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You Have A Message

While on sick leave, sales assistant Katy Tanner from London found out she was fired from her job when she received a text message from her company. When she complained, Blue Banana defended it's decision and added that the termination method was fair because texting is a part of "youth culture". The company employs about 120 people in Britain, many of them aged under 21.
Youth culture? Duh. I have a 59 y/o staff who owns a cellular phone (who doesn't? even the balut vendor has one) but is required to call the office for sick leave/emergency leave. All instructions, endorsements and guidelines, even reprimands are in the form of formal writing. I think it's unfair to terminate an employee (even if it's a small company for that matter) via text messages. Period.

That's just so unethical and outrageous! ang alam ko lang, maraming nasasagot ng inaasam-asam na "OO" sa text at madami na rin ang nakipagbreak sa text... pero nagterminate ng employee?... well, that's something new. :)

For crying out loud! That is plain wrong. You really need to have formality in expelling a member of a company...he/she deserves a little amount of respect.

grabe naman ito!! ang sama!! konting respeto naman dyan... wala man lang formality! ay nako... talaga naman!

a new company policy? why not as long as it is in their handbook/contract if not, better seek a lawyer!!!

gawin kaya dito yan?

yan na ba ang bago sa world of technos. nawala na ang "for formality sake".
tsk tsk tsk

yea. i think it's really bad. it's like ending a relationship thru txt cuz the person doesn't have the guts to say it face to face

I'm not quite sure if you're familiar with Jan Ullrich,he's a well known cyclist (an icon, used to be) after that doping scandal just recently,his company(sponsor)has fired him thru fax.Can you imagine?
And yes, I agree Firing people thru instant messaging is way too rude!

that's pretty cold!

ugh, that is "youth culture" Carey :( ewan ba, it's something I dont agree with, conservative ako when it comes to courtship.

just what I thought Jef, it is unfair di ba? how can they treat their employees that way when the employees are the keystone of every company?

totally absurd Rho :(

I doubt if they have a handbook/contract MMy Lei :(

hay nahu Kinjiruks, wag naman sana

correct ka diyan Juana, paano kaya in the near future?

yes Cris, it sucks di ba?

really Cheh? i didn't hear that, grabe naman!

they are RUDE dreamer :(

i've read about this one. so unethical, unprofessional and rude. pfft! :(

yes Pao, and it's something that I hope won't happen again

How impersonal can the boss gets! Maybe, part of their culture not just of the "youth culture'?

Their argument has so many loopholes, i don't even know where to begin.

yes Princess how "unprofessional"!sigh

ha ha Rain, so many ideas eh?

Who doesn't own a cell phone. Me. Really, I don't think I need it. But I also think that she shouldn't have been fired via text message. It's not very professional.

hello Ate Irene, how I wish I dont need a cellfone ang laki ng bill ko :(

what?!?!! wow ha! so now, wala na din dapat memoranda, puro text messages na lang. siguro di nila kaya gawin harap-harapan kaya via text na lang :)

correct hindi nga nila kaya siguro sabihin personally kaya turn off ang ganyang company!

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