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Jesus Christ Superman

Finally, after the long wait we were able to watch Superman Returns last night...errr...at midnight. And all I can say is that I'm watching it again! I realized how much I missed the soundtrack, and I remembered the first time I went to a moviehouse - I was with my Dad to watch Superman against 3 aliens. Oh by the way, that scene where Clark went to see his son? I cried. I'm such a cry baby.
"For this reason I sent them you, my only son ." Jor-El father of Superman (voice of Marlon Brando)
The statement created a stir in California. And quite a few bloggers have interesting ideas to share. Mythology or pure coincidence? Check it out.

haven't seen the movie yet. sa friday pa :(

okay lang yan Tin, ilang tulog na lang yon :)

I never understood the obsession with Superman. To me, he was always a pretty boring hero - after all, he is pretty much invincible. Spiderman was always much more interesting (along with Rocket Robin Hood and Ultraman) - at least when I was a kid.

(sorry, no intent to criticize, I just noticed a lot of people are really quite keen Supe and I just don't get it - like most things in life).

hi. of course it isn't coincidental. it's actually pretty much in character. as another blogger recently pointed out, a person with that much power has to either save the world or destroy it. the savior complex is inevitable.

or am i being too serious? :D

Richard, maybe it's because a lot of people wanted the idea of a super hero who can fly.

And perhaps the fact that he is from another planet is appealing -some people love those alien stuffs you know :)

My hubby also finds it stupid that people can't see the resemblance between Superman and Clark Kent with the glasses.

and I like that savior complex better Postigo :)

you were serious with your comments, but i love it!

kasi nga he's SUPERMAN ...

as in he has the perfect face and body and voice of an ideal MAN... a perfect man - a super man! plus he SAVES the world from destruction, which has a very Christian undertones.... that's why the appeal to everyone.

I like this Superman though... i find Christopher Reeves a bit too perfect.

same here Jase, I like Routh better than Reeves :)

I L O V E S U P E R M A N !
Or rather...
I L O V E B R A N D O N ! !

Superman rules Angel :)

I on the other hand prefer Christopher Reeve as Superman. :D

Sayang si Christopher Reeve no? He had a good life when he was Superman :(

I've also read a similar article in our paper. But critics do that sometimes. I remember they also compared The Matrix trilogy to the Holy Trinity and NEO being the Supreme ONE.

I grew up watching Christopher Reeve as Superman, so I am biased. :) But I also think that we ought to give other actors the chance to play the role. Brandon is also very handsome. :)

hello Niceheart, I think Brandon is the best replacement for Reeves :)

hi jairam =)

thanks for visiting my blog. i just stared helplessly at Brandon ROuth the whole time. he's so handsome. sigh*

i read in People magazine that he once won best in costume at a costume party just by dressing up as Clark Kent. self-fulfilling prophecy? hmmm. ^_^

Hi Yowee...talaga? That's interesting ha :)

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