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One Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Up side : I was my usual self today, I was 10 minutes late for work, because I was too lazy to get up and get dressed.
Down side : While driving myself to work I enjoyed the traffic - less roads. Why do I have to go to work on a Sunday afternoon when everybody is enjoying their day-off?
I want some loving...
a chocolate fondue wrap
a movie - The Devil Wears Prada with friends.
One would be enough, but both would be great. Sigh.
How's your Sunday?

Hi Jane,andito ako nung 30th ah?sipag mong magpost eh,di ko mahabol haha!

give me some tips kung saan masarap mag pa massage pag uwi ko :)

happy ba ang sunday mo?

hala Ghee, ang bilis mo naman mag reply jan, he he.
wow may plans kang umuwi, meet tayo ha?
pwede na rin ang Sunday ko, hindi busy dito sa office kaya blog at net surf lang ako :)

I'm a guy but quite curious with the movie-Devil wears... Parang astig eh!

Why, thank you for visiting my page. Hmm, I like your blue blog. Looks pretty good with pretty pics. Sweet and neat.

Have a great week ahead.

See you around.

Hmmmm...why are you going back on Sunday???

So you have hinted, hope someone will surprise you and may your wishes come true :P

Oh...let me know if it does heee...

OMG! The Devil Wears Prada is already a movie?

Well, Jane - better to be doing something than nothing at all. :)

astig nga Jef, but i don't think you'll want to watch it. ladies' movie ito - deals with the pressures of fashion and what it takes to be in the industry. boring siguro yun para sayo :)

thanks for the compliments the woman :)

i'm not leaving SHionge, i'm at work - boring! i hope to get my wishlist htough, but Sunday is almost over..so maybe another day :)

yes it is Toe, i'm excited to see the movie na nga eh :)
better being in front of the computer that doing nothing - blogging rules! he he

spent sunday afternoon roaming in greenhills running an errand for my sister.

hi Ymir, wow greenhills..tagal nakong hindi nakakapunta doon ah :)

hmmm, i think i like that chocolate fondue more inside my tummy than wrapped around me! hehe i'd like to go to the movies too myself, work on Sundays, it's my life! ;)

you work on sundays?? haaay... i miss going to the spa also :)

that would be delicious Mayang, he he.
so hoow's it for you, working on Sundays?
sakin kasi....grrrr.!

yep Tin, I work! ha
i could use some spa treatment right now ...

I read the book The Devil Wears Prada like three times, and was dying to see the movie when it came out on Friday. Unfortunately, Thursday night, I came down with the flu and I still got it! It's so totally not fair!

Went to the park for pick-up games(basketball, turo-turo, pick up whoever is there). Won the first game. Jammed the same pinky I jammed last week, on the second. Took myself out of the game and took pictures instead (take a look).

I have a long long weekend. July 4th, Independence Day is on Tuesday. It's like Bagong Taon in the PI (firecrackers and the like.)

For those who care: Happy Independence Day, Good old US of A!

I'd also like to see The Devil just because of some people I know in NY's fashion industry; my nephew is a product development exec at Burberry's while another is a struggling designer in Manhattan. I've also run into Anna Wintour a number of times, but the legendary Diana Vreeland surpassed Ms. Wintour by a wide margin.

called in sick.. yes im sick.. coughs..

wow, working on a Sunday! what's ur work pala? just curious, if u don't mind my asking. ;) my Sundays are usually my lazy days...

That's a drag, to work on Sundays. Sunday is cleaning day here at home and then just hanging around with the family.

hi jairam!

nice blog din ha!

Salamat sa pagbati mo, sis! Ahlan ka sa bahay ko.

elo jane..... sama naman ako pag nagkita kayo nina ghee...

kelan ba un?

aba sipag mo rin ah.. work ka apg sunday huh... kami rin d2 meron hehehe

D.T. dear, you can watch it another day, or better yet, buy the dvd copy :)

wow Kulas, you had a great sunday
Happy Independence Day to you guys of US of A!

wow Senor rubbing elbows with the elite..and great nephews too :)

hmm...sick ba talaga Yurs? get well soon then :)

hi Carey, I'm a gambler, he he. i work at the casino :)

aw...ms niceheart kakainggit ka :) i ususally do the cleaning every other day after work :(

hi evelash, thanks :)

sige Pipay, bibisita ako sayo ng madalas :)

hello Kneeko, will keep you posted pag dating ni ghee, he he.
meet up tayo and gimmick to the max!

sipag ah :)

^^ erdbeeren pflucken ^^ ang gimmick ko kahapon ... ano yon? tingnan mo na lang sa bahay ko! hehehe

einen schönen tag noch (have a nice day)

sige Neng, bibisita ako ;)

Jairam, thanks for visiting my blog. Yeah why do we have to work on sunday right. we have the right to enjoy a little bit of our time! cheers!

hello jairam..pakichange naman ng link ko oh...walang www jane! dapat http://highdenzity.blogsome.com lang hehehehe...talagang nangoreksyon ano? lolz

thanks for the visit too Neil...my dayoff is thursday, a bit weird eh?

oops sorry for that Dennis, i'll work on it pronto!

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