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Pasta Perfecto

I had lunch at home this afternoon, alone. My comfort food - Pasta Puttanesca. What is your comfort food?

sinong suplado? lolz. comfort food? bakit, depress k b? ayus ang blog mo ha, well maintain.

thanks for the compliments Paolo. hindi naman ako depressed, malungkot lang kasi ang kumain magisa :)

Mine's ice cream...

ice cream, i love ice cream too Angel!

I'm okies with chocolate cheese cake!!! but basically, anything pinoys like tuyo,bagoong,mangoes etc etc are my comfort foods:)

uy, chocolate cheese cake suits me too ;)
my fave breakfast is tuyo at sinangag, gusto ko din ng mangga at bagoong...yummmm

chocolates. if i need an adrenaline rush, i eat chocolates :)

chocolates are energy boosters Tin :)

ang bilis mo talaga mag-update!!!

i love putanesca! hmmmm, i'll go for pasta or sushi as my comfort food.

ganyan talaga Mmy Lei pag walang magawa, he he

pareho tayong mahilig sa pasta at sushi - i love japanese food :)

hmmm my comfort food is...bread:P

but i m trying to cut down on bread. carbo carbo:p

i love bread...good thing it's just bread for you - I eat rice 3 times a day! boy, that's a lot of carbo ;)

Basta pagakain, that's comfort food for me.

parang ikaw si hubby Jeeper, kahit ano daw huwag lang bulok at durian ;)

chocolates! green tea (hot or cold); and starbucks' passion tea. also love brazos!!!! just dropping by to say elo! =D

chocolates with green tea for dessert suits me too Karol :)

Chocolates for me.

i love chocolates too Lani ;)

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