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Can't Get Enough of Boracay

A quick list :
- January to May are peak season so if you're going there at this time, be sure to book early.
- Station 3 beach front inns charge the cheapest rates (about Php 1,200/$24) but you can always opt for the pension house/dorm type rooms (a few steps away, still in Station 3) if you are travelling on a budget.
- Everything in Sation 3 is cheap. Station 1 amenities are the most expensive.
- It's best to buy souvenir items from D Talipapa (the same items at a cheaper price).
- Before taking the island tours, compare prices . Prices may vary from one boatman to another. Haggling is a must.
- During the long walks, bring a bottle of water with you (the sun will make you thirsty big time). And just in case, there's a refilling station in Station 3.
- Jammer's fruit shake (with rhum) is best taken at night.
Drop me a line if there's someting else you want to know.

hay!! kelan kaya ako makakapunta diyan :)

nxt year hihingi ako ng advices para dyan. kailangang i-convince ko muna si bf na mag-ipon siya para makapag-bora kami. hehehe =)

Naku Melai, ayan may choices ka na nga. Punta na!

Diosa girl, hindi naman kailangan ng big budget eh. Mas importante kung sino ang kasama mong pupunta doon di ba? :)

naku thanks talaga jenn for this info...

ayaw ko na kasi sa hotel, ang haba ng nilalakad mo from/to beach. unlike sa mga cottages na nakita ko dati, as in super lapit lang.

thanks for this info.

Sure thing Mmy-lei!

hi thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog.

I love going to beaches, that's what i missed this summerrrr.
you're right in saying that what's important is the people you will be with...that's why sometimes i end up traveling alone.

Hey there Arte..I saw this on TV...when travelling, travel with an equal or someone who is more, otherwise, its best to travel alone :)

I am quite weird so I say I like to go there this coming December. Syempre hindi peak season, around ten thousand pesos will do me good for a couple of days hehe!

December...why not? 10K is more than enough Jef!

Beach babe, huh? Cool!

I think Boracay is so over-rated... But heck, it's still magnificent...

Anyway, thanks for the visit! Come back anytime! :-)

been there just once, and i want to come back... i think i'll try roro this time, from your post it seems not so hasty... thanks for the tip and for droppingby...

Hi Talamasca, isn't it great that Bora made our country all the more famous?

Hi Lino, roro is a good alternative din :)

Maganda itong mga tips mo.

Next topic mo, about Beach hopping, from Puerto Galera to Boracay.

Di ba enjoy, kailangan mo lang talaga mahaba bakasyon at stamina. The good old roro will bring you there. hahahaha.


Korek ka jan Mye! :)

Hi Jairam!
Thanks for visiting my site. Am glad you did as I followed your link here. WOWEEE...I've always heard of Boracay and how pretty it is, etc., but never had the inclination to visit. The Chamber of Commerce should pay you for the adz :-) Great photos, the fam and I may skip Cancun, Mexico for Boracay in my native land. Thanks again.

Hi Omom, tnx for the compliments! And I don't think the Chamber has the budget to pay me, ha ha.
I hope you get to Boracay soon :)

Swell but what's this station 1, station 3 thing about?

HI DR! Station 1, 2, and 3 are like streets. The beach is a long stretch so the people divided it to three stations, for proper identification of land marks, I guess.

Beautiful pic. I would love to take that outrigger for a sail.

That's because the place is such a beauty!

hi jane! i'm planning to go this january. i might ask you nearer the time for more info :)

have a great day :)

Sure, no prob Denden!

i didn't know that there's a refilling station in station3. i love going there during off-peak season, such as october or august (bagyo! haha), coz there are few people. hehe :)


Boracay's Peak season is DEC-MAY.

miss ko na din bora. how i wish i can push through my plan next next week. ehehe

Hi Tin, you can go there anytime. Kahit may bagyo, it all depends on how you spend your time, and who you go with :)

Hi ercid, looks like may aabangan akong pictures sa blog mo :) Have fun in Bora!

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