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New Pen

A Genius Tablet and Pen that is. Finally! I can draw and paint with it so expect me to have colorful posts in the future. In the meantime, I need to review the manual and learn how everything works. Great weekend everybody!

A Genius tablet? What's that?

Cool. It will be interesting to see what you can do with it.

Hi DT, it's a pen and a board. It works in two ways as a computer mouse and as a drawing board. A sample of what it can do is the picture above ;)

It is really cool Pandabonium!

looks like a new cool toy! be sure to share your artistic designs with us :)

happy weekend! *hugs*

Sure thing Consuela :)

Haha! Astig naman.

Yun lang.. wala na ako masabi. Haha!

By the way, thanks for visiting my blog. Sana mapadaan ka ulit. Haha! Thanks again.

Astig nga Jhed. Will visit you again :)

nice!! high tech doodling lol

hey jane!
kumsta na ang bakasyunista? hope you had fun! i have been wanting to get myself a genius tablet for a looong time now, kaso husby is trying to dissuade me. tell me more how it works, and yes post more colorful pictures..cge na so i can persuade me darling hubby! :D

Oo nga She, I'm still a struggling artist, ha ha!

Hi Anna, oka naman ang bakasyon! Cge, post ako ng madaming art works, he he.

Nice....I like it :P

nice gadget, cool way to express yourself... thanks for dropping by my hideaway... love your pix, makes me want to pack my stuffs and go back to the phils!

hey jane! thanks for stopping by! i love your template! i'm an ocean-lover myself! do stop by again!

Thanks Shionge :)

Hi Analyse, thanks for the compliments!

Sure thing Kat!

Hope not too late to post a comment..the gadget looks interesting..bet its costly and wonder if they hv it here in Singapore?

Anyways looking forward to ur future artistic colorful posts..nice week ahead!!

Hi Sassy Lady, I got it for a reasonable price. I'm sure its availabe in Singapore too. Thanks.

Oh, I'm green with envy. What does it look like? I'm sure we don't have it in Phnom Penh. :(

It looks like an ordinary pen and a plastic drawing board. All the movements are then transferred to the computer. You can sign, draw and paint. You can also use the pen as your mouse, which is even more convenient. :)

I've never seen or heard of this before...Yes, please post more about it in the future!

You can count on that Purplecupcake dearie :)

Looks like a cool toy! I've wanted to get a tablt for a while, but, sadly, I am no artist.

I'm not an artist too Richard, but we can all be artists in our own right :)

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