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Cartoon Network

Who is your favorite cartoon character?

Woooow that's an even bigger stuffed toy than what baby Jo-Lo has!

peborit cartoon character ko ngayon na kwela, spongebob squarepants! :-)

Hanep!!! Ang laki ni Pooh. Paboritong character ni Fergus yan. I bought one gigantic Bugs bunny to for Jean once. it has seen better days and is now in the storage sa pinas. :)

Ikaw ba yan,Jane? Maganda ka pala. :)

I like also Winnie the Pooh, para kasi syang si Josh nung baby. Labas din ang tummy sa shirt.

Ang Laaaki ni Winnie...

Babae daw sya, kasi pag lalaki Winnie the Teeh.

Sorry ang bastus ko.

he or she used to be my favorite when I was a kid.

Pero, kahit in my mid thirties I still like the DC and Marvel heroes.

And kung ikaw nga yan nasa pix,
second the motion to Rey Villegas.

Errr, what's your left hand doing to poor Winnie?

mickey for life! :)

Hi jane, thanks for visiting my blog. I can't remember if I visited your site before - that's a BIG Pooh (pooh) you got there hahaha.

But I'm a fan of comic strips, Calvin and Hobbes.

ang cute ng picture. ^_^ hehe pero tanong ko din ung tanong ni mr snglguy. hehe wats ur left hand doin to winnie? hehe

Uy, dami ngang may gusto kay Sponebob Kuya Nick :)

Ako po yan Kuya Rey, thanks :)

Ha ha Ate Ann, mas cute c Josh kay Winnie pero pareho nga silang malaki ang tiyan :)

Thanks Karl, I read Marvel comics too.

Ooops Snglguy, napansin mo rin? Napansin yan ni Hubby after taking my picture ha ha!

Hi Kathy, I like Mickey too. Next to Pooh, he he!

Thanks K...Calvin and Hobbes? Hmmm not familiar with them. Where do I see them?

Ewan ba Egoddess, nadulas lang yang kamay ko diyan he he!

cute naman ni pooh at gf niya.

gusto ko si Naruto.

Thanks Cruise :) Naruto...Hapon yan sigurado, he he!

Betty Boop :)


hello kitty! and baby mickey. take note of the baby ha. pag yung matandang mickey mouse na, ayoko sya. as in ayoko talaga. weird ba? hehe

Whoah, now that's huge stuffed toy!

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog months ago. didn't have time to visit yours until now (in Boracay, of all places).

My fave character is Tintin, from the French comic book Tintin and Friends :-)

Hmmm... favorite cartoon character, you say? Spongebobe Squarepants! ^___^

Definitely Cathy with her "four basic guilt groups" of life - food, love, mom and work. :) Well, not the Mom.

So many fav but I guess Elmo is one of them heeee...v. cute

donald duck forever!

Betty Boop Senor, is it because of the big boobs? he he.

Hi Tin, si Hello Kitty favorite yan ng bestfriend ko. Mickey Mouse okay din yan sakin :)

Hi Dylan, are you still in Bora? I need to reasearch on TinTin...

Hi Aldo Rey, pareho kayo ng favorite ni Kuya Nick :)

I need to research on Cathy, Toe :)

Elmo is cute too, Shionge :)

Hi Ate Girlie, Donald Duck or anyone from Walt Disney is okay with me :)

I love Hello Kitty! Also, I enjoy Spongebob Squarepants cartoons!

Purplecupcake, you're not the only one who loves Hello Kitty and Spongebob ;)

* gasp * your grabbing pooh's .... :P

i was a snoopy-guy in the beginning. now i'm more maybe daffy duck.

i use to like sylvester (tweety's enemy hehe) pero i kinda outgrew my love for cartoon characters...i guess old age has taken over ;)

peborit ko si Patrick Starfish. hehehe.

I never really had a favorite cartoon. And my boys were never really into Disney characters. They're all for Pokemon, though. And the youngest one, Spongebob. But I think he's starting to outgrow the Squarepants guy. :)

Hey, did you know that Winnie the Pooh was named after our city, Winnipeg? Just a little trivia for you.

hmm... siguro hindi mo gusto si pooh :D :D

nick jr kami eh, particularly dora and blues clues.

So huge! Kakatuwa naman!

My Hubs gave me big Thumper, so yon na fave ko. Hehehe!

oh,its so cute and huge!!

haha!I love it talaga!

Hello Kitty forever! nyahahaha

Grabe Jane ang laki nyan, hirap naman yakapin nyan saka ipa-dry clean... hehehe

huey, louis and dewey

That was an accident Dreaming-Neko, he was huge and my hand slipped, ha ha. I love Daffy Duck's voice, it's very funny :)

Sylvester is very naughty Husticia, he he. I used to collect Pooh products but eventually I stopped, the old age is slowly taking over :(

Hi Kuya Obi, c Patrick Starfish...hmm parang diko pa yan nakikita ah.

Hi Miss Niceheart, I didn't know that. Thanks for the info. So Pooh is from Winnipeg then :)

Mama Jenn, in na in ngayon si Dora he he. I watched the show once, very informative sa mga kids.

Miss Princess, I need to research your Thumper. Hindi pako nakakakita nyan :(

Pareho tayo Ghee :) Too bad hindi namin nabili, too expensive for our budget. He he.

Gusto ko pa din si Hello Kitty Mmy Lei. Mahal nga ang pa dry clean nito ha ha.

Louis and Dewey you say Atticus? I'll research on that :)

Jimmy Neutron forever hehe!

Tweety bird! "I tot I taw a puttytat!"
Thanks for dropping by my blog Jai. I browsed through your archives and left some comments. Will definitely be back again.

avah... spongebob 'to! isama na rin nating ang bepren nyang si patrick! hehehe.... love 'em!!!

Jimmy Neutron, for research Jef!

Another friend loves Tweety bird Carey. Thanks for the comments :)

Andami ding may gusto kay Spongebob Rho :)

I love Betty Boop!

two points for betty boop :)

si Patrick Starfish... bestfriend ni Spongebob Squarepants na amo ni Gary the Snail. :D

hmm..yun pala yun, dalawa na kayo Kuya Obi :)

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