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Amici Di Don Bosco

The place is recommended by Anton, Toni and Kuya Nick. D and I were curious, we just had to try it for ourselves. After some prayers at the Blessed Sacrament and a visit at the Church we headed for Amici Di Don Bosco. This is the closest I can get to a Don Bosco compund by the way. In high school I was raised by the St. Scholastica's Academy Benedictine Sisters, we were an exclusive school , no boys from Don Bosco can enter our premises and the same holds true for theirs.
I was expecting a restaurant but it turned out to be a small canteen with a "self-service" set - up. We enjoyed watching the the hustle and bustle at the bakery next door where ensaymadas , bread loaves and cupcakes are baked and packaged . Italian is a perfect choice on a Sunday afternoon. We had Piccantina, pasta and their homemade ice cream. Delicious! D and I are are curious no more. Wink.

wow gelato! my favorite jai. nice bora pics. would u believe u havent been there? secret lang natin tyan ha hahahaha

dami ko na-miss ah. it's really embarassing to admit but i havent been to boracay. i should do it soon!

im happy for you and D. those expressions of love and commitment are priceless.

Wow, Yuri you're back! I missed you :) Sige, I'll keep your secret he he!

You should talaga Papa Owen, at pagpunta mo doon, sama kami ni D ha. Treat ka namin ng milkshake :)

it's confirmed, you're an insomniac! about me, i hate doing this but i have to watch this brazil vs australia match sa FIFA World Cup! Bravo Brazil!

jane matulog kna!!! hahahahaha

Yes indeed Papa Owen. Grabe, everybody's gaga over World Cup!

Ikaw ka yan dyan Yurs, sige ka magkaka eye bags ka nyan. Ako sanay na sa puyatan, ha ha!

nagutom ako bigla, gusto ko ng pizza at pasta!

He he paldeliver ka na at makikikain na rin ako!

Wonderful post and pics - I really enjoyed it - thanks for sharing:-)

I'm glad you enjoyed my blog Rennyba.

Nice look on the church and also talking about ensaymadas, I really miss those. Hmmmm lovely food you are posting as well!

thanks for dropping by the neko :)
cool place you got here~

how's the beach today?
trade links?


all of a sudden, i miss tagalog mass.
and i miss a food-trip (pig-out) partner. =(
thanks for droppin' by my blog. =)

have tried that also. same as you, after hearing it from friends i expected a restaurant but turned out it's a canteen style. i guess the ice cream there should never be missed :)

Hi Charles, oh food...I'm hungry all the time :)

Sure Neko I'll link you up :)

Hi Din, sarap ng Sundays noh?

The ice cream is soo good talaga Tin-tin!

hi jane- home made ice cream, yum!! do they also have ube flavor?
btw, thanks for visiting my page, glad you left your url cos i enjoyed reading your entries :-)

have a fine week!

Aw, sorry Thess they don't have Ube but there are a lot of flavors to choose from :) Thanks for the compliments!

food = heaven

oi, dunno how you got to my blog, but thanks for droppin

Hi quentin, nothing beats a satisfying meal. I'll visit you again :)

i heard amici is run by a cooperative who learned how to make pasta and pizza form italian priests.

Yes indeed. That's why they always say that theirs is original Italian cooking :)

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