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I'm A Tease!

If you think Superman Returns is hot, wait 'till you see this.
Who will it be - Man of Steel or the Amazing Spider Man?

I haven't told anyone lately how much I love Tobey McGuire. There's no competition! Thanks for the b-day wishes!

Hello Bobealia, Tobey is hot!

Jariam, would you know why he changed to a black costume? What's the story behind it?

That's something we need to watch out for, Kuya Nick. Parang may bumalot ata sa kanya na substance eh.

hey there! thanks for the comment....

spiderman! mukhang mas exciting tong bagong episode ah!

i like them both. nakaka excite ang superman because after all these years and after most people thought that no one can replace christopher reeves, superman returns. and his return wasnt disappointing.

excited ako sa Spiderman 3.... pero wait ko muna ung Pirates of the Carribean 2!!! i heard maganda rin un... hehehe!!

ano sa tingin mo ate?!

i haven't seen superman yet. but with the pcitures of superman3, i'm looking forward to watching it :)

gusto ko superman and spiderman pareho.... hmm mag-collect kaya ako ng movies nila?

For some weird reason, I never really liked Spider Man.

Anyway, I'd like to order lotsa dose of Superman, puhlease. Uh, thankyouverymuch. :-)

Hehe. I know the reason why Spider Man turned into this black, horrible creature. Nalaman ko when I was playing a Spider Man game sa PS2. :-)

spiderman. feel kong matrap sa web niya kung si tobey mcguire ang kakain sa akin. hahaha!

i luv spider man lol
hi Jane thanks for droppin' by in my blog :)
Happy weekend!

thanks for dropping by my blog. The trailer for spidrman was a bit dark, reason why I like ti so much. I also like how superman's story seems to be expanded in the movie. Kasi medyo mundane na yung story ng man of steel, but I still like superman kasi may pagka-traditional ang dating ng character, ngayon kasi medyo pa-complex-an ng super heroes.. Haven't seen it though and I am very excited.

I think I stick to Spider Man as the Man of Steel seams unhuman :-)

I like both. Though I am more inclined to superman, simply because I came to know him first and was religiously following his books before, from the re-configuration of Superman in 1986 by Dan Jurgens to the Death and resurrection of the man of steel in 1994 -95, to the latest re-telling of Superman: Birthright by Mark Waid.

... Oh, I was talking about the comics. I don't really like the suit as it wa portrayed now in the movie. I like the C. Reeves costume better which is more faitful to the comics. :)

...But I'm anticipating the release of Spiderman 3. At last I can see VENOM on the Big screen!

walang itulak/kabigin :)

hmmm... superman is more gay and spiderman is more dorky...

but both are great films!
what do you think?

Hi Lojik, maukha ngang exciting...at mas macho he he.

So I'll watch Superman muna and then I'll choose :)

Naku Rho, ewan ba may kakaibang charm din yang Pirates of Johnny Depp sa USA. I like his assistant though, si Orlando Bloom :)

Hi Tin, it's best to watch them both. Period. :)

Sige Cruise, mag collect ka. Pahiram na lang, he he!

Hello Talamasca, it's both for you then. Now about that black spidey thing - huwag na ikwento ha. :)
Hi Diosa, naku andami nating mag aagawan kay Tobey, he he.

Wow Ethel, magtayo na kaya tayo ng fans club? He he.

I'm excited to watch both movies Jeeper. You're right about the dark thing ng Spiderman, it becomes mysterious all the more :)

You have a point RennyBA :)

Superman fanatic tlg ako..napanuod ko ang lahat nang Superman eposides nuon...

Sya nga pala Jairam, This is kinda out of topic...Hi ...daan ka naman sa blog ko..may munting pasasalamat lang po ako http://brown-pinay.blogspot.com­­­­­

Hi Kuya Rey, manonood muna ko ng Superman ha :)

spiderman for life!

Correct Racky, lahat kabig :)

Dreaming Neko - Superman is gay....hmmm I keep hearing that. I wonder why? I'll watch the movie first and I'll let you know what I think, okay?

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Spiderman is still my favorite superhero no matter how good the Superman movie is. We can all relate to him because he is human turned superhero not an alien superhero masking as a human. I saw the trailer and its truly amazing. Better than the teaser for Spiderman 2... :)

Oh, man. I wish I had the cash to go to movies. You watch those movies for us who can't then.


Well said Tiamy :)

Sige Kuya aldo, inonooed kita tapos kwento ko sayo ha? Pwede din tayong manghiram kay Cruise, he he.


pero di pa sya open din, kainis... late na naman!!!

Sure thing Cielo!

I knew it Yurs, siya ang choice mo, he he!

Antay lang tayo Mmy Lei :)

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Okay Kurimaw :)

hey housemate! i think superman is so hot i can see ryt thru his suit...


saw the movie in g4 already...will see it again in imax definitely...will see it again in any other theater with whoever invites me to see it again...will buy the dvd...will see it again...and again...and again...

I know you're in love with him already - D told me so, he he :) We'll watch on July 5.

I saw a naked picture of Tobey with David Blaine and Leonarda Di Caprio when they were in Japan. He has a big penis. And also I prefer the man of steel though since the guy playing the role is hot but still how I wished it was Tom Welling!

Really? Naked huh...and I thought Tobey was the goody-goody type. Hmmm...may copy ka nung poster na yan?

thanks for the link... pero solid brandon routh ako :D

Talaga Mama Jenn? Even lang ang votes ah :)

they are both good looking, pero mas malakas ang hatak ni Toby sa akin..

oo nga Ate Bing, Tobey is more boy next door and looks goody-goody. plus the fact of course that he really is human :)

I grew up with the Superman movies so I'm a little biased. :) I also follow the TV series, Smallville.

I didn't know that Topher Grace is in the SpiderMan 3 movie. I'll watch it too. Have seen the previous 2 movies also.

my sis in law is crazy about Smallville he he. she even bought the whole dvd collection!

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