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3 Meme For Me Over the Weekend

Carey says:

1. Random : The food stuff you're posting in your blog always makes my tummy grumble! Oops, he he.
2. Challenge : Teach Alf to do some neat somersaults and how to jump through a ring of fire. This is a tough one but I'll try!
3. Color : Blue! It's your blog's color - very easy. Green used to be the first in my list, now it's 3rd, blue is 2nd and Pink is actually my first. Hmmm...that gives me an idea, why don't I post my pink stuffs? Wink.
4. Like : That you are so positive about our country and it shows in your posts. Yes I am, but I also have one post that says otherwise.
5. Memory : Your picture with Winnie the Pooh. I love that one, too!
6. Animal : A big fish in the ocean (coz of your underwater blog background). Yes, yes, I'd like to be a fish but I can have my second life as a cute puppy like Alf.
7. Question : What does Jairam stand for? Jairam is actually the inverted Maria J because my full name is Maria Janette. I wanted a different name on-line.
8. Song : Who Let the Dogs Out? (with Alf woofing in the background...lol) He he cute and funny, that's a great song for Mama and Alf. Thanks Carey.

Mama Jenn you might want to do this meme.

From Annabanana:

3 Things that scare me:
- death of my parents
- disability
- earthquakes

3 People who can make me laugh:
- Dylan
- Alf (okay, I know he's a puppy but he makes me laugh anyway)
- that guy from the movie 40 Year Old Virgin

3 Things I love:
- kisses from Dylan
- the beach
- my car

3 Things I hate:
- poverty
- war
- gossip

3 Things I don't understand:
- war
- politics
- politicians

3 Things on my desk:
- a bottle of mineral water
- some candies
- my office pen

3 Things I'm doing right now:
- blogging
- monitoring the activities of my staff (2 are presently busy doing reports I need to sign later on, 1 is having a break & reading the papers, 1 went to the hotel lobby to assist a guest)
- wiggling my toes

3 Things I want to do before I die:
- I want to make sure that I made my parents proud with the choices I made in my life.
- have a baby
- make a difference in someone's life

3 Things I can do:
- I can put on lipstick perfectly without a mirror and while driving.
- I can stay awake and still be active for 2 straight days.
- I can act, sing and dance.

3 Ways to describe my personality:
- flexible
- I'm an extrovert.
- sensitive

3 Things people might not know about me:
- I paint.
- Now that I have Alf, I prefer staying home all day.
- The lifestyle section is the first page I read in the newspaper.

3 Things I can't do:
- I can't eat Durian.
- I can't sleep without a pillow.
- I can't drive wearing my office shoes.

3 Things I think you should listen to:
- good music
- chirping of the birds
- a good advice

3 Things I don't think you should listen to ever:
- gossip
- people telling you "You can't do it."
- people fighting

3 Of my absolute favorite foods:
- ice cream
- chocolates
- pasta

3 Things I'd like to learn:
- to fly a private plane/helicopter
- play the drums
- ride a bike

3 Beverages I drink regularly:
- coffee
- Coke light
- green tea

3 Shows I watched when I was a child:
- Sesame Street
- Smurf
- Bioman

3 people I tag to do this meme (chosen randomly from my blogroll):
- Carey
- Senor Enrique
- Jef

From JMom:

If only I could:
travel and have vacations without having to work, oh I would love that.

If only I knew why:
then I wouldn't be thinking about it.

If only I could meet:
George Bush, Jr. then maybe I would know why.

If only they didn't have:
war and poverty

If only I could have a car:
I already have a RAV 4 but I would like to have a BMW X3.

If only I could have this age again:
13, I enjoyed my teenage years, I'd like to be young & carefree again.

If only this wish could come true:
have a million dollars...

If I had a Million dollars I would buy these things:
plane tickets for me and my family so we can travel the world NOW.

If only I could anything right now, I would eat:
I'm craving for Yellow Cab pizza

If only I didn't have to eat:
I'd be slimmer.

If I could have one dream come true:
to travel around the world with the whole family NOW.

If only I could be:
richer so I can shop everyday, he he.

If I could meet one singer:
I'd like to meet Madonna.

If I could meet one actor/actress, it would be:
Orlando Bloom

If I could change one thing about me it would be:
I want bigger boobies!

If I could have one thing, I would have:
the life that I have right now, I love it!

If only they didn't play this song on the radio:
....bagay ba sa akin ang kulot?

If I could go anywhere in the world, I would like to go to:
the top 10 beaches in the world!

Jase, Pareng Kneeko, Kuya Kadyo, Yorokobee it's your turn now.

Ok, I will have to do that this week. Darn...now I have to tag someone else hehe!

that's great Jef! will watch out for your answers :)

I also think Steve Carrell is funny. I love him in "The Office," but I have to yet see "The 40-Year Old Virgin."

Pareho tayo, I don't know how to ride a bike. :)

whoaaaa...!! why em???nyahahaha...
huhuhuhu(-.=)but its okai*wink*

ako din Orlando Bloom fan!

Steve Carell pala name nya. Ate Irene, parang kailangan kona matuto mag bike, expensive na ang gasoline :(

hi Yorokobee, it's a good way for us to know each other better kaya do your assignment :)

yikes i got tagged! hehe...
btw, that meme i made for u, u have to do those 8 tasks for the ppl who comment on this post (refer to http://ideasnpink.i.ph/blogs/ideasnpink/?item=my-first-meme for the rules), but since u singled out Mama Jenn, then u have to do those 8 tasks for her before she posts the meme in her blog. You can refer to snglguy's (http://snglguy.com/?p=338) and tin-tin's (http://prettytin.blogspot.com/2006/07/challenging-meme.html) blogs to see how it is done. ang gulo ano? hehehe...

bigger boobies? nah, you don't want that. the one advantage flat-chested women have over the more well-endowed ones is that over time, big boobies sag while small boobies can still fight gravity. (ano pa kasi ang mag-sa-sag sa atin, no? hahaha!) ---> just standing up for "our kind" ;)

hmmm, so that's jairam stands for! i thought it's your second name coz we call you jane.

Okay Ma'am Carey :)

Here goes :
1. Random : Mama Jenn, you love your DH and kids so much! And I love the flowers in your page and profile :)
2. Challenge : post a picture of the family in your blog.
3. Color : Red, because you are being brave about your baby's condition. Red because you are very loving.
4. Like : Your posts are very inspiring, and in some ways you give hope to other mothers who have kids with the same condition as you baby.
5. Memory : We regularly visit each other's blogs and I'm loving it.
6. Animal : A dog because you can be anybody's bestfriend.
7. Question : What do you do to pamper yourself?
8. Song : Lullaby

I wish your million dollars dream come true, then I would be able to borrow some money from you :P

ha ha Shionge, if I had a million dollars, I would give you some cash :)

you know what jairam? you've already touched someone's life :)

i would also like to go around the world, like NOW! :)

aw, Tin you're so sweet thanks :)

tara travel tayo, he he!

hi jairam, medyo naguluhan ako dun.. pero nage-gets ko na (yata!!!hehehe!)

thanks for your meme of me, i'll post it in my blog soon.

pero i want to make a meme of you muna.

1. Respond with something random about you. YOU'RE A "SOSY HIGH". :D

2. Challenge you to try something. EAT IN A CARINDERIA. AND BLOG ABOUT IT.

3. Pick a color that I associate with you. YELLOW - BECAUSE YOU SEEM FUN TO BE WITH.

4. Tell you something I like about you. - YOU DONT HESITATE TO TRY NEW THINGS.



7. Ask you something I’ve always wanted to ask you. HOW OLD ARE YOU?

8. Pick a song that reminds me of you. HAPPY (SHALALALA), ITS SO NICE TO BE HAPPY, SHALALALA

mare.. pahihirapan mo na naman ako sa pag-iisip ng isasagot sa tagay mo waaahhhhh.... pasensiyahan mo na kung matagal ko masagutan yan huh... duduguin na naman utak ko nito hehehe

nagpipinta ka rin pala/ anong medium? post mo naman ung mga nagawa mo na dali... ayos yan...

i have completed your "paint your toenail red" challenge!!!!!!

he he galing Meowok!

oo Mmy Lei, Jane talaga nickname ko :)

touch naman ako sa mga comments mo Mama Jenn :)

Shalalala it's so nice to be happy, napakanta tuloy ako, he he.
Nakakain nako sa carinderia at nag blog ako about it - www.jairamdinsomniac.blogspot.com/2006/05/day-in-neighborhhod.html

Mama Jenn, I'm 31 y/o na nga pala but I think like a 16 y/o he he.

Pareng Kneeko, okay lang yan basta sagutin mo siya anytime ha? You have until July, okay na ba yun? :)

very good Toni!

wow super haba ng blog na ito. busy blogger ka ah :-)



*explodes and vanishes into oblivion*

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Wow! Sorry for the multiple comments. Blogger was fucked up when I was posting 'em. Would you mind deleting them forever? Thanks!

haha I remember myself watching Bioman & those blue lil creatures smurf ahhh those were the days tulo pa laway natin.Natin eh?lol hindi pala magkalayo idad natin jane but still, am your ate noh? hehe

hiya, been here ... thanks for dropping by my place ... :)

Ok, I just posted it. That was fun, tks!

wow! ang daming memes. Ang sipag mo,no? Thanks for playing along :)

lol! bigger boobs should have been on my wishlist too!

you're talking about Steve Carrell, right. the guy in the 40 year old virgin. he is awesome! hehe. i also read the Lifestyle section of the newspaper first. =)

just got curious..so what shoes are you using while driving to go to work? let me guess, you have an extra shoes in the car?

ang sipag sa Meme ah!! ako bagsak jan hehe

ows?.... i honestly thought you're in your early 20s. walang biro yan!

MJ hehe thnks for the tag jane, sige gagawin ko sya this weekend(thurs/friday yan ang weekend dito hehe)

3 Shows I watched when I was a child:
- Sesame Street
- Smurf
- Bioman
=hilig ko rin yang panoorin, dagdag mo pa yung Voltes 5 hehhe

usong uso na talaga ang tagging, pero oks din naman very informative..

Hey Jane,

Become richer to shop everyday? ;-)

May I suggest the book "The Millionaire Next Door" by Thomas Stanley

I think it is available in Power Books.

It may help you become richer!

cheers - omski

jane,i want to be masunurin(nyaiks)
but i dont know where should i start ba?dont tell me lahat ba yan?

i must do ba ganitong ganito rin?
sorry first time kong ma-tag kasi!

If you have found the secret of being rich please do tell! =)

maria J!! hehe.

no wonder 'jairam':)


Hi Jane,

Are you up for another meme? I just tagged you. Please check my blog. Thanks.

waaaahhhh mare ko.... til july lang ba? oh men this will cause sleepless nights for me to think an answer on this tag hayyyyyy...

hmmmmp relax ur insomniac mind... okiesss

Steve Carell is funny. He's on this tv series called The Office. Great for laughs for sure.

wow! meme galore! I had the first meme before I think

WOW...that's a lotta information to learn in a post reading...LOL! Still...it's fun to learn!

i can relate with a lot of your 3 Things :)

Jane, i did my homework na... where's my ice cream? tee hee... :D

hello Kuya Nick, it wa a long post kaya until now wala pa din akong new post he he!

Talamasca - I understand, blogger's been giving me headaches too!

hi Cheh, we're about the same age na din :) wag ka patawag Ate, nakakatanda, e hindi naman obvious sa mga face natin ang age, he he.

thanks for dropping by Joan.

thanks for playing along Senor, I'll check out your site soon :)

before you include that in your wislist Jmom, check out what Meowok has to say about it. it made me change my mind he he.

Yes, it's Steve Carell Laureen. funny guy indeed!

hi Analyse, I always have driving shoes in the car.

hello TK, I love memes. touched ako when I'm tagged because it makes me feel that blogger friends are interested to get to know me better, kaya I make it a point to answer right away ;)

wow, Mama Jenn flattered naman ako :)

thanks Kuya Kadyo, sarap balikan ng kabataan no?

masarap ang feeling ng tagged Cruise :)

hi Omski, I'll check out the book soon. thanks for the info!

Yorokobee dear, you only have to answer all the IF ONLY I COULD entries, thanks for participating ;)

sure Meliza, I'd be glad to share all. regards.

thanks Winn :)

okay Ms Niceheart, will get to it soon.

relax pareng Kneeko, you can do it! he he

hi Serendipity I don't think I've seen the show yet.

hi Charles, yes you had the 1st meme before. I read that post :)

thanks DT and Mec, it's so nice to learn that blogger friends can be friends in real life because we share a lot of things in common :)

sending a scoop of Haagen Dazs chocolate ice cream through email now for Carey...he he

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