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Rise And Shine, It's Another Day

I love watching sunsets but I love watching the sunrise even more. The rising sun makes me say a thanksgiving prayer - for a new life, a fresh start, another chance, one more reason to celebrate, an extra mile. There is a lot to be thankful for. I love my life, I know I'm so blessed. And I've been good, I know I tried my best and I share what I have...so please Lord, help me go through this "ordeal"? Thank you.

i agree! sunrises are really quite rare and magical (cause i never wake up in time for them!)

its been quite sometime since I last saw the sunrise,,,whew! Though I get up early, i dont usually open the windows or go outside so...

have a nice day!!

the last time that i have seen sunrise was the new year of 2006. whew! with hubs!

you'll get through it!

between sunrise and sunset, ive seen more of the latter. im not an early-riser you know. hehe.

same here Dreamer :)

I catch it only when I go out from wiork after a night shift Ate Cha, and I enjoy it everytime :)
have a nice day!

that was a long time ago Princess of CJ....thanks, have a nice day :)

seems that most of us are awake at night and asleep during the day Ymir :)

The scene looks exactly the one I've missed and always want to come back, to my island province.

You see the whole world is praying all the time - even the animals, the sand in the shore, the trees.. (I was told by my lola hehehe). But then again, the only difference is that some people pray unconsciously, some pray consciously, and then some pray super-consciously. As you wrote this thinking a beautiful sunset, deep down, your soul is the one that actually is praying.

Step your foot at the ground and live each day, or leave your butt prints in the sand.

Happy 1st of August, Jane. Sorry napahaba.

i like sunsets more, coz i get to see them more often. di ko napapansin ang sunrise. hehehe.

i don't know what your ordeal now is, but i'm sure God will guide yout through :)


i like both! another day will come and another day has gone by.

whatever it is, just pray!

sunset sunrise,i love both!
but sad thing walang magandang spot to view it here...
kaya when hubby visits phil.
hangang-hanga sya sa sunset sa atin!!ang ganda ganda daw!

Hello Jane! You were asking me before for a blogmakeover right ? Just prepare an image to be used for your header. I will do it when I am back.

gaaad. it's been a long time since i saw both...i hate waking up early...and i always go home late! OT forever. hehehe...maybe i should try to wake up and go home early na rin...to add to my pleasures list! hmmm.

hope you surpass whatever ordeal you have! ingat!

Hi jairam! Whatever "ordeal" you're undergoing, just pray to the Lord for guidance. Our family is also going through one. God bless. :-)

Rise and shine! It's a new month!


sunrise reminds me that everyday is a miracle.

tanghali ako lagi magising, wala na akong chance para makita pa ang sunrise! pero tama ka, its a sign of new beginnings... new hope... hindi pa huli ang lahat!

God love us so much...

i love sunset.

i cant wake up to see sunrise..
plus..i have bad hair day everyday wheni wake up..so ..i'll stick with sunset:P hehe

have a gd day k!

wow, you inspire me... you're going through an ordeal and yet you still managed to say a simple and honest prayer.
i'll be praying for you jane.

That is a GORGEOUS picture. It's certainly reminds you that there's a lot to be thankful for!

Ang galing tlga ng creation ni God!!

happy August K, kahit mahaba, I enjoyed reading your comment. nakakatuwa to know that even the animals pray :) yep, i think that my soul prays a lot, especially so because i always take time to slow down and "smell the flowers" :)

thank you Tin. it's sad din ano? that most of us are too busy, or our job demands so much of our time that we don't get to see the beautiful sunrise.

God does wonders Mmy Lei :)

o siya, uwi na with hubby Yorokobee :)

hi Charles, touched naman ako :) enjoy your vacation, mwah!

thanks Karol. take it slow and cherish every moment. all work and no pleasure will make your life dull :)

let's pray for each other Ladybug :) regards

good morning and happry AUgust Kuya ALdo!

i like what you said Juana, everyday is a miracle :)

tama ka diyan Roanne, kaya hey, wake up, wake up!

hi Winn, I too have bad hair day but that doesn't stop me from enjoying the view. maybe you can try it too, even for once ;)

thanks so much Carey, I really need that. good morning!

yes it is Shellz, but it is more beautiful in the real world :)

isa tayo sa mga creation ni God TK, talagang ang galing :)

I know what you mean Jairam....if I get up early, I can watch the sun rise from my balcony and it is awesome.

Hope you have a nice day.

good morning Shionge, i wish you more sunrise from your balcony. :)

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