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Challenge Done!

I was challenged by Toni to post a picture of my favorite place where I want to be alone. When I was still single, I enjoyed walking alone by the shore (I still do, but now I walk with D). Even if I would go to the beach with friends, I make it a point that I get quality time with myself. I love those times when my feet are burried in the sand or simply watching kids build sand castles, how comforting! Now that I have D in my life, I don't get to do that anymore. The only time I'm alone is when D is at work or playing basketball, and I spend it in our room sleeping or on-line. (Hey, I'm still not alone - Alf keeps me company) But I never regret my choice to spend the rest of my life with him...he's my hero, next to Dad of course!

awwww..u are so lucky:-)

Thanks Winn, there's so much going on in my life now that I'm thankful for ;)

Beuatiful beach. I love the ocean. It is good to spend time alone, but good to share life with someone as well.

hey nice pix.. i really love island hopping, been to camiguin, siargao, samal, panglaw,bantayan, hehehe pero boracay ala pa... mahal eh ala pera.

hope evrything's well on you side.

I agree with you Pandabonium :)

Hi Owen, I went to Siargao na din and sa beaches ng Bohol & Cebu. Pero my dream vacation would be in Palau Island and Amanpulo.

nice view. kahit saan pang dagat these days, welcome na para sa akin. err, huwag lang manila bay at cavite.

same here atticus ;)

haaay... gusto ko tuloy pumunta sa beach :(

oooh lucky you!!! :)

now i owe you that nail polish challenge!

nice pic!
i wanna go home i wanna go to boracay...

huwag muna ngayon Tin, tag-ulan na eh baka hindi mo ma enjoy:)

thanks Tones, punta na sa Nail Spa :)

i miss boracay too Yorokobee :)

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