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Alf, Alf, Alf

The "First Family", Mama just woke up and forgot to brush her hair, baby Alf on the other hand was already full of energy. He kept moving, so we weren't able to get a clear picture.

The "proud Mama and baby Alf" taken by my brother. Alf says: Jase's CC , Annabanana's Matilda, Princess' Lucky can we be best friends?

wow! first family talaga!

cute naman ni alf!

thanks Mmy Lei :)

Indeed! That's a cute doggy! Not as cute as the people though.


mare, i agree with Aldo Rey. cutesie the doggie. you are prettier. and the papa is a hottie! kaya pala nai-insomnia ang kumare ko. chos! hahahaha!

he he thanks Kuya Aldo :)

naughty kumareng Jerome, har har :)

I'm proud to get to know the First Family :P

thanks so much Shionge :)

You should try cutting some of the fur or bangs so the pup can see better and to avoid infecting the eyes.

thanks for the tip Snglguy, Dada cut the hair 2 weeks ago, ang bilis lang humaba, he he ;)

so cute. I want to own a pet pero di ako matyagang magalaga eh. :D

hey, link you up? :D

thanks Kikaygal will link you up too :)

how about with my 'barok' although, he's not really a dog.

fogi ng fafa ah, hawig sa mga Vikings na nakita ko :) pero mas niedlich (kyut) pa rin si Alf siempre!!!

and opkurs ... ang mommy, gandang Filipina ... parang tala sa umaga :)

You have a cute doggy! I envy you!

salamat po Neng, napasmile ako sa comment mo :)

so who/what is "Barok" Kuazee? of course they can always be best friends :)

Alf : thanks Charles, mwah! barks

so you finally got yourself a shih tzu? parehas tayo ng color, i have one like yours too...smiley naman ang name...

alf! alf!

cute naman ng family nyo :)

hello Ate Girlie, tagal mong nawala. yeo, finally may baby na kami, at ang kulit-kulit! pwedeng maging best friend ni Alf si Smiley? :)

thanks Tin!

cute doggie! i have a dog too, she's so malandi and energetic

talaga Charnine? :)

hey alf! sure! we would be great playmates = lucky.

our lucky, really really loves to play to cats and dogs even to birds. hubs and i thought sometimes that he's not made for coupling. hehe!

nice to meet the family thru the blogosphere.. :-)

you're a pretty petite woman, and your fafa is a hottie ('ika nga)..

alf is a wonder. he looks like a toy! my Kay will love to cuddle him!

ang cute cute naman ni alf! gusto ko din ng ganyan. hehehe.

Alf: thank you po Kuya Ymir, barks :)

Alf barks at Lucky and says, hey bestfriend, wanna play catch?

thanks Ate Bing, I have a wonderful family, and so do you. Oh, everybody will enjoy cuddling Alf :)

Hi Jane, its so cute and touching to see you and your family... there is something in there that really touched me!

Hello Alf....meowwwwwwwwww.... from CC

talaga Jase? cute naman...
Alf: hi cc! barks

alf looks like a naughty fellow! is he a good boy?

Alf is a good boy, Neko :)

waaah alf alf alf your sooo cute!!

hello Yorokobee :) wow, nag change ng picture, ganda!

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