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Doggie News

Doggie Hotel opens! The rate : 23 dollars a night and television is optional. I spend 200 pesos a day for Alf, for his pet dorm. Somebody has to take care of him while Mama and Dada are at work. Sigh.
Americans spend nearly 40 billion dollars a year on their household pets - 30 percent more than 5 years ago. The figure is close to what Americans spend on toys for children - 48 billion dollars, and more than twice the 17 billion spent on cosmetics. Read more here.

hiya Jane! have u registered Alf sa dogster na ba? hehehe.... can't imagine a hotel for doggies, tsk tsk... this is a new info for me.
check out what i did for u sa comments section, andun na ang meme for u. now's ur turn. it's really fun!

Wow! Imagine the amount of money spent!

The world has gone crazy and with TV as well? Why not the Internet too so they can start blogging LoL

i will Crey, thanks :)
dogdter? meron ba nun?

i think it's too much Shionge :O

hmm..goodidea RennyBA, har har!

I am a dog lover but that's too much.

thats a good rate. do you think i can fit in one of those rooms?


you'll never see me there. i'm not into pets e :D ewan ko ba, hindi ko talaga hilig mag-alaga ng hayop (barbaric ba? hehe!)

yes I think the figures are crazy, Charles!

i'm not sure dreamer :)

naku mama Jenn, dati din ganyan ako but in time, nagustuhan ko na din ang mga dogs :)

There has been cases in which pet dogs and cats were named as beneficiaries to multi-million-dollar inheritance.

And dogs living much better lives (of luxury) than average Americans.

this is cool! hahaha!

wahhh, i miss my dogs! in here, the building owner doesnt approved of any pets. kainis!!!

if I were that rich Senor, I still wouldn't do that...better to give to charity he he

naku Mmy Lei, ganun din sa amin kaya napilitan kame mag papet dorm :)

Cute naman that Alf is in a pet dorm. Parang tao talaga. May barkada na ba siya? Baka nag-iinuman sila sa dorm. :)

haha, ang kainuman nya, isang Chow-chow at isang mini pincher :)

Di kaya ang may-ari ng pet dorm eh yung may-ari rin ng condo nyo kaya bawal ang pets dyan..hehehe.

Pero ngayon ko lang din nalaman na may pet dorm pala, di rin kami pwede mag pet kasi walang space, saka di pwede sa carpet, kawawa naman ako sa paglilinis.

Naku Ate Ann, tinaggal ko ang carpet ng living room at bedroom para kay Alf. Nabisto lang kami ng condo kasi sa sobrang inggay nya. Okay na sana hindi nga napansin na naipasok namin siya :(

haha meron pala pet dorm... kasunod nyan pet condo na hehehe...

o ano... malapit na ba makabuo? hmmm sinunod mo ba ung mga tips hmmm hehe

wow! didn't know people would spend that much money for their pets :)

Yeah! And to think lots of people especially in Asia and Africa are suffering from hunger and diseases

sarap ng buhay ng mga doggie dyan sa USA, dyan kasi parang member of the family ang dog, dito sa pinas parang guard lang turing sa aso o di kaya pulutan kapag minalas-malas ang aso.

Hi jairam*.*

meron din akong doggies dati,
papillon and pomeranian kaya i can say magastos tlaga mag-alaga ng aso!!!dto kasi sa jap they treat dogs so special!(like you do)yon nga lang sa unit nmin ngayon no pets allowed din*sigh*

may dorm din dto for dogs!
expensive gwabe!

hay naku, si Kneeko gustong-gusto nang maging Ninong :)
lets wait and see next month!

oo nga Sayote Queen, I think it's too much!

correct ka dyan Charles...kahit nag pepet dorm kami, I dont feel guilty kasi naman nagkakaroon ng salary yung staff nung Vet because of us. and there's always a portion in my & D's salary that we allot for charity. it's our way of thanking the Lord for showering us with enough blessings :)

I think it's beginning to change na rin Cruise, marami na ding Pinoy ang na aapreciate ang company ng dogs. Mahilig na din tayo sa may breed, askal lang naman ang ginagawang pulutan di ba?

cute din ang Pomeranian Yorokobee :) reminds me of Superman Returns, he he. You're right, mahal mag pet dorm kaya kami, pag end ng contract namin dito sa condo, lipat agad ng house :)

spoiled din mga pets sa amin :) mas magastos pa nga talaga kumpara sa mga bata!
hundeschule, hundehotel, parlor, etc...

oo nga Neng, pero ang saya talaga ng may pet di ba?

this is how i know i have a boring life -- coz i dont spend money on pets (coz i dont have any), toys, and cosmetics.

americans really spend money for their pets. it's like their children. and filipinos are following suit. at least now we'll not be known anymore as the ones who eat their dogs

hey......this is interesting!!
you mean there's really a doggie hotel in philippine for sure?

most setups in msia are against dogs..i duno why!!:( i hate it when i cant bring my dog to shop openly in public..

hi Winn, I tried taking Alf in 1 mall and so far we didn't have any problem. and there's another shopping area where we can actually bring pets :) i think that more and more Filipinos are taking notice of the need to offer special pet care services.

well, matilda will be staying in a ferret hotel when we go to the philippines. (i have to pay W5,000 or US$5.00 a day) as a person owned by a pet, i wouldn't mind taking tildy to a luxurious hotel, but only as a very special treat for both of us...not everyday! :D

hmm...i dun think it will happen in malaysia...

religion sensitivity if u know what i mean. haha.

real treat for matilda yay :)

hi Kuazee, you're so lucky you dont have to spend on anything - wow!

yes Tin, I think wala ng kumakain ng aso? hope wala na talaga :)

i hope malaysians will soon have one winn :)

Pampered pooches!

hello Momo, you can try it too :)

hmmm... where's this dog dorm? some people who come to the city for dog shows have been looking for places to board their dogs

hi CFA! the pet dorm is just around our neighborhood, V Cruz extension :)

Hi! can I have the address for the pet dorm? Thanks!

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