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Life Is Good!

Thanks to you guys, I'm feeling so much better. I'm back to my old vivacious self! Yay! Let's celebrate.

Things to celebrate :
* Space invasion in 2008 - presently for the royalties, but who knows? Maybe in the years to come it will be affordable for all? Imagine 15 minutes in space including 5 minutes of weightlessness...
* It's final. D and I are going to Palawan on September to celebrate my birthday and Ajay and I are going to Malaysia on November for a short vacation.
* This afternoon we're picking up Alf from the Vet, fresh from a bath and some grooming. Hmmm....supper cuddly!
* Tomorrow morning D and I are going to take Alf for a walk. In the afternoon after our scheduled Spa treatment, I have an appointment with my Stylist for a new look.
Life is good! Sooo good. I hope everyone is having a grand time like Me, D and Alf.

hi, jenny, its good to know that you are now back to your old self. i am also like that - i think people who are sensitive and reflective of life are actually great company. what do you think?

wow! sarap naman niyan Palawan and Malaysia kaingget! ei advance Happy BIrthday :)

yes Jase, we'll be best friends in the real world....I mean, out of blogging :)
you are now officially my best friend, fabuloso Jase!

wooow dami pupuntahan mo ah.... sana makabuo na kayo ng baby... made in palawan hehehe....

happy bday to u.... advance!

pa-hug nga ako kay alf.... awwwoooo

thanks Melai :)

oo nga Kneeko, he he

sabi ni Alf aw aw aw!

kapag baby boy, name - palaboy, kapag baby girl naman... wangirl..

hehehhe happy wednesday...

Good for you. Enjoy the vacations! Huwag lang masyadong matagal, nakakaboring din minsan...

Life is really GOOD! Enjoy lahat ng minuto o segundo. Di na babalik pag lumipas na.

Happy Birthday.

salamat po Kuya Rolly :)

Great that you're feeling great! What could be better than two trips in the offing, a wonderful husband, and a clean huggable furry dog. :)

Good to know you're back on track. :) Those vacations are something to look forward to!!!

It's good to know you are in High Spirits!

Pareho palang September ang birth month natin.

Advance Happy Birthday and enjoy your vacation!

Yes,life is good!

anu ka ba Kneeko, kawawa naman ang baby ko pag ganun ang name nya.... :)

naku LIW, don't worry I only have a few days to spare. my work gets in the way you know...

Yes Toe, and I have blogger friends like you :)

oo nga Tones eh, I need a break from work ! :)

oo nga Karl kaya naiisip ko habang binabasa ko ang blog mo, pareho ang takbo ng isip natin ;)

Jane! ang bilis ng switch ah!
your prvious post"Into The Blues!",
and today,"Life Is Good!". haha!

but im glad you are fine now..yeah,life is good..

and we need to celebrate coz we only live once!!

goodluck to you and your hubs!!ohh,and to Alf too! tatlo na kayo ngayon haha!

sept ka din pala. magka birth month pa tayo. hehe.

Man I wish I was a celebrity that way I could be a star in the stars...

advance happy birthday! :)

and you know what? with your plans, you're like royalty! ;p

glad your okay na*.*
bongga ka dai...your plans?wow celebration tlaga yan...!!
enjoy! coz your right,life is soooo good! very,very good*.*

I volunteer to take care Alf,while your away...hahahaha

owwwsss... wow wish i could have enough money going to palawan and malaysia...


live well
laugh often
life is good

wow! welcome sa bloglife!

yan ang gusto ko syo, gimik at travel time na naman! will wait for your palawan escapades, tips and foods!

Life is good indeed and Hey, Enjoy your trip or to any of your escapedes;)

I'm glad you're feeling better!!! btw, when in Sept is your bday???
malay mo magka-bday pa tayo hehehe

enjoy palawan! it's so beautiful there! :)

Yo..it's contagious :P So happy for you.

hi Ghee, sayang nga ang time kaya why sulk in the corner when there's so much to enjoy di ba?

oo nga Ymir, treat moko ha?

i wish i am too DT!

thanks pretty Tin :)

sounds like fun!! yiheeee... advance happy birthday sau!! i'm glad dahil okay ka na...

sige Yorokobee, ipapa dhl ko papunta sa Japan, he he

thanks Ice....hmmm bakit nag iba ka ng profile?

oo nga Mmy Lei. thanks :)

thanks Cheh :)

hi Rhada, my birthday is on September 2...magka birthday ba tayo?

hello Pao...uy, nakapunta ka na pala doon :)

thanks so much Shionge :)

thanks lil sis rho :)

I don't think I'd like to take a space ride even if it were affordable. :) I guess I'm just not that adventurous.

But you're right: even with its ups and downs, life is good!

Im a september as well. Galeng talaga ng mga steyembre no hehehe!

Really bugsybee? Perhaps other things amuse you :)
I hope you're doing well.

tama ka dyan Jef, he he

September 2 ka...hahahaha September 1 ako! :-)

Hei Jane!! Seems you are also in a vacation mood as well!

September girl ka din! ako uno, mom ko dos!

sabi nga nila life is too short kaya enjoy enjoy kahit na may mga balakid minsan. ingredients daw nya to make life taste good and accompanied by prayers.

This planned space flight is one huge step for interstellar travel..I think I'd like to see a day when some space craft can smoothly jiffy from Mars and moon in just matter of weeks or days even...

yep i do agree with u jane, life is good!... let me say it again... life is good! hehehe... i'm actually trying to psych myself up. sigh.
btw, palawan is really a great place for your planned vacation. wait na lang kami sa pics mo! :)

mas matanda ka sakin ng 1 day Jef? he he :)

yes Charles, I am :)

thanks Juana :) magkabirthday kayo ni Jef, kame naman ng Mom mo ang magka birthday :)

me too Major TOm, I would like to experience being in space before I die ;)

hi Carey, go psyche yourself more....life is good huray!

Life is always good :) Have a good weekend!

thanks Jmom :)

Advance happy birthday =D enjoy the vacation. sama ba si alf =D

hindi po Kuya Kadyo, iwan si Alf sa Vet, i papa petdorm namin muna :)

hindi po Kuya Kadyo, iwan si Alf sa Vet, i papa petdorm namin muna :)

he he dumoble pala

Sige doblehin ko rintanong para patas hehehe.

Advance happy birthday =D enjoy the vacation. sama ba si alf =D

he he thanks Kuya Kadyo :)

Glad you're happy again. Enjoy your walks with Alf . (and D too of course).

thanks so much Pandabonium :)

Enjoy your vacation sa Palawan at Malaysia. Inggit naman ako.

Enjoy life to the fullest.

tara Lani, bakasyon tayo :)

wow..ang sarap naman ng buhay mo jane..wag ka nang mag-emote jan...kakainggit ka nga eh..hehehehe

oo nga Dennis, thanks :)

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