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Hot Hot Hot!

New York Super Fudge Chunk, yummy!

Oh boy, it's hot out there. I love summer only when I'm at the beach, but on days like this when I need to go to work (no sufficient air-conditioning at the office), I hate going out and being under the sun (wearing a business suit and stockings isn't the perfect summer outfit, grr). Hot days make we want some ice cream...aww, I'm being myself again - ang takaw ko, grabe! I want my favorite Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Bratty-wanting it! Too bad it isn't available here in the Philippines. I had a taste in Singapore and I'm sooo missing it.
Ben & Jerry's trivia - It all started with buddies Ben and Jerry's love for food. The first shop (a garage converted into a store) was put up in Burlington, Vermont. Ben & Jerry's ice cream is made of the freshest ingredients and is available in Aruba, Beligium, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Hongkong, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom. Whew, long list! I could only wish that Philippines is included. Sigh.

Oh my! pinaglaway mo na naman ako,mag istart pa naman akong mag diet haha!

happy eating night,Jane :D

Waaa, wish kona rin makapag diet ako:)

I've tried B&J's before, it's good but I still prefer Hagens Daaz. It's not called "the Rolls Royce" of ice cream for nothing.:-)

Oh, Snglguy, Haagen Dazs will always be my first love, too. But this flavor from B & J's rocks :) Hmm...looks to me like you love eating too, eh?

Jane, thank you for stopping by my blog. It's hot, hot, hot here in Florida too!:)

Bike trailers may not be available in Manila, but there's always the "side car".:)

Hi C & M. Yes, we have "side cars" with free dust & other pollutants:(

Yummy! Timing mainit din dito banda sa amin ngayon. Pero Hagens Daaz lang yata meron sa France. But damo ng bilbil ko :-(

I left a comment on the shoes post, pero hindi yata lumabas?

ay parang gusto ko lumabas at bumili ng ice cream, sana meron nyan sa mga convinient stores...

Hey just bought some ice-creams for my kids...coz it is so hot here in Singapore too...enjoy your indulgence!

hi jane. thanks for hopping by my blog. pabisita na rin dito ha! :)

i want ice cream too.. ang inet kase sobra e.. hehehe

thanks for visiting my blog :)

Hi Lynneth, d nga umappear yung isang comment. Ok lang.
One scoop of ice cream won't hurt, will it? He he.

Oo nga Cruise, pwede na din ang Selecta or Magnolia :)

Tnx Shionge enjoy yours too :)

Sure thing Pao!

Hi Cher, tara ice cream tayo!

Thanks for commenting on my blog. You don't have Ben & Jerry's there? Tragedy! But at least you have balintawak, right? I have been craving that lately...

ako naman ang mag-e-email ngayon sa iyo! :P

tiis ka na lang sa mga lots of delicious choices na local products,just to cool you up!

Oh Ben & Jerry's is the best! That picture make my mouth water.


pag-scroll ko sa baba ice cream.. then ice cream uli ngayon..


Well, there are other options naman. sa lahat ba naman ng ice cream stores sa pilipinas, wlang mas hihigit or ie-equal sa fave mong Ben & Jerry's?

anyway, have a nice day! *hugs*


tsalap, tsalap. pwede na sa akin ang dirty ice cream. tsokoleyt, keso, ube. vanilla lang kasi sila dito. voring!

Thanks for viewing my blog. Yum!Yum! I love Ben & Jerry ice cream too. Tried it when I was in London a few years ago and was hoping for them to open an outlet in M'sia.

Hi Karen, too bad no B & J's here. What's balintawak? :0

Antayin ko ang email ha kisses? :)

Yes Juana, and Haagen Dazs is still my No.1. They don't have this flavor though, but I love their pistacio and macadamia and it's always available here :)

Hi Crystal, enjoy the picture, ha ha :)

Sila lang kasi may flavor ng ganito, he he. Tyaga na muna ko sa champurado, chocolate parin naman :)

Hi Dyosa, gusto ko din ang dirty ice cream. Ang sarap ng cheese flavor :)

Hi Sabrina, B & Js the best!

Sarap niyan, Jai. For me naman, Bryers Rocky Road and Edy's Butter Pecan. Magnolia's mangostine okay din.

HUh? May Magnolia mangostine? Hmmm makatikim nga nyan :)

hey nice blog you got there! sorry not fun of ice cream and chocolates! sadness :( anyhow, thanks for the comment and visiting my blog :) hope to see you again :) tata!

We were just treated to TCBY frozen yoghurt at work today. Hard-working daw kasi kami eh. :)

Tnx for the visit too Kurimaw :)

Aww, Niceheart inggit ako :(

Hot or cold day, I don'y care. I just love ice-cream all the same :)

ha ha same here Geetha :)

I tried Ben & Jerry's in The Hague in The Netherlands and it's to die for! I actually love ice cream when it's cold and raining and I'm all wrapped up in a thick sweater. :) Weird, huh!

Not at all Toe. On some cold rainy days I find comfort in a good movie, ice cream & chips :)

sus! kala ko naman may ben and jerry's na sa pinas......sheesh! ice cream is always good!!!!!

You're right Charnine, ice cream is always good. Dami na ding choices sa Pinas. Too bad hindi kasama ang B & J. :(

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