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Another Challenge For You

Here's another one from Amazing Illusions...dare challenge the observant power of Sherlock Holmes? Are you as exceptionally observant? I found 8 people in the picture. How many can you find?

I guess I am the first one here!! hehehehehhe... Yeah so weird I saw different people there but if you look far it's just a portrait of an old man

I count 8... I'm sure I cound find more if the image was larger. I've seen that picture before.


Hi Charles! Actually the picture reminds me of John Malcovich, he he

Kuya Aldo, you can click the picture for a larger view. Kakaduling di ba?

6 only...:(

oops, try again Winn there's more than 6 :)

Found them all YEY!

ho many did you find Jef? there's more than 8, but I saw 8 only.

Hi jane! It's kinda weird noh? but I like it alot:) I'm counting...

I see............like jef! :)He!He!He!
wait I see another one ....NO I have seen that one before 123opps...start again.

I especially enjoy the naked woman in the picture.

have to enlarge it to see, and i think i saw 9 but i didnt see a naked woman?

wala akong makita... hmmmm again... wala talga eh...

blocked kasi ang picture... di ko maopen waaaaaahhh

geez, I just saw 6 :(

go ahead Cheh, how many did you see? :)

hi Tony, start again there's more than 8!

uhm..I don't see any naked woman Pandamonium :)

you got the right numbers Ate Bing, and there isn't any naked woman :)

Ay sorry Kneeko, hindi ko alam ang gagawin pag blocked :(

try again Hanah :)

maliit lang ang picture. i saw six lang.

I just saw seven. Sorry. I just woke up from a deep slumber. Hehe.

you can click on the picture to enlarge it Atticus :) keep trying!

hi talamasca, wake up wake up, he he! you'll see more if you try again ;)

i only saw 7 peeps..though i wasn't sure if the fingers are actually people...the pic isn't that large for me to really examine carefully..

no Denzity, the fingers are not people...click on the image for a larger view ;)

Someone emailed me this a long time ago. I think I can see 9.

1. Big bald guy
2. An old guy wearing a hat
3. A lady carrying a child
4. The child
5. A lady on a "side-view" in the right corner of the entrance
6 & 7. If you look on the bird closely dalawa naka sideview in that curvy bato (whatever the heck you call it, lol)
8. Merong mata sa na parang nakahiga sa may ibon
9. At nakaharap na mukha katabi ng naka side view sa left.

If you click on the link of the image, naka lagay sa link na "9people".

Ps. ang asong nakahiga, pang pagulo lang. HAYUP na yan! LOL.

I guess K have found them all then!
Have a great week ahead:-)

Kahit anong tingin ko 6 lang makita ko, well, sisihin ba ang kalabuan ng mata.

Ok...I only see 7...is the dog supposed to be one? Ugh...I wish I could read K's 8 and 9...

Base sa mga comments parang nakita ko na picture na yan, una kong tingin 8 lang pero after looking at it again one more time siyam pala, sampu daw pag uber advance ang imagination mo hehe, tulad ni kneeks wala rin akong makita na pics hehe. paano nman kami dito sa gitnang silangan waaaaaa hehe.

*Siguro pag may time ka pede ka sign up sa myfilehut.com or imagecave.com for free image/file hosting, tapos upload mo yung photo. pede kong email sa iyo yung steps kung gusto mo =D

waah! di ko makita lahat :(

Real tricky and mind-boggling... I van only make 6 at most, unless otherwsie those shadowy images at the background that replicates human forms can be counted...Do we have the official answer to this trivia?

Na resib ko na yan sa email dati kaya walo...hehehe.

first i saw six,but looking it back again yeah 8...hehe
ganda ng portrait!!!

acht (walo) ang nakita ko ... di na ako naduling dito, talagang tinitigan ko! heheh

very good K...you did very well. there are 9 people, and the ones you enumerated are the correct answers :)

ho was your weekend RennyBA? i had a busy one :(

okay lang Lani, kulang din ang bilang ko eh. :)

dog not included DT, check K's list again...he got them all right.

kuya Kadyo, pa email po para mashare ko mga pics sa inyo :)

naku Tin, only K and Ate Bing got the correct answer so okay lang yan :)

hi Major Tom...i was going to post the correct answer but it was already listed by K. pls refer to his comment, thanks!

ate Ann, 9 ang correct answer :)

hello yorokobee...try again...9 sila!

hi Racky, ewan ba akodin Im stucked with 8 :(

Because I'm very tired now and I'm naturally myopic, I see only 5. Pathetic, huh? :-)

no naman Jayred, it's okay...it took me a long time to see 8 pero 9 pala talaga ;)

These is no naked woman in the picture, but I like to say that just to get people to look for one.


you naughty Pandabonium :)

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