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Am I Weird? Here's 6 Reasons Why I Say So...

Here are the rules of this Tag from Niceheart and Ate Bing :

The writer will create a blog about the 6 weird things/habits about himself.
People who get tagged will have to post a blog of their own telling 6 weird things/habits about themselves.
At the end of your 6 weird things/habits, you need to choose 6 people that you would like to tag and list their names.
Don't forget to leave a comment that says "You are tagged!" in their comments box and tell them to read yours and for instructions on how to proceed.

Here's my list :

1. I'm obsessed in keeping everything clean, I can't go to sleep if I see dust anywhere in the bedroom, I have to wipe it out first. And I hate hairs in the carpet. Quick, give me the vaccum cleaner!

2. Hubby finds it weird that I'd rather hug my favorite pillow than hug him when I'm sleeping.

3. I sleep talk (incomprehensible language) even to hubby.

4. I prefer eating tuyo and sinangag than go fine dining. Heck, I can even eat tuyo and sinangag everyday, 3x a day.

5. I love the smell of a just-used- match.

6. I talk to myself while I'm driving.

Don't worry guys, I won't tag anyone. You can all breathe now, he he. I spare you from the agony of completing the list, unless of course you want to do it too. Drop a comment if you've done the same so I can check out your list, okay?

It's nice to know that I am not the only one who has strange habits ... (although I don't think they're so strange - ha)! Here from Michele's ... nice blog!

thanks for the visit lilred ;) have a great week ahead.

I also don't like hugs when sleeping. Can't really sleep that way.

I bet you, you'll stop doing #1 once you start having little ones. :)

Ohhhh my Goshhhh.... i thought I was reading about myself, we're soooo alike....

- i talk a lottt in my dreams
- i am a compulsive cleaner
- i love my pillows
- i love sinangag and tuyo!

hi Ate Irene, naku nasabi na din yan ng mga kumare ko. :) kakatakot ata, I'll hire a maid by then. he he

uy best friend talaga tayo Jase :)

i sleep talk too, sometimes i even cry LOUDLY. kakatakot daw sabi ni papa harvs ko.

and like you, i soo love tuyo!! hehe.

thanks for obliging, jairam! #5 is weird for me. tama si irene, when you have kids na, ang pagka oc minsan nawawala.

1 and 2,same here!

kahit mapuyat ako sa paglinis,okay lng!basta malinis lang...

wow, great to hear that we have some things in common Gracita. new photo, ang sexy!

hi Ate Bing, weird nga talaga ako. we'll see kung maging OC pa din ako when i have kids running around inside the house, he he

ako nga Yorokobee, i prefer cleaning in the middle of the night. i get a special high from that. ewan ba weird lang talaga ako ;)

except for number one.. sobrang parehas tayo :)

best friends Tin? :)

long-lost sisters? hehehe ;p

Wow pareho kayo ni wishear in many ways; sya naman di pillow kundi yung favorite kumot nya hehe. Minsan kinakapampangan ako minsan di ko maintindihan yung sinasabi nya pag tulog, di ko naman sya kinakausap sasabihin ko lang na sige tulog ka pa hehehe. She loves tuyo too, noon ngang naglilihi sa panganay namin pati yung sinigang na ulam eh may tuyo!!! hhehe.

by the way wag masyado ang pagsinghot mo sa bagong sinding posporo baka ma-high ke hehe


hindi ko ma-imagine ang amoy ng posporo.... ang weird (hehehe! -- ikaw nagsabi niyan ha?)

yes I think so Tin, ako ang Ate mo he he :)

siguru makanyan la talaga deng Kapampangan KOya Kadyo, pareho na kemang malagu anaya malamang pareho kami rin hilig, he he

oo nga Mama Jenn, ewan ba weird talaga :)

will check you out :)

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