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Kalye Juan

Not only because the owner is my "kabalen" and that all the staffs are Kapampangan ( known to be good cooks and very "maasikaso"), they serve delicious food! Where? At Kalye Juan in MOA. I don't know which wing though, until now I can't figure out which one is where. Sorry, the mall is too big for me. He he.
The night before we left for Bora, we went shopping and had dinner here. I liked the place because of it's cozy ambiance and the charming wall paintings. We had Sinigang na Pork Liempo, Pinaputok na Plapla and Pinakbet. Everything was superb and reasonably priced -authentic home cooking the Kapampangan way. We left the place with bigger bellies and smiles on our faces. Wink.
Try it out yourself and let me know if you loved it too.

sige we'll try that restaurant some time, since MOA is getting to be our favorite mall nowadays

Pareho tayo Mrs. hip. MOA is a 5 minute drive away from my office, he he!

aba! mukhang masarap nga! naglalaway nako... ;) link na kita ha! ;)

Sure Kathy, link din kita. :)

I can't understand Tagalog. Hmm... I like crispy pata but sadly not kare kare. And love sinigang!

I'm drooling hehe! Thanks for droppin by pala. Ingatz lagi!

i'll make sure to try their food the next time i visit moa. nagutom ako dun ha. hehe.

Hi Jef, nakakagutom ba? He he :)

Hi Ymir, cge try mo ha. Tell me kung nagustohan mo :)

HI there Domestic Rat, sorry for the tagalog terms. Those are our local dishes :)

More food?

Sorry, takaw queen here. He he!

cabalen pala eh..sarap nga yan. Love you own tayo di ba?

"essen" na naman ... hmmm, kakamiss lutong-pinoy :D

gravehhh.... looks so yummy, nagutom tuloy aketch!

Syempre naman Ann :)

Oo nga Racky, iba talaga ang lutong Pinoy :)

Ha ha Jase, di mo matiis ang Pinoy food no?

di pa nakakarating sa MOA. we'll try Kalye ni Juan...

Don't go there on a weekend. Kasi according to D's cousin, lahat daw ata ng pamilya sa Manila nasa MOA pag weekends. Grabe puno talaga!

Pork Belly in Vinegar and Vegetables, Exploded Giant St. John's Fish, and Mixed Vegetables in Shrimp Paste... Mukhang mas masarap pakinggan sa Tagalog... Hehe.

I heard na super laki daw ng MOA. Never been there, wala kasi sa bansa as of now eh. But is the size really worth it?


Mas masarap nga sa Tagalog, he he. Hi LIW, MOA is super sulit! There are a lot of stores to visit and so many things to see - especially the spectacular view of Manila Bay.

hi jairam ... thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a message there ... sori pero san ang MOA? pasensiya na ha :)

Hi Gracie! MOA is Mall of Asia - SM in Reclamation Area, Pasay City.

hmmmm, really appreciate your suggestion. When it comes to food trip, i got all the information from you. Very informative!

Hope i could visit all these places.

miss ko na yan...kakain tlg ako ng marami pag uwi ko!

happy weekend,jane!

Tnx Mmy-Lei, take it from someone who's sobrang takaw, he he!

Cge Ghee, bawiin mo lahat when you get home.

Wow, sama namin ni wisheart yan sa mga itenerary namin pagbakasyon...45 mins ferryride lang yan mula sa amin =D

Cge nga Kuya Kadyo :)

Just went to Kalye Juan in Tomas morato around 7:40PM August 5. I was halfway with my Coconut shake like drink (ginilu or somethign) when I noticed a mid sized cockroach. There's definitely some problem with their hygiene in preparing food.

uh oh, sorry to hear that. so what happened then?

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