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Into The Blues

I'm sorry I haven't been myself lately...I'm bothered about "something". Sigh. I feel blue. Hugs, anyone?

mwuaaaahuuuggggzzzz!!! hugss... hugsss... hugsss para sa ate kong maganda!! awwww.... everything's gonna be fine ha?! dito lang ako.. wabsssyuuu! hope this will help you...

"My friend, if I could give you one thing, I would wish for you the ability to see yourself as others see you. Then you would realize what a truly special person you are."

o smile ka na... ay.. sige ka.. fafangetzzz!!

***arms widespread**** Hope you will get the funk out of your system soon. We need great thoughts from you!

aaaawwww... *hugs, hugs, hugs* hang in there. think happy thoughts! =D

Big-assed hugs from the states.

[passes virtual bottle of favorite liquor]

Tell us about it...

hug nlng kita... para masaya tayo heheheh.. mwahhh


hugs hugs hugs. grab a cup of hot tea.

Hope you're feeling better now. Maybe you should get more sleep ;).


**hugz** hope you're feeling better jairam. take some rest muna. mukhang masyado kang busy :)

thanks lil sis Rhoanne, takot ako magka wrinkles kaya yan, smile nako :)

wish you well too, mwah!

thanks so much for thinking out loud smart Jef!

thanks Karol...I'm thinking about a nice vacation on the beach now ;)

hi Mick, it's a long boring story about work b-lls--t actually..

*gulps some wine*
there, that's better. thank you ;)

Hi Owen Noel! *hugs back* thanks ;)

for Ymir :D thanks

thanks Imp....hot green tea please? ;)

thanks Dicey, I'll try to get more sleep ;)

oo nga Tin, I need a break! thanks a lot ;)

sa dami na ng naghug and kisses sayo...i think ako nlng ang hindi!

Laughter is indeed the best medicine....

your blog come highly recommended by yorokobee! and I see why!

be coming back!

cheer up!!

lilipas din yan...
(and before you know it, the bad times are gone)

thanks Yorokobee, you're so sweet.
thanks also for recommending my blog to Ate Cha ;)

smile smile smiles!

hello to you Ate Cha, welcome to my blog :) thanks so much for the visit, see yah!

thanks so much Bambi, I'm smiling na po and hoping that tomorrow will be a better day :)

hugs and kisses from me! :)
we hope ur feeling better now Jane...
whatever's bugging u, just keep the faith!
BTW, Ziggy is one of my fave cartoon characters din. :)

hi Carey, long before Pooh became my favorite I collected all Ziggy stuffs that I can find.
thanks, I'm feeling so much better now because of greetings from blogger friends like you ;)

what happened to your nice beach and underwater background, did u disable it or is it just my browser?

everyone has been hugging and kissing you! i'll just pinch you to wake up and remind you that your blogging friends are here to Rock you.

Cheer up!!!! *hugz***

wow dami naman nagbigay ng hug, makikihug na rin ako, hehe

awwww. *hugs*

o sya, group hugs tayong lahat!

hugs and kisses from KSA. Yan maini-init pa yan..hehehe.

Hey, what's wrong???? I'll join the rest of them to send you hugs and kisses from Singapore.

Stay positive.....dun dwell on sorrow and sad stories....be happy....continue to blog.....happy happy, cheer up!

aw, what's a pretty girl like you feeling so blue for? smile :)

hi Carey, the template looks the same in my laptop and office computer...maybe it's your browser?

ouch! thanks Mmy Lei ;)

hugs back .... thanks Rhada ;)

thanks Cruise...here's my hug back uhm!

thanks Toni ;)

yay! i love group hugs Juana, thanks :)

thanks Ate Ann, tamang tama maginaw dito sa Pinas dahil sa ulan

Thanks Shionge and Singapore....here's a hug back from me and the Philippines :)

thanks Jmom, i'm feeling so much better now because of everybody :)

Ahh the perfect medication for a horrid day...

Red or White?

It sounds like a pinot noir kind of moment if you ask moi.

Hope today is better.

yeah, it must be my browser... firefox naman 'to, what to do?? sigh... i kinda miss ur nice background though. have a nice day Jane! :)

awww... hope you feel better. *yakap*

How about a slice of Yellow Cab pizza to make you feel even better?




take it easy mehn! :)

You remind me of my 4 year old girl when out of the blue she would just tell me - I need a hug Pa. Sure enough, a hug makes a huge difference!

It must be the rain, eh? Good to hear you're feeling better.

thanks Mick, today is a lot better because of you guys :)

naku Carey, I dunno really. switch to a different address and then click back to mine?

yakap back.. thanks Rain :)

food always makes me feel better, thanks Senor :)

thanks Trish ;)

yes BW, hugs can do wonders ;)

must be the weather nga Ate Irene, its been raining for days! thanks, i'm better now because of all of you :)

We do feel the blues even if we don't know why... Maybe it's subconcious, or maybe it's just stress or boredom.

sometimes all it need is a tight hug and a warm assurance from a lovedone.

Smile. tomorrow's a better day.

(Tom Wilson anyway is one of my favourite card cartoonist.)

oo nga Kuya Rey, eh....
thanks, i'm feeling better
i love Ziggy :)

here you go... huggies diaper... s, m, l, xl, xxl?


small lang po he he

nice :) carpe diem :)

thanks Sayote Queen :)

* more hugs for ya *

thanks dreamer ;)

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