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Boracay Virgin No More

Too much anticipation - D & I have never been to Boracay (now more popularly known to Filipinos as Bora), we have been wanting to do long walks by the beach for some time now and the long trip by ro-ro. When we finally got there, we wasted no time in scanning through the place. From Station 3 to Station 1, a swim to get to the small island with a grotto (am not sure if it's man made or perhaps a formation of dried up corals) and then a glass of the famous milkshake (D loved the Milkshake and I enjoyed the Mango-lemon combi) from Jonah's before continuing to walk further. Surprisingly, nobody complained of tired feet, not even until we reached Friday's, the last resort in Station 1!
In the afternoon we took a boat to go to Puka Beach for a picnic, some swimming and souvenir shopping.
Come night time, after a drink at Juice of Plazoleta and a cup of coffee at The Lonely Planet Coffee Shop, a few minutes of watching fire dances, partying at Pier 1, and a few more beers at the shore, we called it a day. Afterall, it was 4:00 a.m. already. (He he!) Day 1 in Bora? Perfect!

sarap naman... kelan kaya ako makakarating dyan?

i've been to Boracay twice, the last one was 8 years ago? i'd say i really enjoyed it and could remember vividly recall the white sparkling beach. i just wish that everything in there is preserved and even developed for locals and tourists to enjoy. beautiful!

Magipon ka lang ng konti, makakapunta ka rin. Punta ka pag off-peak para konti tao, mas mura pa. :)

Hi Jase, I wish I could say that the beauty was preserved. On some ways, it was. But I saw old Bora pics and realized that the shore is now narrower because ofthe resorts and stalls. Sayang din.

Have the prices for the food and drinks gone down this off season?

maganda pala talaga sa boracay, di pa ako nakakapunat dyan. thnx for sharing the pix

Yes, Snglguy that's what the locals told us.

Anytime Cruise!

The clear blue waters look very inviting indeed!

Yes DR, its something you wouldn't want to miss :)

nice picture.

I saw 'Friday'

Yipee i so love friday. every friday i m lookig forward to another friday:(

Tnx Winn, I love fridays too. It's my favorite day :)

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