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Office Matters

We received a bulky folder from the Admin Section early this evening. The file contained a few pages of Office Orders (official memos indicating tranfer of personnel). A total of 7 officers will be moving out of our branch. I'm sad but I understand that this is a part of our job, being assigned form one branch to another, worse if you happen to be transferred to the provinces - north or south. I will miss these people whom I have worked with for almost 3 years now. Sigh. But we all need to move on, for bigger and better opportunities, I hope. I have one worry though, we heard that there will be more to come. I'm not ready to transfer to another branch yet.
D and I are trying to have a baby, I'm not ready to move out of our home in Makati.
On the lighter side, yay! Our car plan was increased - sorry, I'm not disclosing how much. I'll just take you for a ride when I get a new car, okay?

chuppa chuppa chups! *LOL*

woooo...baby... good luck!

*awaits the ride in the new car*

sure Angel, you'll be my first guest :)

ang hirap nga pag ganyan noh??! palipat-lipats!! lichugas! nweiz.. gudlak ate sa paggawa ng baby... bsta enjoy lang!!! yiheeee....

pasakay naman pag may bagong car ka na ha?! lolz!

have a great weekend po!

thanks Rho, ikaw pangalawang isasakay ko. Pwede ding sabay kayo ni Angel :)
Ingat always!

I hope you don't get moved elsewhere, but if necessary, hope it'll be in an ideal place to raise your baby!

Good luck!

New car, huh? Lucky you!

It's like a total metaphor for life...dont get too comfortable with it, because, as we all know our lives change with every breath we take and we need to be ready to change with it. Hope you dont put up too much of a struggle...

thanks Senor..but I'd like to stay though, if it's still possible.

thanks for the inspiring message DT :)

pray for it. siguro you won't get transferred naman. ano kaya magiging car nila? hehehe :)

oo nga Tin, I'll be praying for it.

Naku tagal pa nung car, kakakuha ko lang eh. sa 2008 pa ulit ako kukuha :)

everything in our life is in God's perfect plan. Lahat din may reason, malay natin mas maganda yung pupuntahan ng iba mong mga kasamahan di ba. At para sa inyo ng hubby mo, dadarating din ang hinihintay nyong little angel, in God's perfect time....have faith.

kami din ni wisheart ann pasakay sa bagong tsekot ha hehehe

naku, kuya Kadyo na touch naman po ako sa coment niyo :)

hindi lang kayo ni Ate Ann, sama na rin sina Joshua :)

i'm sure all will turn out well. :) aye for the new car!

thanks the imp :)

Good luck with the baby Jairam!

That's how my job is too... palipat-lipat every two or three years. The nice thing is that you get to know more people. Another plus is that you know that you won't work forever naman with the people you don't like. :)

thanks Toe, I'll just have to wait and see for my office order :)

*runs into jairam's future car and hide inside*:P


ha ha don't worry Winn, i'll drive you wherever you want to go!

kaya siguro tinaasan ang car plan nyo - because youre going to need a bigger one (like an suv) in the future, for a stroller, a car seat, mala-maletang baby bag :D

good luck on the baby plans!

thank you Mama Jenn :) we really need a bigger car next time, wink

your welcome..... sagot ko na yan pag nagpasalamat ka sa akin hehehe

well, well, well well.... tama lahat ang comments ng mga bumisita sau... yan lang masasabi ko... i thank u .. bow :)

*wish ko baby girl for u.... ninong ako huh.. pag di mo ako kinuha.... hahanapin ko kayo hahahhaha

Sure Kneeko, ikaw ang Primary Ninong kung meron man nun. Basta ikaw ang no. 1 sa list namin ;)

eiiyy kumare na pala tawag ko sau, ano? hahaha

oo naman pare :)

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