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On A Bad Day

I was in a bad mood when D got home this afternoon. It was past 3:00 pm already and I thought it was late to leave for an out-of-town trip, besides the weather is unpredictable (rain and shine and then rain again). In a few minutes I "transformed" (this is the term used by poor D who has to bear with the "Phoenix" - only for X-men fans) to the bitchy me. I took the car keys (left D dumbfounded) and drove...from Makati to Tagaytay.
By the time I reached town, I was tired and hungry so I went in this new place, one that has a bar below it - beer? too bad I was driving, maybe next time. I had soup, spaghetti and fried chicken at Mile Hi Diner before heading back home. The satisfying meal and the great view from my dining table was enough to relax me. I was back home by 8:00pm. Whoa, that was a super quick drive! D wouldn't believe that I went there, until I showed him the receipts and toll charges slip. We've kissed and made up ever since. How do you handle a bad mood?

depende sa stimuli e :)

buti naman at nagustuhan mo ang new template ko :)

Wow... sarap to be able to get up and leave just like that. I miss Manila and Tagaytay and Boracay... and everything Philippines just about. :)

oh that's was a nice way to handle a bad mood. Well on my part I begin to cuss and now I cuss in Norwegian. There will be lots of fucking words in a sentence but still I maintain my composure. I usually am in my good mood if someone offers me a candy.

making-love usually helps~
but it's not an option for me now :(

That was certainly a wonderful way to relax. I used to drive all the way to Pagsanjan and back on the same day -- just to enjoy an early morning out of town drive.

However, there isn't as many exciting places to eat down there as in Tagaytay. And with the price of gas soaring to almost unaffordable heights, haven't gone long driving for quite some time now.

These days, just playing badminton would assuage my frailed nerves.

hi Jairam, thanks for visiting my blog.

wow~ that's cool! i wish i could do that! i sleep when i'm in a bad mood.

just let me be.. dont bother me or force me to talk. it'll irritate me more/ ;)

ps. i wanna go home!!!

just like yuri, i would just be quiet. but like you, i would go somewhere far. most of the time i go to the nearest chapel. basta, i have to walk and walk...

wish i could do just like that..drive around town and all... dang! di uubra kay bossing yan.. lalong world-war pag balik ko! ;) tsaka mahal ang gas! ehehehe,,, hope ok kana sis...

I can't afford to just walk out like that. Can't leave the kids. Besides, I don't drive. :)

maraming masarap kainan at tambayan sa tagaytay, try ko nga yang pinakita mo.


i couldnt do that - to drive when im angry! That's what i promised to my dad (not to drive when im angry) coz he knew how reckless i am when im in a bad mood.

but its good for you to concentrate and even appreciate the food and beauty.

i found a secret place here to chill out when im angry, just coffee, cigarette and the homey environment.

Like niceheart, I can't just pick up and leave. I'm with my kids all the time. If I am frustrated, I start to clean the house...lol
However, I'd prefer to handle it like how you did...by just relaxing! Lucky girl, you!

Sakin kasi okay talaga ang driving pag may topak ako Melai, kahit anong stimuli :)

Hi Joy, there's no place like home - our Phils!

Hi Charles, I can't cuss at my husband so might as well walk out!:)

Hi Neko, I can't make love when I'm angry at him :)

Hello Senor, of course at the end of the day my wallet began to hurt because I had to gas up. Engaging in sports is a good idea :)

Hi Idealpinkrose, that's a good way too - sleep to make everything go away. It's also the best way to rejuvinate the body from all the stress :)

Okay Yurs, now I know how to handle your bad mood! Uwi na, bisitahin mo kami :)

Hi Tin, walking is a good stress buster for you ha. Oo nga, minsan I do that too :)

Okay na ko Kathy, thanks. Hindi lang nagalit si Hubby kasi hindi nya alam ginawa ko all that time na nawala ako :) But I promised di nako uulit, mahal nga ang gas!

Ganun ba Ate Irene? Lakad na lang tulad ni Tin:)

Sige Cruise, isa pa maganda ang weather sa Tagaytay. Masarap kumain at tumambay!

Hmmm I wonder where that secret place is Mmy Lei :)

Hi Purplecupcake, you're back :) There are other ways to relieve stress, and yes cleaning the house sometimes works for me too!

Can I have your life? Wahaha...

gee.. thanks for the comment. i agree with you. by the way, u got a nice blog page!

i eat chocolates!!! certified addict 'to! heheh

bad mood ... i usually just watch TV or eat. hehehe. Mile-Hi ang tawag dun sa place, parang sa John Hay sa Baguio?

I don't talk. I don't even answer the phone. I keep myself busy but I don't leave the house, kawawa mga kids. Ubos lahat ng labahin ko pag galit ako at wala sa mood..hehehe.

i did that once many years ago. i took off and drive around town for about an hour or so. he probably was sorry he taught me how to drive and gave me the car key... hehehe

i normally do not talk pag pissed off ako, pero pag kinulit ako, walk out ang kapalit...usually window shop pag open pa, or eat lang sa restaurant

Hi /iambrew, if you can handle the complications, sure why not? He he! No life is easy :)

Glad you liked it Bee_i!

Hi Racky, chocolates do help release certain "feel good" enzymes in the body!

Sarap manood ng TV habang may chips or ice cream Kuya Nick! Diko pa napupuntahan yung Camp John Hay eh, baka pareho din?

Aba Ate Ann, grabe ka pala magalit, naglalaba, he he. Yang laba labang yan ang pinaka hate ko sa household chores :(

Ha ha Iska, that's a good one if you'll use his car and bring it back without gas :)

Naku Ate Girlie, butas ang bulsa ko kasi when I'm really mad I shop! So it's better if I drive na lang. Eating is a better alternative though :)

soooo, you consider yourself as a "phoenix" as well hmmm! By the way I love her character on X Men. Great post!

Yes Jef, kasi minsan bigla na lang lumalabas kakaibang powers ko kontrabida na tuloy ako, ha ha!

i;m glad u are feeling better now :) ....

hmm! i havent really patronise a fine restaurant ALONE.

after reading this, i have a strong urge to do that. Maybe i shld try this idea of urs when i m in my low one day..certainly helps to chill out ya?

Yes WInn, sometimes being alone allows you to think clearer and gives you a better perspective of life :)

me mad + my car. not a good equation. it usually means driving and sort of waking up in some unexpected location. i just stare at walls. or have coffee somewhere. but man, that was some fast driving you did there.

Yes it was fast, and am not doing it again! Coffee sounds great :)

The best part is the kissing and making up... but I like the way you deal with your bad mood. :)

Kissing and making up, he he. Kilig :) When you gotta go you gotta go, it's a lot better than arguments. I hate arguments, they're a waste of time and energy.

Hmmm...yup, when situation calls for it, I leave the house too to clear my head otherwise seeing him would make it worst LOL.

I dun drive around but take a train ride, alight and take a long walk......

Lucky for you you have beautiful trains Shionge. Our MRTs are not as nice as yours :( Long walks would be great too!

I'll take a long shower o bubble bath, after maligo at mainit pa rin ulo..ice cream o iced tea. Pag wala pa rin tutulog ko na lang hehe.
Driving to a nice place is a feel good activity for me, di ako pedeng mag-drive ng galit kasi feeling ko may dala akong tangke o Buldozzer =D

Uy, bubble bath sarap yun. Buldozzer? Grabe ka naman magalit Kadyo :)

thanks :)

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