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Photo taken in MOA

Hairstyle? New fad? Can somebody tell me what it's called?


yup, sumo hairstyle "chon-mage" ang term :)

not to sound like an oldie but you see a lot of teens in weird attire in malls nowadays. one time in market market, we saw a group dressed in punk attire, i thought i was back in the 80s. haha! they even had band names like the clash and the ramones emblazoned all over their shirts and pseudo leather jackets. made me wonder if they even knew (much less, heard these bands play) these band since they seemed to young. :D

Z-mama, looks like a Sumo nga, he he.

You're right Meowok, it's hard to keep up with the youth of today. They're so advanced or am I soo old na? He he.

wow! ganda ng pics nyo sa bora. i went there too pero last year pa. hay, sarap bumalik! :)

Galing ni Dyosa ah! Chon-mage, grabe he he:)

Tnx Pao, nakamiss na nga eh:)


Just curious...what are they doing? lining from something? looking at something? ordering something? hopefully not pissing on the wall ;-) he! he! -omski

They're watching ice skaters Omski. Nasa tapat sila nung olympic size na skating rink :)

err, sumo wrestler wannabees?

Oo nga, he he!

i agree with meowok's comment.

hindi ko tuloy masabi kung matanda ako, o weird ang taste nila :D

Kung sila naman tatanugnin Mama Jen, tayo ang weird. Haay...

kids nowadays experiment... ang isang ka school mate ng daughter ko sa UP kulay green ang buhok..

Grabe sila Ate Bing, shocking na.

Ummm.... pusod? :)

Oo nga noh? Pusod nga yan he he!

i feel old! sabi nila once you start feeling that the young uns of today are weird, it means you are a "young once" na! i don't like the hiarstyle..i think im stuck in the 80's rebellion of choice (ginaya sa 60s) na long hair...up to now, when i fantasize, i picture in my mind a guy with long hair ala brad pitt in legends of the fall! hanep, ang tanda ko na talaga! :D

Same here Anna. Mas gusto ko nga yung hair dati ni hubby. Long hair sya noon :)

the "tenga ng kawali" look.

Nice one Yuri!

bad hair day? *wink*

ha ha super bad hair day Thess :)

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