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The Ro-ro Experience

From Manila there are four ways to reach Boracay - by plane, by ferry, by ro-ro or you can swim all the way (joke!). D and I wanted to travel on a budget and we were hungry for an adventure so we chose to take the ro-ro. The ro-ro, roll-on/roll-off consisted of 2 hrs. Dimple Star bus ride from Alabang to Batangas Pier, 2 hrs. Starlite barge ride going to Calapan, 4 hrs. ride to Oriental Mindoro Port by bus, 4 hrs. ferry ride to Caticlan and then finally about 20 mins. ride to Boracay Island. The half day travel was worth it for the following reasons:
- We only had to make one reservation with the Dimple Star bus and was charged P974/$20 for the one way trip. The fee included everything (except for the 20 mins. boat ride which cost P40/$0.80) - bus ride, barge trip, travel insurance, taxes and terminal/port fees.
- Our large bags were left at the bus luggage area the whole time so the transfer from the bus to the barge and then back was light (I brought a small bag with my cash, toiletries and snacks with me during the trip.) and convenient. The bus rides the barge too so there's no need to worry about waiting or falling in line at the terminal.
- No 45 mins. plane ride would provide such a stunning sunset view such as the one we witnessed from the viewing deck of Starlite.
- An additional perk was the "dolphin watching".
- We enjoyed watching the fishermen on their small bangka at sea.
- The route was so near the neighboring islands which we saw for the first time.
- There were ample seats and snack bars inside the air conditioned cabin.
- On our way back to Manila, we enjoyed watching two movies - The Island and Stealth.
- The bus ride lulled me to sleep. He he.
- The bus and ferry personnel were friendly and helpful especially to first timers like us.
Except for the swollen legs I got because of the long trip, I enjoyed the journey. I recommend that you to take the ride (when you have the liberty of time) for some fun and experience. Enjoy!Dimple Star Bus Terminal - Alabang, Call May or Arnel at Telephone No. 862-3075

Great tip!

Wow! That's more than 16 hours of travel time. But for someone who loves to take a road trip now and then (like me), that would be fun. :-)

Go na Kulas!

Pareho pala tayo Snglguy :)

Pabasa ko nga to ke faffi para ma skedyul next vacation.

Cge Ate Ann, mageenjoy kayo sigurado!

Good travel DIY Jane. I agree with the phrase "liberty of time." Am so spoiled with plane rides-ajay

ei, the blue color looks very good! glad you enjoyed your trip. see you around.

Beautiful sky in that picture. I remember taking the ferry from Spokane, Washington to Victoria, BC - also very scenic and worth the extra time. Sometimes we need to slow down and appreciate the journey, not just the destination.

hey there!

i haven't tried going to boracay on a roro. almost did though. hope the weather was good to you. :)

i miss bora already!

p.s. thanks for dropping by my blog! :)

yan ang link jane :) gud luck sa magiging new domain..isip ka na :)

Ha Ha Ajay, I used to be spoiled with plane rides. Not anymore because this time I'm saving for plane rides for trips abroad.

Hi and tnx twistedman :)

Well said Pandabonium :)

The weather was perfect, Tin!

Okay, tnx Melai.

Uyyyy Jairam wala bang picture picture sa roro?

Hanapin ko pa sa files ko kuya Nick, ang dami kasi eh. He he.

sounds like a fun thing to try. how do you make reservations for the dimple star bus? contact info please...

Hi Bambi, I'll email you the details ha kasi actually I asked someone to make the reservations for us. :)

Hi Jairam,
Thanks for dropping by my blog.
How's the trip via roro? Got seasick during an overnight ocean cruise so I'm not really sure I can hack it.

Well then Miss Cherry, this trip isn't for you. Sayang...

OH,thanx for the info,Jairam!

I better try that ro-ro too :)
I bet you enjoy your trip :D

Oh yes Ghee, I enjoyed everything!
More posts to come :)

Getting to see dolphins in the wild is worth anything in the world! Nice pictures Jairam!

dapat talaga nakasama ako :D

*di ako gaanong nagpo-post doon sa link na binibisita mo ... sa rackyroad na lang :)

oh that looks lovely. Honestly, I havent been to Boracay yet.

hmm... this gives me an idea :) kala ko kasi pangit ang roro e.

Yes Toe, dolphin watching was a one of a kind experience!

Ok Racky :)

Hi Chas, you should include Bora in your "places to visit" list :)

Hindi na kasi peak season Mama Jenn kaya kokonti na lng din cguro mga nag Roro Dunno kung ganito din ka okay pag summer :)


Galing no, Niceheart?

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