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The Lake House

Photo from Yahoo Movies

I only needed to see the billboard, movie title and a line that says something like " an impossible love". It was a quick thought, a deja vu of "Il Mare" a Korean movie I watched months ago. It was in DVD, a "pasalubong" from bestfriend Oya (she is sooo into Korean movies and tele-novelas) who just came back from China. Today in the papers I saw it again and read the article...yes, somewhat, well, very similar. I searched the web and found out that this is indeed the U. S. version of Il Mare. I'm not going into details about the movie, I want you to watch it... I enjoyed the Korean version and "cried a lot". Not as much as I cried while watching "The Notebook" but it was a good cry.
An invitational gala premiere will be at Glorietta 4 tomorrow. Regular showing on all Philippine threatres will be on June 14.
Don't forget to bring a box of tissue.

Since I'm a sucker for love stories, I'm gonna watch this. :)

Thanks for stopping at my blog, glad you enjoyed the music download. Cheers!

Hi Galenlondeien, you'll enjoy it :)

Hi K, cheers :)

Nice blog..

Yes, will watch out for this movie, seems nice..

or is copy DVD already ava? hehehe

First time for me to hear about this film. It looks promising. But I don't think it's currently shown here in Switzerland *sigh*.

(Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment there.)

Oh, I can't wait to see this movie. I cried like a baby in the Notebook. So, thanks for the warning.

hi! thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a note.

korean movies junkie ka rin pala...too bad my il mare copy didn't have english subtitles so i had to return it. now i'm looking na naman for one with english. =(

Hi... thanks for popping by my blogsite. So Lake House is HW's version of Il Mare? Then I won't be catching this, I suppose.

thanks for dropping by my blog, jane.

it looks like it will have to be a looooong wait before this gets shown here in germany, if at all. i might have to watch out for the dvd instead.

to watch or not to watch ... that is the question. Sa Baguio na lang with my wife :-)

Not much of tear jerker kind of guy here... :-)

hi jairam. thanks for dropping by my blog. u have an interesting blog here...i see food, i seet footie and i see movie...wow!

i will come back again ya..
Take care :0)

i'll wait for the DVD copy. looks interesting because it's bullock and reeves, two of my favorites.

btw, i like the new layout.

Hi Robin, my friend bought the Korean version in DVD. But I think this US version has no pirated or even original DVD copies yet :)

Hi Jayred, tnx for dropping by too. Oh well, you might want to keep it in mind though just in case it pops out in your theatres.

Hi Crystal, yes yes go see the movie ;)

Hi Jenn, I guess we are lucky my friend was able to grab that one with an English title :)

Hi Domestic Rat, not compatible with movie choices eh? he he...

Hi Ruth, patience is a virtue he he. Just keep it in mind, who knows? Maybe it will be shown :)

that i gotta watch if this movie is somewhat like il mare... love that movie. made cry the whole night...

Aha, honeymoon Kuta Nick?

Hey Snglguy..another movie, then?

Hi Winn, thanks for the visit too :)

Hi Ate Bing, glad you liked the new template :)
DVD copies are a better option because you can always watch them in the comforts of your own place at your convenient time.

Hi to the greatest flight attendant in the world .... ta da.. Yuri the great :)

can't wait to watch this movie! loved the notebook..baka ito din hit sakin! ;)

posted something similar..looking forward to the movie too..hope they'd do justice to the korean version.hop! :-)

hi kathy & raine, tnx for the visit and enjoy your movies :)

Hey, may nakapanood na ba dyan?

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