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Friday Dinner

It means stew, and it is the name of the bistro where we had our dinner tonight. What did you have for dinner, and where were you?

is that nachos ic? my gosh, ive been craving for that girl... pahingi!

Yes Dear, and you can have all you want basta i-bake moko ng cake, he he.

Been to Burgoo once over at Tomas Morato; they have excellent pasta!

Went to pay bills last night at SM San Lazaro bayad center. Afterwards, stopped by Ted's La Paz Batchoy for a bowl of their super batchoy and puto.

you wake up early on a saturday Senor? badminton game? we tried their pasta before, delicious nga :)
Ted's Lapaz Batchoy, okay din! I think it's of Bacolod origin?

Oooohh nice Friday dinner. The food looks really great!

it was Charles and it looks like i gained another pound :(

Geez...I am hungry..[drooling]
by the way thanx for dropping by in my blog jane...
care for a link exchange?

Just at home. Mom made some burritos and hummus and had it sent to our house. I couldn't breathe for an hour! Burp!

hmmm... sarap...

hi jane! thanks sa pagdaan at pag-iwan ng bakas sa aking blog. i've added you to my links, hope u don't mind.

btw, food looks yummy!

Sure Dennis, I'll link you up :)

Thanks for sharing Hanagirl. You're lucky you had a free homemade meal :)

Nakakagutom Mama Jenn?

Sure thing Rhads, I'll link you up too :)

hmmm, i miss burgoo - morato's pasta.

i was home (alone) eating shawarma (my dinner)... :D

omg omg omg,nagda diet ako,Jane haha!

ginutom tuloy ako ...

Mmy Lei, masarap mag shawarma :)

ikaw Ghee ha, panay ang diet mo dyan baka magkasakit ka na sige ka.

Hmmm... my husband and I had dinner at Meylin along Jupiter St. Sarap!!! We had crispy Salted Shrimps, Ansio Beef, garlic fried rice and Spinach w/ Garlic. Mango Sago for dessert. Yum!

Uy Meylin...sarap nga :)

Hey Jairam, you always make me crave for FOOD....makes me hungry now and it looks so yummy.

My dinner last night? Gonna bore you for sure - salad lor :P

salad only? are you on a diet Shionge?

tnx for dropping by..!!

hello goddess :)

Dinner namin kagabi, kabsa rice, grilled chicken, lamb spare ribs and chicken kabab...sarap!

hmmm buti na lang di ko maopen ang pix hehehe di ako ginutom...

ulam kagabi... pritong tuyong pusit at danggit, bagoong galing pinas sawsawan ng steamed okra hmmm talap talap...may kamatis pa hehe

I actually had tacos and nachos at a little place in my town. I always have a little belly ache after, but it tastes SOOO good.

nachos are the best!

We were out the whole day, it was so tiring, so dinner was just spent at home with a simple meal of veggie soup and fish courtesy of my sis who still had the energy to cook. Jane, finally posted somethin' on my blog. Will link you up ha? :D

Wow, sarap naman nun hindi kana napagod magluto. I'll check your site and will link you too ;)

My friday food was basically taken from our pantry sa office...ok lang pero quite ordinary...nothing fancy unlike what your taste bud experienced.

Ate Ann, mas masarap ang dinner mo ah :)

Ano ba yan? Kneeko, yan ang favorite ko - tuyo, danggit, sinangag, suka at bagoong :) nakakagutom na to ah...

Buti ka pa Jef free ang dinner :)

Hoi Jairam, thanks for stopping by. I just had some Cantonese food, very yummi. I've also linked you, btw.


hi Dicey, you're already in my list because i love your blog ;)


Everytime I pass by here, I am entertained and at the the same time, na hohomesick ako.

Anyhow, enjoy and take care always. Paki fax nga ng batchoy from Ted's, samahan mo na rin ng puto ha.

Abangan mo sa inbox mo Kuya Rolly :)

burgoo? wow! ummm.. parang namiss ko bigla yun ha. hehe. where i had my dinner last friday? oody's in greenbelt. then bubba gump afterwards :)

oody's and then bubba gump? girl, you have an apetite!

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