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Gaining Weight Versus Bulimia

Gawd, I just got back from our company clinic and do you know what I found out? I gained 3 pounds! Oh well, eating out everyday with D has definitely gotten into my system. Ugh.
But I still think it's way better than this eating disorder I read in the newspaper this morning.
Bulimia Nervosa - characterized by eating binges that cause a sense of self-disgust and loss of control, which in turn leads to compensatory behavior such as vomiting or laxative abuse to prevent weight gain. It is more common in women than in men. Most of those inflicted are adolescent girls (no wonder I'm not suffering from it, I'm past my teenage years, har har!) who are preoccupied about body shape and weight. It is scary! Blame it on celebrities and magazines that show being thin is absolutely fabulous.
Learn more about the disorder here.

Hey, you've just reminded me that I've been lax with my exercise routine...

A little weight doesn't hurt anyone.


hi Aldo, my only exercise is shopping he he

same pala tayo, shopping lang din ngayon ang exercise ko! nyahahahaha!

ang sarap nyo kasing kumain mag-asawa eh!

I also gained weight but I hope I can shed this off soon or I am taking cocaine! lol!!!!!

why do womem so obsessed with their shapes hehe...round is a shape di ba? so why not embrace it! Kidding.

pareho pala tayo Mmy Lei...ang problema lang kasi samin, after nung shopping kainan ang punta he he. buti pa si D may basketball kaya ako lang tumataba :(

stop cooking and baking (esp. those delicious strawberry muffins!) Charles :)

hmmm...ikaw ba gusto mo ba ng bilog Jef? he he

I've checked out the link. Thanks for the info! It's really more of a psycho disease, with insecurity and poor self-image as the probable causes. Ang concern ko lang naman is my tummy, I want it to be perfectly flat, but I'm too lazy to do situps. :(

ako din Carey, when I sit, may bulge na although my friends keep saying na hindi daw ako tumataba :(

Pag bata pa at tumataba, pigil na sa pagkain, pero pag nagka edad na, marami kang gusto kainin na di mo makain dahil, kung ano ano na ang sakit at marami na bawal.

Kung wala naman sakit, eh toothless na. Napaka ironic di ba?

May point ka dyan Kuya Rolly, kain na tayo habang konti pa ang bawal, he he!

i've already accepted the fact that i'll never be a supermodel in this lifetime thus the excuse for pigging out and avoiding any form of exercise like a plague hehehe but so far my BMI is ok.

Now that I'm in my 40s...exercise and exercise. Healthy body, healthy mind :P

hi~ thanks for visiting my site! very conscious din ako sa weight ko...korek ka diyan...ako rin pag nanonood ng tv at may nakitang sexy tatayo na ako at mag stretching...hehehe...nakakainggit naman kasi talaga ang katawan nila eh...

have a nice day!

good for you Raine! :)

i'll take your advice Shionge, i really need to sweat it out...i'll go shopping with hubby this afternoon, ha ha!

oo nga miss pink :) kailangan natin mag exercise habang nanonood ng tv he he.

3-lbs? Oks lang yun, naitatago pa yun ;-).

What's important is that you know better not to fall into that "i need to be skinny" crap. most of young women do. they can never be too skinny because they compare themselves to those beanpole models & TV personas. tsk.

i agree with you Rhada, besides beauty is in the eyes of the beholder...and according to hubby sexy daw ako, he he!

i'm chubby. even if i'm sometimes tempted to go bulimic, buti may self-control ako. i just tell myself, khet na you're chubby, pretty ka pa rin. hahahaha. fighting spirit! hahaha

that's the spirit Tin! we chubby ladies are lovely, he he :)

I am often amazed how much women torture tehmselves to conform to some image. (Men do it to a lesser degree and just seem wierd to me).

I don't understand why people can't be happy just being themselves. OF course, there are lots of things I don't understand about people. I know I get better treatment if I wear my (very) expensive suit compared to when I have holey runny shoes, well worn shorts, and defnintely threadbare T-shirt on. Yet, I am the same person. I look in the mirror and I see the same person. I don't feel different in whatever clothes I wear - so why should anyone else see a difference?

well said Richard! but then again, the physical appearance of a person is always important...in almost of our dealings with other people, the well dressed create great first impressions isn't it?

I use to suffer from Bulimia Nervosa. I'll never go down that road again.

Happy it's not common in Filipinos. And I really don't get it, sacrificing food.

great for you then Rose!

hi Jeeper I dont get it either, we should be thankful there's food on the table. we shouldn't waste it..there are so many kids on the streets and families out there with nothing to eat :(

kinda bulimic before when i was younger.. :(

buti na lang you got over it Yurs, you look great ha!

Judging based on appearanc eis not fair - that is the only point I wanted to make.

that's a good point Richard, and it's something I hope we can all do without i mean - judging by appearance :)

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