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Fellow blogger Santosh from Bombay, India was kind enough to allow me to share with you this interesting photo. How many faces do you see? There are thirteen faces in the picture, did you see them all?

found them all! nice one! :D

this was actually up in a place i regularly was forced to wait in for job-related duties. i stared and stared and found them all in a few minutes... there is also a companion peice to it, you should know. thanks for the butterflies and treacle.

seen the 13 faces.. amazing pic noh?

seen them all!! wow ang galing noh!

Exactly 13. Is that a bad omen? It ROCKS!

saw the faces. ang galing! :)

Oooh I've seen this before ... can't remember when or where though. But yeah there are 13 faces in all.

yup 13 faces i see.

I think I've counted 17...

I keep getting stuck at nine...


Wow, ang galing ni Mayang :)

good for you too Mick :)

hi Princess of CJ, that's great!

ikaw din magaling Yorokobee ;)

I dont think so K, it could be a lucky number :)

magaling ka din Tin ;)

talaga Kuya Nick? ako first time ko lang nakita ito and I enjoyed the puzzle ;)

very good Yurs :)

ooopss...over ka ng konti Kuya Rey, try counting again ;)

Kuya Aldo, try and try until you suceed :)

Everybody - great job guys, sa blog where I got this, almost all readers failed to see the real nos. Woohoo!

saw this in a forwarded email a long time ago. still, kaka-aliw pa rin searching for all 13 faces.

more, more! :)

naduling yata ako :D

galing naman ng pagkakagawa!

blame my astigmatism...I can only count 7 hehe!

I saw only ten before my eyes hurt

stopped counting after ten, it's a nice pic though.

ang dami! magaling pagkakagawa.

sige Pao, I'll try to search for more ;)

Aku din Neng, duling the first time ;)

try again Jef, there's more out there...

try again next time Charles ;)

I got 13, pati iyong mga dahon sa puno may face.

Nice eye exercise talaga :) Mas lumabo ang mata ko hehehe.

O diba nakaka challenge na nakakaduling Lani? he he

i found 14! d ko na sinama yung sa dahon!

hehehe, grabe sakit ng mata ko!!!

he he dika nagiisa Mmy Lei :)

Lam mo ako, kahit sa mga tiles ng banyo nmin, nakakabuo ako ng mga illusion na mukha! heheh

talaga TK? ang galing naman :)

Parang mga bangungot na mukha!

Oh sorry... the above comment was from me. :)

so how many did you see Toe?

another painting coming up...

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