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Makati City : Exposed

Makati City is synonymous to business district, high rise buildings and condominiums. D and I have been living here for almost three years now, and I lived here with friends for three years before that. Little did I know that there is more to it than the usual restos, malls and buildings that I have gone to. Thanks to Carlos I discovered three interesting and charming streets in the neighborhood! He calls it "Evangelista Que Linda", a trip down Evangelista Street, Apolinario Street and Hison Street. It's best to start your tour at Fat Michael's Restaurant (I'll be discussing this in another post) because they give out free maps of the do-it-yourself tour. I suggest that you park your car near Fat Michael's and leave it there because the streets can be difficult - all are one-way streets so we went around and around before finally getting to the thrift shops! Plus the exercise will do you good. Wink. Places to see - the Blue Room Art Gallery, the surplus shops and thrift shops. Unique finds - surf boards, sofas, exercise machines, branded electronic gadgets, old records and house decors. Ha, no Ukay-ukay (second-hand) shop can beat that! Although used clothing and shoes doens't have that much appeal to me, I looked through their stuffs and found them really good, some are almost new and they are original branded clothes - DKNY, Ferragamo, Burberry, Ralph Lauren among the few. The next time you find yourself in the neighborhood, check it out - it's worth the time.
I'm not really good in giving directions so call or text Jude of Fat Michael's at 0917-4078528 for more information and to get a map of the place.


like u said to me once, reading ur blog makes me feels like i'm physically in ur country myself.

And that makes blogging so cool all the more Winn :)

I like Makati City. I think it's one of the more organized cities in Pinas. However, I dread your traffic schemes and unforgiving traffic cops ... hehehe.

I used to dream of living at Greenbelt with all its fine restaurants and pleasant walkways to burn off those calories -- simply marvelous. But the area where I was born (Sta. Cruz, Manila) would always beckon my soul. This explains why I chose to live near it.

I've been to Evangelista Street once when I went to a car air-condition shop in the area. The shops you mentioned remind me of the weekend flea markets in NYC. Fun to explore but you must have plenty of time for it.

Good morning Senor! I would like to live in Greenbelt too, but our home budget won't allow it. I think that the traffic schemes and unforgiving cops help keep the city clean and orderly, although I dread them too.
Sta. Cruz Manila? I think that the city Mayor have done a great job in improving the image and beautifying your place.

maybe these guys should post their stuff on ebay. But then again that defeats the purpose, eh? thanks for this post. makati is foreign to me. I move around pasig-qc area.

hi jane! tnx for droppin by my blog..

I hope I can that place..i love collecting unique things. Dat old piano looks good to me siguro ang mahal nyan.

see ya around.

That looks like fun. When I lived in Hawaii I got out on weekends to local "garage" or "yard" sales. Amazing what you can find sometimes, and at bargain prices.

that's a nice piano.

i try to stay away from makati as much as i can. i'm totally direction-less so i keep to my side of the city. this area where streets celebrate filipino virtues which, sadly, are mostly gone now.

I've always been told that Makati is 'the' place to go if you are to travel there. I heard it's safe there too!
Gosh, Jairam, I really want to go to the Philippines! I've made plans once with a good friend of mine because her in-laws are from there and go there maybe 6-7 times a year. However, she bailed out at the last minute. OH, I want to get Lasik there too! Everyone here gets it done there at some mall!

Hi Jairam, thanks for dropping by my blog & for your greeting. I haven't gone to that part of Makati, but I'm sure I'd enjoy the art gallery & the shops there. :) God bless!

OMG! That piano is priceless... do you know how much that costs?

Hi Doc, as for me, I have yet to explore Pasig and QC. :)

Hi May, thanks for the visit likewise. My Dad collects unique stuffs too, I always enjoy taking a peek at what he's bringing everytime he comes home from his travels :)

Yes Pandabonium, the unique finds in the thriftshops are awesome and pocket-friendly:)

Hi Atticus it's sad to say that never ending developments has its effects on peoples' virtues. From what city are you?

i've read somewhere that Evangelista is a good place to buy antiques. a friend used to live there and when i go to their place, i try to find the shops but can't seem to find them :(

Hi Purplecupcake, Makati is really a place worthy of a visit. Here in our place, the possibility are endless...think about night spots, restaurants and shopping malls. Let me know if you're coming here, I'll give you a tour!

Hi Scanns, when you have the time check out the place!

Hi Toe, too bad nobody knows how much the piano cost,the owner was away for the day. Can you imagine how safe the neighborhood is? They just leave things like the piano without worrying that it migt be gone in a few hours. But then again, the piano is too heavy for pick-pocketers :)

Hi Tin, the next time you go to Makati check out Fat Michael's and ask for a map:)

Hi Jane. I lived in that area (Bangkal) for about two years. Pagawaan sya ng mga kotse and lots of good second hand furniture and other precious memorabilia. If you have an eye for old things, you'd love it. Tagal ko na rin di nadalaw doon:) -ajay

Naku Ajay, I loved the place. I didn't buy anything though, maybe on my next visit :)

I love, love, love being at Fat Michael's! Aside from the wonderful food (salad, seafood pizza!!!), I really enjoy the ambience and reading their books on various subjects! :-)

Yes Talamasca, it's a lovely place. It's so homey, you're like eating in your own dining room, eh?

shucks nadadaanan ko kahabaan ng evangelista, but i didn't notice any of these places (where you buy old and nice stuffs)...i'll mention this to hubby, so that we can go check the place

A few steps pa from Evangelista Girlie, ask na lang sa mga taga doon :)

I forgot, that area is also famous for its bulalo restos and that diabetic cake shop;)-ajay

I saw the Bulalohan Ajay but I missed on the cakeshop :(

that's really interesting coz the only places Ive been to Makati is just the malls and restos

Oo nga Charles, the place is so "unexpected" and surprising di ba?

Heard that Makati is a nice place. My husband been there last year and he's got a relative working in HRC. I wish I could go there too.

Makati is one of the best cities to see in our country Sabrina :)

this is an interesting place. might check it out when i do my "room renovation" thing.

Hi Gomz, oo nga ang daming good finds na cheap lang. Sulit dito :)

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