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Blog Absence

Four days without a new post and not spending hours in front of the computer is a new thing for me ever since I discovered blogging. It must have been the rain, the busy week I had at the office and the effects of vitamins. Here's an update of my life during the 4 days of blog absence:
- rainy days meant memos and reports pouring in my office. Sigh.
- more play time and exercise for Alf (including 1 MOA dinner and some window shopping, Alf had fun and proud Mama/Dada failed to take pictures because we were busy watching him walk excitedly through the corridors of the mall).
- more time spent with D and my folks in Angeles City.
- the Insomniac can sleep. Thanks to the vitamins given by a Korean friend, I have been sleeping for 8 hours every night. Hurray!
- years after it happened, I was able to finally watch 9/11 the documentary. Tragic and sad.
- watched the movie Alexander, played by Collin Farrel (was Alexander really gay as portrayed in the movie?).
- first visit to SM Clark.
- lots of cleaning ingredients, chocolates and potato chips bought from the Duty Free shops in Clark.
- 10 shots on Friday morning for hubby D when Alf accidentally bit his nose during their play time. It was a light scratch actually, but I insisted we see the doctor anyway. Alf is under observation, but I think both will be okay.
What's up with you guys?

Hi Jane!

good for you,you can sleep 8hrs. a day na! thanks for the korean vit.
mahirap din kasi ang di makatulog!

hope it will continue that way*.*

about the meme...ok i understand,thanks but maybe i'll do it early next month nalang*wink*
I will make it my post nlng!

enjoy your weekend!

sure thing, thanks!

So you're from Angeles? I have cousins there. hehehe. I am not sure regarding alexander being gay. I think the reason why it was suggesting that even if it did not exactly make a sex scene in the movie is that they're not sure. i have read somewhere (although I am not sure with the credibilty of the article) that prehistoric Greece is bisexual (since they're pagans).

yep, Angeleno ito. but I moved to Makati when I started working, now hubby, Alf & me stays in Manila.
prehistoric Greece is bisexual? shocking naman yan, he he

Grabe ulan, nakita namin sa TFC na baha nga sa pampanga at bataan.

wow first time ba ni alf na mapasyal sa MOA?

Ayos ang vitamins na iniinom mo ngayon ah, does this mean magbabago ka na ng title ng blog mo, di na insomniac's mind hehehe..cheers

have a great weekeand. tapos na rin yung memeng bigay mo, mission accomplished hehe

sa Angeles hindi naman bumabaha kuya, pero nung tuesday dapat kami uwi doon dahil baha sa may UST area bumalik kami ulit ng Makati, the next day pa kami nakauwi.

first pasyal yun ni Alf, naku sobrang tuwang tuwa siya. at sikat kasi ang daming pumansin, ang daming naaliw sa kanya :)

back to work nako tonight kaya hindi na pwedeng uminom ng vitamins baka antulin, he he. balik ang insomnia.

happy weekend din Kuya Kadyo, salamat sa pagparticioate sa tagging ;)

mukhang you're living a healthy life. and a relaxing and enjoyable one. ako, sobrang busy. kaya tagal na din walang bagong post. just arrived from san jose, occidental mindoro. and after 5 years, ngayon lang ulit ako nakapunta sa lumang domestic airport. ayoko na. hehehehe ;p

wow, galing ka pala ng bakasyon Tin :) so, how was it? except for the lumang airport ha, mukhang di mo talaga siya nagustuhan eh :(

di kse sya bakasyon. work sya. enjoy din naman. pero mas enjoy kung bakasyon. hehehe :)

wow, out of town assignment. gusto ko yan :)

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