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Share A Kiss?

Oh, lookie lookie! Big chocolate kiss from hubby D. Yay, so sweet. Wanna have a bite? Ladies : When was the last time you received chocolates from your dear hubby/boyfriend? Men : When was the last time you gave your wife/girlfriend chocolates?

hubs didn't gave me any chocolate.

we buy though when we went food shopping. hehehe!

he's a sweet tooth and im not. maybe, i should be the one to give chocs. =D

papa harvs doesn't suprise me with chocolates because we always buy them together :)

your husband is such a sweetie!

thanks for visiting my blog by the way. love your posts. link kita ha? :)

maybe you should be the one really Princess :)
actually, my hubby is a sweet tooth too.

sweet din naman kayo ni Papa, buying things together :)
thanks for the link, I'll link you up too!

I tried pero habang papalapit ako sa bahay niya naubos ko na LOL!

loko ka ha Jef :)

that's definitely a BIG kiss!
but only one? :)

only 1 for me Neko, but I can share it with you :)

he gave me a big box of heart-shaped ones last july 20 (which was our anniversary) :D

uy, sweet :)

wow chalap!!!

sweet ni D mo!

share tayo Yorokobee. i;m sure sweet din ang hubby mo ;)

the question is when was the last time i had a boyfriend. hahaha ;p

now that's something i really want to know he he

ako everyday lagi kong binibili si wisheart ng chocolates kaya lang laging inuubos ng mga kids namin kaya konti lang nakakain nya =D.

uy sweet ni Kuya Kadyo :)

kisses chocolate? eeewww!

hi Dheena, so you hate chocolates dear? :)

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