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Are You A Shopaholic?

A true blooded shopaholic is not one who spends without thought but does so with a lot of reflection. He/she is willing to pay good money for the best bag, a pair of shoes of the highest quality, and a dress hand-embroidered by a French seamstress. Here are some tips for shopaholics and shopaholics-at-heart as enumerated in this page:

1. Underwear that will go the distance will always be Marks & Spencer, Women's Secret and from abroad, La Perla. I have been a loyal Marks & Spencer user since my high school days, though at that time, it was more popularly known as St. Michael's, and we have the items shipped from abroad.
2. Balenciaga dresses available locally in Homme & Femme at Shangri-la Mall. My most expensive suit is an Anne Klein, and my most expensive dress is from Mango.
3. Gucci is the brand of choice for high-heels, a.k.a. walking around in four-inch high Gucci without hurting your feet. The best walking shoes are found in Todd's. Women with big feet can try Nine West. My most expensive pumps are Salvatore Ferragamo , and my office shoes are Nine West. Although occasionally I buy cheaper brands from Janylin (styles are similar to Nine West designs), People Are People or from Mikka, a store in Divisoria. My walking shoes would be slippers - my one & only Havaianas.
4. For the hip & young set, Cartier and Bulgari are the watch brands of choice. Try also IWC or Lucerne. The very first watch I bought with my salary was a Guess dress watch, and then I upgraded it with an Anne Klein, two more from Anne Klein and one from DKNY until now that I only have eyes for a Technomarine.
5. Are you a bag lady? Louis Vuitton is still the way to go but at more than P100K/$2K for a decent-sized leather purse, not all shopaholics can afford. Kate Spade has great fun bags for the young and the young-at-heart. While I drool on a LV I have a collection of Ralph Lauren bags.
6. When shopping, don't just consider the brand or the look at the price tag. If you are buying a bag, check the lining and zippers. If it's a dress, examine the seams. I do this all the time.
7. Double check the authenticity. If you're looking for a Prada bag, don't go to Greenhills. Buy only from authorized dealers and representives. Ask the salesperson questions. It doesn't hurt to ask, what's more embarrassing is being caught in an international airport wearing fake designer items. I'd rather buy an item without a brand than buy an imitation.
8. Be careful about internet shopping. Some people buy fake goods or stolen ones. I don't trust Ebay or any internet shopping offers. I need to see the goods with my very eyes before deciding if I really like it.
9. A bar of soap can cost as much as P500/$10 and a body lotion double the amount. There is a big difference from the brands and luxury products bought from the drugstore or the regular grocery store. My most expensive toiletries would be my Obagi and Shiseido.
10. Rustan's carry the most designer names under one roof and the store even has a personnal shopper service. Rustan's is my best friend when it comes to toiletries, cosmetics, suits and shoes.
11. Clothes, shoes and bags are generally cheaper abroad but for some strange reason, make up is less expensive here. I make it a point to ask "pasalubong" from relatives and friends abroad. I get some items for free, har har.
12. In abroad, when people say branded it means wearing clothes with a designer label, and for the rich and famous, bridge lines don't count. My branded clothes, bags, shoes and accessories, are branded, in the true sense of the word. But I only have a few. Sigh. I need to work harder to earn more shopping money!
So, are you a true blooded shopaholic?

I become pretty much of low maintainance kinda of person since I got married to kuripot husband eh hehe Meaning,I only get myself a chance for shopping galore at least twice a year wawa naman,lol

BUt seriously speaking, I'm buying Marks & Spencer undies & pullis I think the quality is worth the money

sadly... i'm a shopaholic too.

i only shop banana republic, FCUK, lucky jeans, kenneth cole, CK, ralph lauren, abercrombie, and A/X. i have 2 emporio armani suits and 2 LV wallets and i still look like a slob * sigh *

I go for basics than trends. Although I would really love to wear designer clothes someday.
Wrist watches, they're a different matter, I have a chanel watch, a dunhill and pierre cardin. But my favorite ( I always wear this days ) is a fossil watch my brother gave me on our last vacation.

My sister..yorokobee.., now shes a full bloodied shopaholic!

have a nice day!

honestly, this post brought to mind the conversation i had with my sister last friday. we were both wearing pink tops that day. but we compared the brand of everything we wore. on who's richer. our blouse, pants, shoes, and even undies. hahaha. she won!

honestly, i'm a brand-conscious person. i go for simplicity but still with a brand name. hahaha.

i remember when mars was still called st. michaels. sometimes i still call it by that. and the most common socks those days are from st. michaels.

mango! my favorite stress-reliever when i'm in rockwell. coz i can always find something to buy there and for a low price. trust me! when i say on a low price, it's really low. hehe.

so does that mean i'm a shopoholic? :)

spend too much:( shit...

i m a shopholic during sales season...

mare, di ako maka-relate hahaha....

abangan ko na lang next month....

sakto un... 9months sa May2007 hehehe

it's fun shopping !

hi Cheh, eversince I got married, nag lie low nadin ako sa shopping. hiya ako kay hubby eh :)

I agree with you Cheh, I use the same brand of undies and worth the price naman :)

hi dreamer, remember it's not the dress htat matters a 100%. it's your personality :)

hello Ate Cha...you have expensive watches :)

i'd like to be a brand person but then i could not afford it - so i settle for clothes and accessories that are trendy, chic, fashionable and affordable. i love shopping for less!

not really into shopping... but if i have the money to spent, why not? ^_-

wow, nalula ako sa post mo ah. i dont recognize most of the brands you mention. but i wont hold my money for my badminton stuff, photography, and books.

Hi jai!
are you talking about me gurl?*.* Louis Vuitton,(bags)
Louis Vuitton (key holder)
Bulgari(my fave wrist watch,and pair ring nmin ni hubby)
Anne Klein(accesories and shoes)
Prada(konti lng)
Juicy Couture(t-shirts and accesories)
abercrombie and antik denim(my jeans)
Shiseido and DiOr(for make ups)
hay naku!marami pa sensha na*,* Im a brand addict...shopaholic!! sakit ba yon??hehe
those days hilig ko lng Guess hanggang sa nag-escalate*sigh*

im not a shopaholic, and i don't have "luxurious" items in my closet...oh, i have marks and spencer undies, shoes and stuff..but thats just about it. honestly nasasayangan ako sa money..but mom-in-law makes it a point to give me brand items like a max mara coat and an LV bag...which i rarely use! jane, i tagged you...come on over to my site and check it out. :D

I wish I'm a shopaholic but got no dibero to spend hehe! Syempre, given a hefty amount of provision, a visit to the mall is not that bad.

wow! wala ako sa level mo :D hindi kasi ako brand conscious when it comes to clothes and shoes.

Hey shopgirl! Wow, those brands just blew me away, but there are great shopping tips there.

Thanks for dropping by my blog!

Can't relate ako sa mga LV bags, M&S na undies hehe. I also go for signature items kasi sigurado ako sa quality medyo mahal nga lang pero in the long run mas okay kesa sa mga patakbuhin hehe

pag sale 70% hehehe...

more on window shopping!

Hi Jairam.

When it comes to fashion, I'm not that mapili, I usually buy blouses and accesories in, mga kuripot's haven, TUTUBAN and/or 168, hahaha! In tshirts naman and pants, I just buy in SM, hangten, kamiseta, bench, etc., kasi shirts and pants are always "in" naman.

But I spend money talaga in cosmetics and beauty products, like shiseido, body shop, loreal, maybelline, and revlon. my gosh, ayoko tipirin ang skin ko noh, haha.

I also spend on perfume. My current is LACOSTE, touch of pink.

Hubby is super brand-conscious, you cannot make him wear unbranded clothing, and since I do the shopping for hubby and son, mga damit nila ay puro imported. Wheh!

Hmmm ... I think, my most expensive piece of accessory is my watch CHARRIOL. Hubby bought that for me in Bangkok, world trade center. That is my dream watch, and you will fall in love with it when you saw it!

Have a nice day!

hehe ye... this is one o those part of a lady's habit that i dont understand, they just simply enjoy shopping... for long hours. hehe.

oo nga Tin, in high school we used to wear St Michael's socks :)

wow Winn that's what I call shopping heaven, he he

bilang na bilang pareng Kneeko ah :)

it's fun fun shopping Nike!

hi Jase, shopping for less - nothing can beat that, its an achievement for me :)

i think that guys are less likely to be shopaholic Ymir :)

kanya kanyang luho tayo Papa Owen, i seldom buy books and i only have 1 camera :)

Yorokobee - you're pretty spoiled girl :)

wow, galante si Mommy in law Annabanana he he

oo naman Jef, we should live within our means :)

mas okay ang hindi brand conscious Mama Jenn, matipid :)

thanks Ferds!

correct ka diyan Kuya Kadyo yan din ang reason why I go for branded items :)

hello Juana, i enjoy window shopping too :)

hi joan, meron din akong touch of pink :)

ako naman Ka Obi, hindi ko maintindahan how men can spend the whole day watching sports TV! ;)

From where I am, tailor made pants, jackets, and 3-piece suits are the best bet. Brand buying though for the shoes, underwear/t-shirts, ties, shirts, and watch.

hi Flic, shopping is great!

I'm a shopaholic too! I swear, there is not a sale within five miles that I cannot sniff out!

The one thing that I pride myself in, is jeans. I swear, I've never paid more than $30 for a pair, and yet, I've got a pair of True Religion and Stitch's. I know, right?

And being that you're a well-versed fashionista, I'm sure you already know this, but have you checked out Shop Intuition? Totally awesome goods...

I'll check it out DT thanks :)

In Manhattan, instead of a shopaholic, you might be referred to as a "stylish smart shopper who favors designer labels."

And often, rule of thumb amongst Manhattan people is "don't pay retail." Bragging rights is getting an awesome item on sale, or via special customer discount, a friend's employee discount, or professional discount (if you happen to work for another major design house).

Favoring designer labels does not imply an ostentacious attitude, either. It merely reflects one's preference for quality and superb workmanship.

But the common attitude amongst men in NYC is you may wear extremely distressed jeans and leather jacket (meaning way old)with a GAP t-shirt, as long as your watch (preferably Cartier, a vintage one if you can find and afford one)and shoes must always be of remarkable quality and well cared for.

As for suits for men -- Armani (even its black collection) isn't all that based on personal experience. Those by Ermenegildo Zegna are much better quality. If you can afford it, custom-made suits by a Hong Kong tailor is the ultimate -- in terms of fine fit, fabrics and workmanship.

Avoid at all costs the outlet shops -- the styling may be similar but the fabrication is of cheaper quality.

And finally, DO NOT wear/use fakes. It tends to suggest a character of same kind, as well as a wannabe disposition.

Happy shopping!

Correction: I meant Armani's black label collection.

Don't feed the corporations by buying "logo" name brands. Buy only what you need, not to impress others.

If you have money to burn on a shopping spree you are either not planning for future or not giving enough to charity.

hey Pandabonium, it's true. go for branded items that you need only and shop after putting aside some money for the savings and for charity.

Women are generally shopaholic. For some it's even a healing process to cure stress and heartaches.

My wife is no exemption. That's why when we go out i make sure I have a graphic novel with me so I can just stay in one nook of the mall while she roam around.

hey, added u up. ope u don't mind. enjoyed reading ur blog.

wow. and I thought my officemates were the shopaholics. they frequent ukays, sales and ebay for their stuff but you've got them beat! :)

hello Senor, stylish smart shopper...hmmm I like hoe it sounds!
I also heard about the suits made by HK tailor. I think I have two of these, but the Pinoy businesswoman I bought it from placed her own label.

ha ha, Kuya Rey sometimes hubby does that too :)
thanks for the link Crisostomo, been busy but I'll update links soon.

they say you can find great items on Ukay-ukays CFA, but that I'll have to check yet :)

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