, I make it a point that I get quality time with myself. I love those times when my feet are burried in the sand or simply watching kids build sand castles, how comforting! Now that I have D in my life, I don't get to do that anymore. The only time I'm alone is when D is at work or playing basketball, and I spend it in our room sleeping or on-line. (Hey, I'm still not alone - Alf keeps me company) But I never regret my choice to spend the rest of my life with him...he's my hero, next to Dad of course!

Thursday, July 13

Enjoying A Rainy Day

How can we (D & I) not enjoy going to the Vet, having him groomed, buying him a bed, playpen, doggie bag and toys? We got him (yay! finally convinced D ha, ha) last Wednesday night. It must have been the car aircon, room temperature and the bad weather - he got a cold the next day. But today, the Vet declared him healthy and well! He's very playful and barks like a big dog. His name is Alf. I named him Zak when we first got him but D insisted I change his name because he was sickly. Now Alf is better and sleeps in a bed beside ours.
And to celebrate, we're having take out (midnight snack) from Yellow Cab - pizza, chicken wings, Coke and ice cream. Please come over and join us!

Wednesday, July 12

Signs From Above

This is hung inside the Church, tsk tsk...

Tuesday, July 11

Busy As A Bee

I'm sorry guys for not visiting your sites lately, I've been busy at work and at home (will post about this in the coming days). I promise to drop by as soon as I finish everything. Sigh. In the meantime, let me share with you an additional item on my wishlist ....what's yours?

Desert Safari in Dubai

Sunday, July 9


Fellow blogger Santosh from Bombay, India was kind enough to allow me to share with you this interesting photo. How many faces do you see? There are thirteen faces in the picture, did you see them all?

Saturday, July 8

Office Matters

We received a bulky folder from the Admin Section early this evening. The file contained a few pages of Office Orders (official memos indicating tranfer of personnel). A total of 7 officers will be moving out of our branch. I'm sad but I understand that this is a part of our job, being assigned form one branch to another, worse if you happen to be transferred to the provinces - north or south. I will miss these people whom I have worked with for almost 3 years now. Sigh. But we all need to move on, for bigger and better opportunities, I hope. I have one worry though, we heard that there will be more to come. I'm not ready to transfer to another branch yet.
D and I are trying to have a baby, I'm not ready to move out of our home in Makati.
On the lighter side, yay! Our car plan was increased - sorry, I'm not disclosing how much. I'll just take you for a ride when I get a new car, okay?

Friday, July 7

Pasta Perfecto

I had lunch at home this afternoon, alone. My comfort food - Pasta Puttanesca. What is your comfort food?

Thursday, July 6

Jesus Christ Superman

Finally, after the long wait we were able to watch Superman Returns last midnight. And all I can say is that I'm watching it again! I realized how much I missed the soundtrack, and I remembered the first time I went to a moviehouse - I was with my Dad to watch Superman against 3 aliens. Oh by the way, that scene where Clark went to see his son? I cried. I'm such a cry baby.
"For this reason I sent them you, my only son ." Jor-El father of Superman (voice of Marlon Brando)
The statement created a stir in California. And quite a few bloggers have interesting ideas to share. Mythology or pure coincidence? Check it out.

Wednesday, July 5

Max's Fried Chicken

After spending the afternoon in Tiendesita's yesterday, this place was our last stop for dinner. The restaurant was packed with sales people who I presume is a common hang out for their meetings and client calls. It is comfy with soothing mellow background music. They have a small bakeshop right in front of the counter where cakes and pastries are on (20% off) sale. And more important is that the wash area and the restroom are kept dry and sanitary.
The company claims that Max's Fried Chicken is the house that fried chicken built. I do believe so because they have been here for 60 years now. It's been a while since we last ate the delicious chicken and D and I are glad that they now have a bottomless "sago at gulaman" for only P60/$1.20.
Aside from the nice place and the great food, we would like to commend them for the satisfactory customer service they provide. Expect a well-mannered staff that says "with pleasure" and "certainly" with a genuine smile. It seems that the company spent a fortune in training their personnel, and it's definitely worth it. All the other companies should do the same.
Visit the place and find out for yourself. Now, to charge Max's at Tiendesita's for the good reviews, har har.

Tuesday, July 4

Driving 101: Jairam's Way

I went to work early today, I was on the road by 5:30 a.m. and I enjoyed driving. Sweet mellow music, no traffic and no annoying cab, jeepney or bus drivers - yet. This afternoon is another story. Sigh. What's my usual driving mood? Infuriated. Who wouldn't be when you meet different "personalities" on the road? Personalities will be those who feel like they own the road and manage to occupy both lanes or drive zigzags, drivers who make sudden turns or change lanes without a signal, those who are always late for their appointments a.k.a. speed drivers who have mistaken the road for a race track, and then there are those who drive like turtles but stay on the fast lane...and the list goes on. Grrrr...!
What are the traits of a good road runner?
- obeys traffic rules and drives within the limit
- replaces broken/missing side mirrors, head lights or tail lights
- does regular car maintenance check-ups, no to carbon monoxide!
- no high beams pleeeeaaaasssseee
- blows horns only when necessary
- respects the rights of pedestrians
- gives way when needed
- if you really need to use your phone, pull over
- when listening to the radio, keep the volume to yourself and make sure you'll be able to hear my horn
- follow the golden rule of driving "if you drink don't drive, if you drive don't drink"
- always bring your license with you, don't drive if you don't have one
- get rid of those big noisy muffler Don't attempt to destroy my eardrums or you'll pay for it big time!
- lastly, if you can't follow all of the above, stay away from the road ; use a bicycle or walk because it's good exercise and you'll save on gas money
Isn't it obvious? I want you off the m---n!

Monday, July 3

Gaining Weight Versus Bulimia

Gawd, I just got back from our company clinic and do you know what I found out? I gained 3 pounds! Oh well, eating out everyday with D has definitely gotten into my system. Ugh.
But I still think it's way better than this eating disorder I read in the newspaper this morning.
Bulimia Nervosa - characterized by eating binges that cause a sense of self-disgust and loss of control, which in turn leads to compensatory behavior such as vomiting or laxative abuse to prevent weight gain. It is more common in women than in men. Most of those inflicted are adolescent girls (no wonder I'm not suffering from it, I'm past my teenage years, har har!) who are preoccupied about body shape and weight. It is scary! Blame it on celebrities and magazines that show being thin is absolutely fabulous.
Learn more about the disorder here.

Sunday, July 2

One Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Up side : I was my usual self today, I was 10 minutes late for work, because I was too lazy to get up and get dressed.
Down side : While driving myself to work I enjoyed the traffic - less roads. Why do I have to go to work on a Sunday afternoon when everybody is enjoying their day-off?
I want some loving...
a chocolate fondue wrap
a movie - The Devil Wears Prada with friends.
One would be enough, but both would be great. Sigh.
How's your Sunday?

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