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Good Morning ?

This is my 4th night shift this week and I dread it. It upsets me not only because I have to work at unholy hours when everybody is expected to be asleep and enjoying their fluffy pillows, (for normal people that is, as for me, my nights are spent glued on my laptop, enjoying our airconditioned room and surfing non-stop!) but also because I welcome daylight with awful sights on my way home. This morning I took a few pics to share with you, please bear with me. I have nothing against our country, but who wouldn't think twice about leaving the Philippines for good if this is what you see every single morning?!?

magandang salubong to sa umaga. i'm sure masiglang-masigla buong araw. hehe

oo nga, nakakabanas dba?! tnx for visiting:)

Thanks for stopping by at Bloody Awful Poetry! I know what you mean - shift work is horrible!

J x

yep, it is! tnx for dropping by :)

city life is awful. our leaders have lost all semblance of urban planning (though I think LA has done a lot in beautifying Manila..my friends from abroad can tell the difference) but believe me, you appreciate the phils when you go to the countryside and the islands. life there is simpler and more beautiful. people there smile a lot even when they earn only P20 a day!!!-ajay

oo nga. kaya nga kung pwede lang magwork at tumira na sa tagaytay or somewhere near the beach no?

i can feel your sympathies. I left the Philippines for the fact that I felt out of place. I don't know why. But at least i am home now as what my heart says.

I received "not so good reviews" from people who e-mailed me about this post. Oh well, free country naman dba? E eto talaga na feel ko that morning e....love ko parin naman ang Pinas. And Manila is only a small part of our country.

Kind of depressing nga if these are the sights you see first thing in the morning.

o di ba ang saya sa pinas!...umaga pa lang may topic ka na mai-post sa blog..."walang ganyan sa canada.." :)

hi jane, tnx 4 dropping by my page - aMgiNe's. urs is really cute as well and i took a peak on the pix u posted on ur previous entries. hope u dont mind. hope ull come by my new site when u have time.

Niceheart ~ wag lang tayo magpadala kasi sa ibang city wala naman ganyan.
Ariba Joyce ~ wow, ganda ng attitude mo ah! there's more about our country na loveable naman kahit ganyan ang Manila eh :)
Egoddess ~ tnx 4 d compliments!
Tnx for visiting guys! And expect that I'll be visiting your blogs as well :)

yeah,you have your point..maybe one of the reasons why i left our country,but sometimes,they re missable too. :)

thanx for dropping by.we r both new bloggers! ;)

sure ghee, expect me to visit your blog regularly :)

a "heavy sight" indeed on an early morning.

Yes Mommy Lei, it's something that I want to see less and less...

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