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Remembering Bacolod City

I had lunch with my in-laws at Chicken Inasal in Makati yesterday, right before grocery shopping in Shopwise. Inasal is a Bacolod original. The tasty inasal, barbequed to perfection...nam-it (Bacolod term for delicious)!

I visited the place about three years ago, and enjoyed every bit of my stay. The inasal wasn't the only one that delighted me, I discovered Bongbong's Pasalubong and fell in love with their piyaya, butterscotch and tarts, too. Bacolod City is a perfect place for a vacation. I feel it's best to go there in October during the Maskara Festival, a merry making event that will trully delight you. On the streets, a dance is performed in a Latin theme, and the costumed dancers don colorful masks. Tour the city and appreciate the beauty of old houses and antique churches (especially San Sebastian Cathedral). The Bacolodnon (locals) are warm and friendly, so it is true indeed when they say Bacolod City ~ is the City of Smiles.

Loved Bacolod too. Add to that the fact that the people are extremely nice. And lots of awesome places nearby too. Guimaras is just a boat ride away. Awesome!

Hi Adam, I heard Guimaras is a nice place. Too bad I wasn't able to go there on my last trip. I'm still waiting for cheap offers from Cebu Pacific so I can go and check it out.
Tnx for visiting my blog :)

Hmmm, are you starting a food blog, jane? You seem to want your readers to salivate everytime they drop by, hehe. :-D

Hey Jairam - I want to know if the chicken which they BBQ is spicy? You know Tancy will always cook Filipino dish on NY's eve and I love this special ikan bilis cooked with green chillis and coconut milk. I tried to cook it too - so yummy!


Saan sa Makati? Doon ba sa Greenbelt 1, at the first floor, across Gyros and besides the Sarabia Optical Shop? That spot has seen plenty of different restaurants, and as of 2005 (the last time na nasa Manila ako) yung Chicken Inasal yata ang nandoon. The reason na lagi kong tanda ang lugar na iyan ay kasi ages ago, noong Chin's Empress ang restaurant na nandiyan, nakakain ako ng sea cucumber doon. An interesting experience.


I had a chance to visit Bacolod in the late nineties. The people I met either spoke English or the local dialect more frequently than Filipino. The place was very clean, the people friendly.

oops snglgy, it's not intentional. but then again, what do you expect from someone who loves eating? ha ha.

hi shionge! it's not spicy but it is dipped in a sauce - a combination of vinegar, soysauce, lemon juice and chilis.
good thing you have Tancy who satisfies your food cravings :)

LIW - I know the place that you're talking about, and they still have Chicken Inasal. Great experience for you eating a sea cucumber, ha! The first time I ate one was in a shabu shabu resto in Malate.
The Chicken Inasal Express that we visited is in Kamagong Area, and it's still new. It's right in front of Shopwise, pero I think during your last visit sobrang bago pa to kaya baka d nyo pansin.

Watson - Hi kuya Nick, sarap bumalik sa Bacolod noh?

salamat sa dalaw. wow sarap naman ng mga nakapost dine! babalik balikan ko to kaya i link na kita ha?

tnx juana :) add din kita dito.

Chicken Inasal and Bacolod! I miss it also. sana sa pagbalik ko makabalik ako sa bacolod!

Jairam, Hei! Thanks for visiting my blog. I have never been to bacolod but I am sure that it is a very nice place. Maybe I would add it on my itinerary when I visit the Philippines next year.

Have a nice day

oo nga mmy lei. enjoy ako nun doon dahil sa food trip, he he

Hi Al. Tnx for the visit as well. Bacolod is a quiet city, and the local food is oh so yummy.

when you're in bacolod, you shouldn't miss going to Lakawon (whitesand island), Sipalay (boracay-like beach in the south), or Mambukal mountain resort (near Kanlaon volcano where there's 7 waterfalls)...

and there's more to inasal when you go to bacolod... food trip palagi (e.g. a 30-inch italian pizza for only P600) :) if you're going to bacolod this october, let me know...

hi julsitos, tnx for the tip. dali ko pa pala d napuntahan sa Bacolod ah. cge, pag may promo ulit ang cebu pacific, punta kame ni hubby. will let you know.
tnx for the visit :)

Yummy! Chicken inasal with garlic rice and achara. Then dessert of Selecta's queso ice cream. :)

Hi Toe, sarap kumain no? :)

I miss my hometown! :(

Hi Gal, great county here! :)

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